Despite 3 Months Warning & Emergency Powers Plus Billions at its Disposal, ANC Already Totally Failing Fight Against CCP-Virus! 12 Day Delay in ANC Government Covid19 Tests!

VIDEO: High Court Judge Denies Lifeline to Hair Industry Dying From Lockdown, Putting a Million Households at Risk!

ANC Regime Blames & Punishes Citizens Because it Can’t Cope with CCP-Virus Peak! ANC Used Fantasy Modelling to Scare us into Lockdown & Grab More Powers!

ANC Knows Better Than Scientists? ANC Ignores CEO of SAMRC Prof. Glenda Gray & Prof. Shabir Madhi, an Infectious Disease Expert at WITS!

Go To Lockdown Level 1 Now Say ANC Government’s Own Ministerial Advisors, But ANC LOVES The Power & Money Too Much To Listen!

Its Too Early to Tell if Lockdown Saved Lives but ANC & FakeNews24 Run With it Anyway to Justify Their Record Profits and Extreme Powers!

Update: Two COVID19 Positive Doctors Who Were Arrested & Locked in TB Hospital Released! Were Not Seen by a Doctor & Had to Take Own Temperatures!

VIDEO: Two SA Doctors with Asymptomatic COVID19 Not Allowed to Self Quarantine, Arrested & Forced Into Tuberculosis Hospital by Police!