As Covid19 Starts Peaking in SA, ANC Cabinet Infighting Causes Delays, Confusion & Court Cases, Exposing ANC’s Inability to Govern!

Two Faced Ramaphosa Takes The Low Road of Handouts, Revenge & Flogs The Dead Apartheid Donkey Again, Despite 24 Times More Murders Under ANC Regime Than Apartheid!

ANC Regime Blames & Punishes Citizens Because it Can’t Cope with CCP-Virus Peak! ANC Used Fantasy Modelling to Scare us into Lockdown & Grab More Powers!

Its Too Early to Tell if Lockdown Saved Lives but ANC & FakeNews24 Run With it Anyway to Justify Their Record Profits and Extreme Powers!

ANC Regime Use Their SABC Propaganda Arm to Trick Afrikaans RSG Listeners into Donating to ANC’s Solidarity Fund Which Excludes Whites!

Are South Africa’s Clintons, The Zumas, Using Lockdown for Personal & Political Gain, To Save a Disgraced Jacob Zuma from Zondo Commission?

ANC’s Totalitarian Lockdown Will Be More Damaging Than Covid-19 & Could Lead to Humanitarian Disaster – PANDA Actuaries

#RedAlert ANC & SACP Import 217 Cuban Medics to Help Fight COVID-19? Does SA Not Have Enough Medics or are They Too Capitalist, Too Christian or Too White?

“The Great Reset” – Will ANC Cope, Will Minorities Wake Up, and Will The Failed Liberal World Order’s Globalism & Open Borders be Finished?

#LetThemEatCash! Ramaphosa Fooling SA With WMC Spin, NOT Science! Faulty Test Stats & Cash Won’t Stop CCPvirus Nor Will it Protect Food Producers & Shops!

Ramaphosa, ANC & Abdool Karim Want To Flatten the Economy, NOT The Curve, Because The Party & Socialism are More Important Than The Economy! COVID19: Converting Capitalism to Socialism…

India Gets Dodgy PPE Gear Too, What About SA? China Putting Lives at Risk as it “Donates” Faulty Medical Gear To Cover up its #CCPVirus Guilt!