Political violence commencing merely one week after national elections – ANC councillor’s house torched in Randfontein with petrol bomb

Gauteng police have called on the public to come forward with any information regarding the petrol bombing of a councillor’s house in Mohlakeng, Randfontein.

The incident took place during the early hours of Sunday morning.

“There were three unused petrol bombs which were found around the area, but so far we are investigating the circumstances of the incident… at the moment we have transferred the docket to the Hawks to make sure the investigation goes forward”, said police spokesperson, Kay Makhubela.

The motive of the incident has not yet been established.

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Gauteng Education MEC, who is known for his blatant racial attacks on African speaking schools, their language and admission policies, resigned

It appears that the country and specifically the Transvaal have been spared from further problems in the education sector with the resignation of Panyaza Lesufi as the MEC of education.

His term was characterized by blatant attacks on Afrikaans-speaking schools and their language and admissions policies. Educators say the province is much better off with its departure.

Political analysts ask whether he will not receive a post at Ramaphosa after the election.

Education in South Africa’s public schools is in a bad position, and a very strong and well-qualified team is needed to tackle education, but the prospects do not look good and therefore private schools are the only viable solution .

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger
This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news.

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Woman to sue Gauteng health department after giving birth to ‘decapitated’ baby in state hospital

A 19-year-old woman who delivered a “decapitated” baby is planning to sue the Gauteng health department.

According to eNCA, the woman had suffered with abdominal pain for a few weeks before she went into labour. The woman, who has not been named, spoke to eNCA.

She then went to a general practitioner, who found that something was wrong with the baby and suggested she go to hospital for further assessment.

The pain persisted, so she went to Tambo Memorial hospital in Boksburg, where a scan was done, eNCA said.

The hospital confirmed the baby was abnormal, but said a heartbeat could be heard.

“Three days later, she went into labour. She was pushing, but the baby was not coming out. A doctor came and used forceps to take the baby out,” eNCA reported. “That’s when she said she saw the head of her baby without their rest of the body.”

According to eNCA, the woman spent 24 hours with the rest of her baby’s
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Think twice before voting DA in the next election – Msimanga says DA can’t rule out coalition with EFF in Gauteng

‘We will work with anybody that is willing to put the people of the city first… We cannot exclude anybody,’ Solly Msimanga told Radio 702’s Eusebius McKaiser.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) cannot rule out the possibility of a coalition government with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Gauteng, according to premier candidate Solly Msimanga.

Msimanga also touched on why he resigned as mayor of Tshwane, the GladAfrica tender controversy and whether city manager Moeketsi Mosola should be fired.

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This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news.


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Gauteng-gesondheid R5 mjd. in die rooi en sal waarskynlik ’n reddingsboei moet kry, nogtans ploeg ANC regering voort met nuwe gesondheidsplan alhoewel hy nou alreeds nie die mas kan opkom nie

Die Gautengse departement van gesondheid sal waarskynlik ’n reddingsboei moet kry, waarsku die DA.

Jack Bloom, DA-woordvoerder oor gesondheid in Gauteng, sê dr. Gwen Ramokgopa, Gautengse LUR vir gesondheid, het verlede week bevestig die departement is sowat R5 miljard in die rooi.

Bloom het haar op ’n vergadering van die Gautengse wetgewer se gesondheidskomitee oor die departement se skuldlas uitgevra. Die departement het R1 miljard oorbestee en sy skuldlas staan op R4 miljard, sê die DA in ’n verklaring.

Thabo Masebe, woordvoerder van die Gautengse regering, erken “daar is probleme by die departement”.

“Ek verseker jou egter dat die regering wel die probleem hanteer. Ons gee ons volle aandag hieraan.”

Die stabilisering van die departement is volgens hom nie net vir die provinsiale regering ’n topprioriteit nie, maar ook vir dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, minister van gesondheid, en selfs vir pres. Cyril Ramaphosa.

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Soweto owes ESKOM R 17 billion, half of the total national debt – Just cut their bloody electricity to this township!

ESKOM is desperately trying to recoup money owed by municipalities – Soweto, in particular, is making that task all the more difficult.

ESKOM, South Africa’s national electricity provider, had an exceptionally shocking year in 2018. Financial losses reached dismal new depths. Irregularities, both fiscally and operationally, left the state owned enterprise floundering in the doldrums of gross incompetence. Dubious coal shortages, failed maintenance plans, industrial action and the lingering stench of corruption only added to ESKOM’s woes.

ESSKOM looks to recoup its losses:

Inevitably, ESKOM’s problems become the problems of South African citizens. The much-loathed load sheddingschedule made an ominous return. This year, the knock-on effects of ineptitude will be felt the hardest, as the power utility looks to increase the cost of electricity by at least 15%.
The tariff increase is an attempt to rebuff financial failings – to incre
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Jong dokters, wat deur die ANC regime verplig word om sogenaamde gemeenskapsdiens te doen nadat hulle af studeer, is nou nog nie betaal vir dienste gelewer vir Januarie

Sowat 200 jong dokters wat uitgeplaas is in die Sentraal Transvaal omgewing deur die Gauteng Departement van Gesondheid, is woedend omdat die verskuldigde salarisse nie betaal word nie.

