Eskom shocked by new R36 billion bill from infamous Kusile unit – Well, isn’t this the last thing that utility and the South African taxpayer needed?

With Eskom set to receive a R70 billion government bailout over the next few years, they could lose more than half of that amount before they even get going.

Another set of spiralling costs have floored the utility, who have been billed R36 billion by contractors working on the Kusile Power Plant.

The report – which was first published by City Press on Sunday – features a response from Eskom: They’ve confirmed that they received the whopping figure, but stressed that this won’t necessarily be the amount they have to cough up. According to the company, “it provided for a smaller amount in its total R161-billion Kusile budget.”

Why have Eskom been billed R36 billion from Kusile?
The bill itself consists of “unforeseen costs” that weren’t originally mapped out in the contractor’s plans. Kusile has been a nightmare for the entire Eskom grid, despite it being one of the most modern units in operation.

The build has b
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The cheek of it all, eh? – Major municipalities set for 15% hike in electricity tariffs

Fresh from securing a 9.41% tariff increase in March, Eskom are now targeting municipalities with a 15.63% hike.

The greed at Eskom has expanded yet again this week, after the City of Johannesburg confirmed that a 15.63% tariff hike is set to come into force. In an official statement, Mayor Herman Mashaba lambasts energy regulator Nersa for their “disappointing correspondence”, which expresses the need to jack-up our electricity prices.

Eskom: Municipalities set for a separate price hike
The news comes just a couple of months after Eskom were given permission to increase their rates by 9.41% in 2019. In total, they’ve been given the green-light to put rates up by 22% over the next three years. However, the power utility has no shame when it comes to raiding the pockets of South African citizens.

Eskom’s problems are extensively well-documented, and their ability to use money wisely has been severely questioned. In fact, two interna
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31 Farm attacks, 2 Farm murders in South Africa: 1-15 May 2019 – Mainstream media not covering these atrocities and ANC government denies their existence

In the first fifteen days of May 2019, there have been 31 farm attacks, 2 farm murders and 3 farm attacks were averted. The statistics were supplied by the Rome Research Institute of South Africa.

The table below shows in which province the attacks took place and at what times. From 1 January to 30 April 2019 there were already 126 farm attacks and 16 farm murders.

Farm attacks and farm murders in South Africa are escalating and ongoing and the mainstream media is not covering these atrocities. The ANC government deni
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DA in bed with EFF – rumours are going around that the parties are in negotiations about installing a red beret as mayor in Tshwane

EFF leader Julius Malema said on Thursday that his party was in negotiations with the DA to formally partner in governing Tshwane and Johannesburg.

Addressing a media conference at the party’s head office in Johannesburg, Malema said his party wanted to take over the Tshwane mayorship.

He said the party would also join government in the city of Johannesburg as members of the mayoral committee (MMCs).

“This is a power-sharing … We have already started talking to the DA. We are sharing power in Joburg, we are sharing power in Tshwane,” said Malema.

From the EFF’s own performance in the recent elections, to Cyril Ramaphosa’s ANC conundrum and the rise of the FF+ – these are the highlights from the EFF’s media conference on May 16 2019.

He said the EFF would not be calling for a motion of no confidence in current mayor Stevens Mokgalapa of the DA, but would like to take over in a manner t
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Motorists are going to have to buckle up once more since petrol are about to cost R17-per-litre in June

Being a motorist in Mzansi is a ghastly pursuit. The petrol price looks set to rise again in June, marking a fourth consecutive increase since March.

It’s not news any of us wants to hear. Although petrol prices forecast for next month won’t rise as steeply as they did throughout Autumn, the per-litre costs could rise by more than 30-cents-per-litre.

Why fuel costs are likely to increase next month
Despite an improved performance, it looks like a few things are working against South Africa’s road users. At a time where a good exchange rate could stop the rot, our rand remains rooted at over R14 to the dollar.

Furthermore, an additional Carbon Tax is being added on to the standard price of fuel. The initiative was given the green light during the Budget Speech in February, and another nine-cents-per-litre is getting added on to the bill.

Mzansi’s fuel supply is almost wholly reliant on imports and international markets. So wh
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SA official racked up a R100k porn bill while on a trip to the US

Deputy Speaker of the Limpopo Legislature, Lehlogonolo Masoga, is fighting the recommendation by Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane that he should pay back “a reasonable portion” of a phone bill of R125 000 incurred while on an official trip in the US in August 2014.

Masoga was in the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, to have the report reviewed and set aside. He apparently ran up the bill in less than one month.

It has been claimed that a significant part of the bill comprised the cost of watching porn. The public protector, however, did not make mention of this in her report.

The legislature settled the huge bill, but the matter is not going away for Masoga, who disputed the bill. According to him, the Vodacom bill only amounted to slightly more than R99000.

The public protector at first investigated the bill after a Sunday newspaper in 2015 reported that “an official racked up a R100k porn bill” while on a trip to the US. The publ
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South African man conned KFC out of free meals for a year

It is alleged that the man, supposedly a student, posed as an inspector from head office.

