The ANC’s end is near – After 25 years of ANC rule, South Africa is on the verge of utter ruin

Growing and transforming South Africa together from an apartheid state to a thriving democracy”. South Africa is, in every practical sense, a failed state.

This is what the ANC government has done to the country over the last 25 years. South Africa should have been a country with a strong economy, work for all and a growing middle class. But the opposite happened.

Under ANC leadership, the state coffers were looted, cadres stole all the state assets that they could get their hands on and crime got out of control. Many South Africans’ daily existence is pure hell and most people are faced with uncertainty. How did we get here?

Once upon a time, there was a dream that South Africa would be a leading light showing the world how to successfully manage a complex and diverse society. But now our own lights have been turned off. How did we end up here?

We ended up here due to the ANC’s mismanagement. The ANC shattered that dream. The reas
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New Zealander’s challenge racism and white supremacy – Petition for New Zealand biltong and wors shop to take down old SA flag

On a busy street in Tawa, New Zealand, the Biltong and Wors Shop’s front window is dominated by an old South African flag.

More than three months after outrage erupted over the “apartheid symbol”, the owner has still not removed the large flag.

Angry residents have now started an online petition to “help persuade the owners to do the right thing”.

The petition was started on Monday following Friday’s terror attack which claimed 50 lives in two mosques in Christchurch.

“In light of recent events, it is even more important to call out and challenge racism and white supremacy,” New Zealand lawyer Richard Stephen said.

Stephen launched the petition because the “flag has become a symbol of the brutal apartheid regime, which oppressed millions”.

Old SA flag a symbol of white supremacy, says Nelson Mandela Foundation ahead of court case

The old South African flag wa
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South Africa’s disastrous debt of more than R3 trillion: How will the ANC pay it back?

Eish! South Africa’s national debt now averages more than R55 000 for every living citizen. But who has racked up the numbers, and where does it go?

Is there any better summary for South Africa’s woes than a giant ticking clock on a bleak background?

The “debt clock” – monitored and calculated by currency specialists – is adding up all the interest payments South Africa owes, in a second-by-second breakdown.

The hypnotic, if not utterly perturbing counter has taken its data from the yearly budget forecast announced by the Treasury last month. It takes into account the interest payments owed by Mzansi on an annual basis and breaks it down into excruciating detail: The facts and figures provided by the debt clock are somewhat hair-raising.

How much debt does South Africa have?

  • Interest payments per year: R172.8 billion
  • Interest payments per second: R5 479.
  • National debt as of Tues
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MTN supports the racist EFF and ANC but not the Afrikaner – Sponsorship of large music festival cancelled but MTN did not hesitate to act as sponsor for political gatherings

The civil rights organisation AfriForum declared a dispute with MTN and launched a public campaign over the alleged racist action that is supported by the telecommunications company.

This follows after MTN announced that it withdrew its sponsorship at a large Afrikaans music festival because MTN does not support the personal views of one of the artists performing at the music festival.

At the same time, MTN does not hesitate to act as sponsor for the political gatherings of the ANC and the EFF. The public is asked to add their voices to this campaign.

Ernst Roets, Deputy CEO of AfriForum, says that MTN’s criteria for sponsorship therefore boils down to them having to support the personal views of those who are involved with a project. It can therefore be concluded that MTN, with its sponsorships to the ANC and EFF, support the views of both these parties.

“The ANC threatened that white farmers’ land would be forcefully taken away i
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Lyk verdwyn, koelkamers stukkend in die Mthatha-patologie-laboratorium in die Oos-Kaap – Hoe de joos, verdwyn ’n lyk in die lykshuis?

’n Vermiste lyk, stukkende koelkamers waarin lyke gehou word en personeel wat glo op grond van hul politieke affiliasie aangestel word – dis hoe dinge glo in die Mthatha-patologie-laboratorium in die Oos-Kaap lyk.

Jane Cowley, DA-woordvoerder oor gesondheid in die Oos-Kaap, sê die lyk van ’n jong man het in Januarie spoorloos uit die lykshuis verdwyn en is sedertdien steeds weg.

Na verneem word, is hy in Januarie vermoor, waarna sy gesin sy lyk na die laboratorium vir ’n lykskouing geneem het. Maar die dag toe die gesin die uitslae wou gaan afhaal, het hulle glo met skok verneem dat sy lyk vermis word en dat die lykskouing nooit gedoen is nie.

Ander personeellede is ook hoogs gefrustreerd aangesien aansienlike bedrae weens oortydwerk aan hulle verskuldig is.

“Dit is absoluut verskriklik om te dink dat ’n lyk uit ’n lykshuis kan wegraak,” sê Cowley.

Die polisie het blykbaar nog geen vordering gemaak om die lyk op t
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Another ANC failure: Water shutdown notice – Gauteng taps could start running dry as Stage 4 load shedding drags on

It would take just two consecutive days of Stage 4 load shedding at two of its most sensitive pumping stations to lead to a water shortage, Gauteng’s bulk water supplier Rand Water says.

Until this week Stage 4 electricity rationing was almost unheard of, but Eskom implemented the measure on both Sunday and Monday, with no clear answers on when it would be able to fully meet demand again.

That makes water shedding a distinct possibility, even though Gauteng dam levels are high, with the Vaal Dam at 71% and the Sterkfontein dam 93.9% full.

