SANDF must now step up to safeguard trains, passengers due to criminals and protesters reeking havoc

The new trains launched by Ramaphosa must now be guarded on their routes by the SA Defense Force, according to Untu foreman Sonja Carstens.

She called for Ramaphosa to declare the condition at Prasa an “emergency” as criminals and protesters threaten the safety of trains and passengers.

The launch of the one new train is seen as an ANC election gimmick, and its own supporters believe it is just like the fuss made by the Nissan plant being expanded.

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Breaking News: Pretoria train crash – Fingers pointed at ANC “negligence” for deadly collision

After four people were killed in the Pretoria train crash, the DA have wasted no time in finding a source of blame for the horrific accident.

Four people have been killed and more than 200 people were injured following the Pretoria train crash on Tuesday morning. A head-on collision saw both trains derail, causing carnage on the tracks. The DA have already called for an inquiry, and believe the blame lies with their political opponents in government.

Pretoria train crash latest: Who’s to blame?

John Moodey is the Gauteng spokesperson on public transport for the DA. He has demonstrated no hesitation in tying the incident to ANC policy, saying that they are failing to take passenger safety seriously.

The DA representative recalled two major incidents from 2018, where separate smashes at Eloff Extension in Selby and Kempton Park left hundreds of travellers injured. As there were no fatalities, Moodey believes the ANC were happy to just mov
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