A ‘report’ about a South African who conned KFC out of free chicken has gone viral – here’s what we now Know

Over the past couple of days, South African Twitter has been abuzz following a tweet that reported that a South African man conned KFC.

According to reports on social media, the man was a University of KwaZulu-Natal student who got free meals at various Durban franchises by posing as an quality assurance inspector from the company’s head office.

The story caught the attention of various international news sites, including CBS News in the US and The Daily Mail Online in the UK, who have reported on it.

But KFC Africa’s public affairs director, Thabisa Mkhwanazi told Business Insider SA that it was fake news.

“We follow strict operational processes” she says.

“Any unautho
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ANC’s energy loophole – private institutions are going to be forced to supply Eskom with their own electricity

Shortly after several industrialists and mining houses announced that they wanted to become self-sufficient with the availability of electricity, the ANC’s Energy Minister immediately took the gap to help Eskom.

Minister Jeff Radebe has apparently “paved the way” for private institutions to generate power to be included in the Eskom network, but such institutions must first register as power generators.

Observers say if the minister’s intention is that private institutions will be required to provide Eskom with their own electricity generated, dates will come.

Electricity generation by private entities, according to experts, can only be used for own use without registering with the government, and cannot be made available to Eskom.

Observers say the private institutions that plan to become self-sufficient will not consider doing so senselessly by generating power and then delivering to the unreliable Eskom.

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Fidelity guards buried R2.9m of stolen money in their back yard in ice-cream containers and refuse bags

Two former Fidelity security guards have been sentenced to nine years in prison for stealing about R2.9m.

Tinyiko Thomas Maluleke, 41, and Rofhiwa Emmanuel Luvhimbi, 31, were sentenced in the Makhado Magistrate’s Court on Monday, Limpopo Hawks spokesperson Capt Matimba Maluleke said on Wednesday.

The pair stole the money between December 2018 and January this year.

“The pair had collected money from various places but instead of making deposits, they took the money for themselves,” Maluleke said. “The theft was reported by the pair’s manager after Maluleke and Luvhimbi failed to account for the missing money.”

Maluleke said almost R2.7m was recovered when they were arrested.

The money was buried in their yards in ice-cream containers and refuse bags. One of the men had already bought a new double-cab bakkie and building material, which were confiscated by the investigating team.

Times Live
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ANC –regime states that water supply in SA is sufficient to meet all demands although sewage pollution and no maintenance of municipal structures wastes millions of liters of water

South Africa has enough water to provide the residents within the winter months, but then it must be used sparingly.

This is according to ANC government spokesman who also states that the water is sufficient to meet the needs during the coming dry months of the year.

However, experts are much more concerned about the water supply, saying the severe pollution in the storage dams of the country makes the availability much less than in the dams.

Dams’ water levels range from 75% full but the rapid drop of more than 6% in one week makes red light flicker.

Concerns are about the irresponsible waste of millions of liters of water that sometimes runs away from leaking pipes in streets, and then receives no attention for days.

The equipment of municipalities that are not regularly repaired or serviced has a huge impact on the quality of water coming into the taps and forcing consumers to buy bottled water.

Read the original ar
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City of Joburg, big companies say no to Eskom and go off the grid – Anglo Platinum, Sibanye-Stillwater, Makro and the City of Johannesburg are all loosening their ties to Eskom

Forward-thinking businesses in SA are now starting to confront life without Eskom by putting plans in place to generate their own energy.

Anglo Platinum and Sibanye-Stillwater are two high profile companies at an advanced stage of planning for solar plants to generate their own electricity. The City of Joburg wants to cement a deal with Harith-owned Kelvin Power Station to purchase power as a way to prevent load shedding, which has done incalculable harm to businesses in the city.

Other companies are further advanced in their plans to reduce their dependence on Eskom power. In 2016 Makro erected solar panels on the roof of its Makro Carnival store on the East Rand to generate 60-80% of its energy needs during the day, equivalent to 30% of the store’s annual energy needs. Many smaller businesses have invested hundreds of thousands of rands in generators to serve as back-up power sources in the event of outages.

‘No plan’ from government

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Sars auditors jailed after being caught with R200,000 cash bribe to make KZN businessman tax problems disappear

Two former SA Revenue Service (Sars) customs auditors will spend three years in jail for attempting to solicit a bribe from a prominent KwaZulu-Natal businessman “to make his tax problems disappear”.

Pranesh Maharaj and Reuben Moodley were both caught red-handed with cash bribes of R100,000 in brown envelopes during a police operation in March last year.

The two men, who both resigned from Sars during a disciplinary hearing last year, were sentenced in the Durban Regional Court on Thursday last week.

The court also sentenced them to an additional two years’ imprisonment, conditionally suspended for five years.

“The two auditors acknowledged that they had issued a notice to a well-known KwaZulu-Natal businessman in February 2018, advising him of an imminent audit of companies where he was a director.

“During a follow-up meeting, they solicited a bribe of R200,000 from him ‘to make his tax problems
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