Reservoirs are already below the ideal 60% to 80% level due to the recent heatwave and capacity constraints, spokesperson Justice Mohale said in response to Business Insider questions.

“Any disturbance with load shedding therefore affects pumping which is designed as a 24 hour continuous operation.”

See also: Poor maintenance and management decisions are still at the heart of loa
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SA is on the verge of a total “blackout” due to Eskom’s inability to provide power – National Power Supply and ANC regime are ready for phase 5 & 6

The ANC government and Eskom are reportedly in the process of getting plans in place for phase 5 and phase 6 power outages. There are fears that the system will collapse completely, despite Pravin Gordhan’s assurance that there will be no more than phase 4 shedding.

All available diesel has been bought to supply emergency turbines while boiler tubes at eight units in three power stations are getting down.

Power outages are here and will be with us. Gordhan acknowledges that parts are currently unavailable for maintenance and that it will take time to get the parts.

However, Eskom denied that there would be such drastic interruptions and said they were only “contingency plans”.

Gordhan says they understand the frustration loadshedding has put on South Africans and promised that Eskom will get it right in the next few years.

Eskom and government have started planning for Stage 5 and Stage 6 load shedding, according
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Lies continue while South Africans remain in the dark – “We don’t have the time, we don’t have the money. The last option is load shedding

Eskom chairperson Jabu Mabuza and public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan has admitted that Eskom and the government cannot say when exactly load-shedding will end, but have called on South Africans to be patient with them.

The country gets regular updates, excuses as to what is to blame, yesterday it was the Cyclone that hit Mozambique and today it is lack of 37 years of maintenance. Corruption, theft and mismanagement of funds are always the roots of all our problems.

The national power utility has been implemented for the last five days, and Gordhan says the public will be provided with an update on the situation in the next 10-14 days.

<span style="font-family: 'Source Sans Pro',sans-serif;color:
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SA President, Cyril Ramaphosa meets reality – delayed for hours after chaotic trip on Metrorail train- 50km journey took four hours to complete

If Cyril Ramaphosa was looking for an authentic experience on a Metrorail train, he got more than he bargained for: Much to the delight of his political foes.

Delays, packed cabins and broken windows dominated President Cyril Ramaphosa’s train trip as part of the ANC’s blitz election campaign on Monday.

Ramaphosa got to experience first-hand the daily frustrations of those who use trains to commute to work, as the train he eventually got on board of was more than an hour late.

Squashed in a cabin with commuters, Ramaphosa said the delay was “unacceptable” after a 50km trip took four hours. So delayed was the attempt to canvas votes, that the president was late for a scheduled Top-6 ANC meeting.

Not only did the president of South Africa wait for at least two hours for the train from Mabopane to Pretoria, but he was on the train for almost two hours after it stopped.

The Twitter user Ricardo Mackenzie wanted
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Another historical town in a mess:- Pietermaritzburg in sad state of decline (photo’s)

As we drove through the streets of Pietermaritzburg, I was immediately struck by the city’s majestically designed buildings. From the intricate designs and brickwork of each structure to the tall steeples that almost salute the clouds.

Looking up, Pietermaritzburg is beautiful and an architectural photographer’s dream, but when I looked down, the beauty of the city quickly dissipated as there are large piles of trash that line the streets and murky water running from illegal businesses situated on the pavements.

Last year, The Mercury featured a number of articles about the terrible odour in the city.

Residents and businesses complained of having to deal with the constant stench.

At the time, the cause of the odour was blamed on the fact that refuse removal trucks had not been licensed and other staff-related issues.

A recent short tour of the city centre revealed how filthy it is.

A few metres from a number of governmen
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Squatters erected illegal informal settlement on Stellenbosch wine farm – Illegal Land grab shows people who are desperate for the land are not prepared to wait

As the ANC promises to move forward with its plans to rework land expropriation without compensation into the Constitution, the party’s supporters are tired of waiting, and are taking things into their own hands.

A new exposé by the New York Times has highlighted how farm land in Stellenbosch has been occupied by squatters who are tired of waiting around for the national government to deliver on its land promises.

Between March and August 2018, land belonging to a wine farm owner near Kayamandi, was occupied by the squatters and a new informal settlement was erected.

According to the paper, while the courts have ordered that the squatters vacate the land, the informal settlement remains. Those who led the charge to occupy the land said it was done out of desperation and frustration with the slow rate of land reform.

The municipality is negotiating to purchase the land from the owner, Stefan Smit, and has reportedly already moved to sup
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Lie of Eskom continues – Consumers can prepare for many more days of #Rollingblackouts, and further deterioration of the economy, as each day’s load shedding causes the debt burden to rise by R2 billion

The lie of Eskom continues, and the 1,100 MW bought from Mozambique and now being unavailable is only the tip of the iceberg of tragedies.

Maintenance at the Eskom power stations has been taboo for years – it was always white people’s way of wasting money and labor, and the ANC regime, with its strange culture of so-called democracy’s true mess, is now breaking through to taxpayers.

The reality is that the three power stations, Drakensberg, Ingula and Palmiet, perform so poorly that they use more power on electricity than is produced.

The three power stations do not really make a contribution to the power grid, while they are supposed to deliver 2,700 MW together.

Consumers can prepare for many more days of load shedding, and the further deterioration of the economy, as each day’s load shedding increases the debt burden by R2 billion.

Meanwhile, billions of Rand have to be obtained to restore the two new pow
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