Met die opmerking, “Geen betaling, geen werk” het die jong geleerdes hulle stem duidelik laat hoor nadat die Departement in gebreke gebly het om hulle te betaal.

Die Departement het glo erken dat hulle verwag dat die dokters nie sal opdaag vir werk nie aangesien hulle Januarie vergoeding nie betaal is nie.

Die jong dokters, wat deur die ANC regime verplig word om sogenaamde gemeenskapsdiens te doen nadat hulle af studeer het, is egter daaraan skuldig dat hulle met die dokters se toekoms speel deur hulle nie te betaal vir dienste gelewer nie.

Deur: Die Vryburger
Hierdie berig weerspieël nie noodwendig die mening van SAUK-nuus nie.

Free Medical-Aid, Hospital and Funeral Plan and Insurance Quotes a
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Shocking! Almost 200 posts for doctors and specialists remain unfilled at Gauteng’s four academic hospitals — and many of these posts are likely to remain empty, the health department says

Gauteng hospitals can only fill half of its critical medical staff vacancies — positions that normally go to doctors, specialists and nurses, Gauteng health department deputy director general for clinical services Richard Lebethe says. Hospitals were first informed about this via an April circular sent to hospitals.

The head of psychiatry at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, Wendy Friedlander, says medical officers are feeling the strain of almost 80 vacant posts.

“Doctors [now] have a much greater doctor to patient ratio. If you have more patients, what you can give in terms of time, facilities and resources to each patient is much less”, she explains. “Every patient is getting less care than they should be getting, less care than what they are entitled to.”

Friedlander stresses: “The quality of care has plummeted.”

The psychiatrist is part of a committee of hospital doctors who have asked the provincial health
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Nuut gekwalifiseerde verpleërs wat die Gautengse departement van gesondheid weens ’n geldtekort nie van plan was om aan te stel nie, gaan nou wel aangestel word

Dié aankondiging is gedoen ’n week nadat die departement gesê het hy gaan nie vanjaar 216 van sy pas gekwalifiseerde verpleërs aanstel nie.

Lesemang Matuka, woordvoerder van die departement, sê hoewel die departement die verpleërs moet aanstel nadat hy die koste van hul studie die afgelope vier jaar gedra het, verhinder die begrotingstekort hom soms om hulle aan te stel.

Matuka sê staatshospitale is opdrag gegee dat die verpleërs in vakante en gefinansierde poste aangestel moet word.

Die ander opsie om die betrokke verpleërs aan te moedig om aansoek te doen om poste in die privaat sektor.

Jack Bloom, DA-woordvoerder oor gesondheid in Gauteng, sê hy verwelkom die departement se besluit, maar hoop dat dit vir al die verpleërs sal geld en dat niemand sonder werk sal sit nie.

Hy sê die departement het ’n databasis van al dié verpleërs en hulle sal gekontak word sodra daar vakante poste is en hulle nog nie in die privaa
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Warning for Drivers for the holidays: Here are the busiest roads – and days – to travel in December

If you are looking to plot a Christmas getaway, make sure you don’t get caught up on the busiest roads at the worst times. We’re here to help.

The holidays are almost upon us, which means the roads in South Africa are set to get even more packed than usual. Speaking to Business Tech, Sanral revealed the key dates and busiest roads they believe will see the highest volumes of traffic, and there are a couple surprises in the mix.

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New hijacking trick hits Gauteng – Police issued a warning after two motorists fell victim on the same day using the same method

Police have warned that ‘Good Samaritan’ criminals are tricking motorists into pulling off the road by telling them they might have a flat tyre – only to hijack them, Rekord East reports.

This comes after two hijackings were reported on the same day using this modus operandi, according to police spokesperson Captain Colette Weilbach.

On Wednesday 5 December, at about 11:30, a motorist was driving a Toyota Hilux along the N1 freeway between Atterbury and Lynnwood road.

While driving, another motorist indicated to him that there was something wrong with his rear left tyre.

The man pulled off the road to investigate, only to find that there was nothing wrong.

While he was checking a blue Volkswagen Polo with three men stopped beside him.

The three strangers pretended to want to help, but they instead forced him to get into the back of the VW Polo and lie down.

The hijackers took his cellphone and cash and dropped h
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Honors For Jācapps, Jacobs’ Mobile Strategy Arm.

Corp! Magazine has name jācapps one of Michigan’s Economic Bright Spots of 2017. The mobile strategy and application development arm of Jacobs Media was honored June 8 at a ceremony held in Detroit and will be featured in the July/August 2017 print issue of the magazine. “jācapps is a Michigan success story,” COO Bob Kernen […]
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