Some researchers discover the brain cells that make pain unpleasant

If you step on a tack, neurons in your brain will register two things: that there’s a piercing physical sensation in your foot, and that it’s not pleasant. Now, a team of scientists at Stanford University has identified a bundle of brain cells in mice responsible for the latter – that is, the negative emotions of pain.

Pain research has traditionally focused on the neurons and molecules at the frontline of pain perception — the cells in nerves that process stings, cuts, burns and the like — and ultimately convey a physical threat message. What Dr Grégory Scherrer, assistant professor of anesthesiology and of neurosurgery, and Dr Mark Schnitzer, associate professor of biology and of applied physics, are studying goes one step further. “We’re looking at what the brain makes of that information,” Scherrer said. “While painful stimuli are detected by nerves, this information doesn’t mean anything emotionally until it reaches t
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There are so many complex reasons for South Africa’s organ donor shortage

At any given time, there are around 4,300 people waiting for organ donations in South Africa. These patients usually need new livers, kidneys, lungs or hearts. But organ donors are in very short supply.

This isn’t unique to South Africa. Many countries around the world are unable to meet the demand for donor organs. There are a few exceptions, though. One example is Norway, where a surplus of deceased donor livers has been reported.

So what explains South Africa’s organ donor shortage?

Religious and cultural beliefs play a role, because they influence the decisions people make about the remains of their loved ones. Sometimes families prefer that a relative’s body remain whole and intact; in other cases it’s considered important to bury a person within a certain time frame. But attributing the shortages to these factors alone grossly oversimplifies the issue, as research has shown.

There are many complex elements
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South Africa needs stronger leadership and increased budgets in mental healthcare

The psychiatric profession should play a greater role in advocating for patients’ rights and improving management of mental health in the public sector after a series of recent tragedies that highlighted the neglect of mental healthcare in South Africa.

Professor Bonga Chiliza, incoming South African Society of Psychiatrists (Sasop) president, says the deaths of 144 patients in the now-notorious Life Esidimeni tragedy; allegations of abuse and human rights violations at the Tower Psychiatric Hospital in the Eastern Cape; and the suicide of UCT Health Sciences Dean Prof Bongani Mayosi following his battle with depression all point to need for better management of public sector psychiatry

Therefore, the organisation will ramp up its lobbying for mental healthcare to be allocated an equitable share of the national health budget. Chiliza says Sasop would also be doing more to encourage medical students to specialise in psychiatry, in order to grow th
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Corrupt ANC official charged of fraud, corruption, theft and money laundering had to say goodbye to his luxuray cars and homes after it was seized by state – Six Mercedes Benz’s, three Land Rovers, three Audi’s and a Jeep Wrangler were among the vehicles seized

The National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA’s) Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU) — armed with a preservation order — was knocking on the door of ANC heavyweight Mike Mabuyakhulu on Thursday morning.

Mabuyakhulu, deputy chair of the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal, is before court on graft charges relating to the saga surrounding the R28m North Sea Jazz Festival dating back to 2012 and 2013.

A NPA official confirmed to TimesLIVE that a team swooped on 16 locations in Durban and Pretoria in an attempt to preserve assets of Mabuyakhulu and his co-accused.

Homes and moveable assets like luxury cars were attached in terms of a Durban High court order issued on December 14, said the official, who asked not to be named.

Six Mercedes Benz’s, three Land Rovers, three Audi’s and a Jeep Wrangler were among the vehicles seized.

Hawks spokesperson Capt Simphiwe Mhlongo confirmed that their officers had accompanied the sheriff of the court and AFU offi
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State-paid wedding plan blows up in former government employers face after authorising government funds to cover a R43 300 shortfall on her wedding

Criminal charges hang over a government spin doctor who allegedly tried to use funds from her employer, the crisis-stricken Housing Development Agency (HDA), to pay for her wedding in December.

The agency said this week it would press criminal charges against its former communications manager, Zingaphi Martin (formerly Matanzima), who resigned while her alleged fraudulent activity was being investigated.

The HDA falls under the human settlements department and works with provinces and municipalities to provide social housing.

Martin resigned from the HDA in December while on suspension pending an investigation after allegations emerged that she used her delegated authority as a manager to authorise government funds to cover a R43 300 shortfall on her wedding.

