Despite 3 Months Warning & Emergency Powers Plus Billions at its Disposal, ANC Already Totally Failing Fight Against CCP-Virus! 12 Day Delay in ANC Government Covid19 Tests!

VIDEO: High Court Judge Denies Lifeline to Hair Industry Dying From Lockdown, Putting a Million Households at Risk!

Everyone Praises Emperor Ramaphosa & his Invisible Cloak, Yet ANC Doesn’t Even Know Which Province 11 People Who Tested Positive for #COVID19 Are From?

ANC Uses CCPvirus Lockdown as Excuse To Get its Buddies Out of Jail! Western Cape Magistrate Daniel Thulare Even Lets Murder Suspects Free!

Seven Harmless Defenseless Grandparents Murdered in 7 Days! How Much Worse Will It Get Under CoronaVirus Lockdown? Will We Ever Know?

Gauteng Chocolate Firm Told He Employs TOO MANY Black Women! ANC’s Sexist Race Based BEE Laws & Representivity Policy is Social Engineering at its Communist Worst!

Smeek vir Reën deur Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch – Smeek vir reen in Sutherland en Die Kaap

Cut your nose to spite yourself! Metro rail train services canceled in Cape Town following arson attack

Cyril remains silent as SA burns to the ground

60,000 Guns Unaccounted For in SA – 24 Guns Lost or Stolen Everyday

They are supposed to protect and serve! – Two cops busted for stealing a state vehicle and using it during a house robbery attempt

Western Cape premier says 331 murders were recorded in the Western Cape for May and more than 10 people murdered every day