VIDEO: How Black Men (& Women) Create Multiple Single Mothers Keeping Blacks in Poverty Rife with Drugs, Gender & Sexual Violence!

Two Faced Ramaphosa Takes The Low Road of Handouts, Revenge & Flogs The Dead Apartheid Donkey Again, Despite 24 Times More Murders Under ANC Regime Than Apartheid!

#RedAlert ANC & SACP Import 217 Cuban Medics to Help Fight COVID-19? Does SA Not Have Enough Medics or are They Too Capitalist, Too Christian or Too White?

Ramaphosa, ANC & Abdool Karim Want To Flatten the Economy, NOT The Curve, Because The Party & Socialism are More Important Than The Economy! COVID19: Converting Capitalism to Socialism…

As #Conmunists, ANC Puts Big Government Above Human Rights Like Water, With Layers of Control Creating Corrupt Unaccountable Cadre Deployment Jobs, Gross Inefficiency & Bankruptcies!

Socialism is the new fascism