In December, the Mail & Guardian reported that financial mismanagement at the HDA, which had an R11-million cash-flow deficit, led to demands from the treasury for the return o
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So Zuma is living a lavish life on  taxpayers’ hard-earned money! – Taxpayers have to fork out nearly R1m for Zuma’s air transport and cell phone account since he was removed from office as SA’s president

Taxpayers have forked out just under R1m for former president Jacob Zuma, his spouses and support staff’s transport and phone bills in the first nine months of his departure from office.

President Cyril Ramaphosa revealed in a response to a parliamentary question published on Thursday that the state paid R150,668.38 for Zuma’s flights between February 14, the day he left office, and November 30.

A further R837,444.41 was spent on flying expenses, as well as cellphone, accommodation and car rental expenses for Zuma, his spouses and two support staff members during the period.

Ramaphosa was responding to a written question by DA chief whip John Steenhuisen who wanted to know about the costs incurred by the state on Zuma’s trips and all related expenses for the former president.

Steenhuisen also wanted information about the purpose of each trip undertaken, to which Ramaphosa said: “Former president Zuma no longer hold
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The unbridled destruction and vandalism of schools continues in South Africa and already costs the taxpayer millions of Rands – Yet the Afrikanas insist on quality education and free education while continuing their looting

During the December holidays at least 27 schools in the Western Cape were damaged by thieves and vandals.

Copper pipes, electrical cables and computer equipment are the most important of the stolen goods. The damage is estimated at R600,000. Vandalism continues despite increased security at schools.

Many schools in the rest of the country also suffered, and one newly built school, which was opened at the beginning of this year, also suffered.

It is worrying that the Afrikanas steal, destroy and plunder everything in our country. Yet, they are the first to get upset when quality education is not available and insist on free education. When the facilities and children’s aids are freely available they broke it  n down, loot and even burn it in some cases. It’s just another proof that they don’t think beyond their noses. At the end of the day, the community and children is suffering from their stupidity.

Read the original a
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The tentacles of corruption is beginning to surface all over SA –  Johannesburg swarms with illegal electrical connections as well as buildings erected without municipal approval – Investigations show R9 million loss

An investigation by Johannesburg City Council at Four Ways revealed that the Council lost nearly R9 million in revenue due to illegal electrical connections.

Buildings’ water and sewer connections have not been registered since 2015. It seems to be the tip of the “iceberg” as the investigation was done only in one suburb.

It is believed that new buildings were erected without municipal approval, and there were questions about how and by whom the sewer and water connections were made.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger

This report does not necessarily reflect the opinion of SA- news.


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More opportunities for illegal immigrants to cross over into SA : One bridge to connect us all- The Kazungula Bridge, a 923-metre-long and 18.5-metre wide construction, will link Kazungula in Zambia to Kasane in Botswana and the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

The Kazungula bridge will be constructed at Zambezi river and Chobe river intersection – at the spot where Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia meet – and should be completed towards the end of 2020. The road and rail bridge will be open to the public and will ease traffic between the four countries.

Apart from easing tourist traffic, the bridge will also enhance regional trade and integration between the countries: traders and fishers will be able to abandon their floating planks and rickshaw boats for an easier means of travel across the Zambezi river.

The bridge will include a single-line railway track, as well as a paved section for pedestrians to cross, and two border posts between Botswana and Zambia. The proposal was submitted at the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa summit, where the African Union Commission and the African Development Bank confirmed their commitment to the project.

At the time, Manager for Regiona
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E-tolls shocking news: Here are the 12 most expensive gates currently in operation

We’re naming and shaming the priciest e-tolls in SA: Some road users are having to pay nearly R25 to get through a single gate in Gauteng. If we had a rand for every complaint we’d heard about e-tolls, we’d have enough to clear Sanral’s spiralling debt. The much-maligned payment system has been a bone of […]
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The State capture saga has kick-off for 2019 and 12 insane revelations from ex-Bosasa chief Angelo Agrizzi

Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi makes the Guptas look like monks. His damning testimony at the state capture inquiry has turned heads nationwide.

We just do not know where to begin on this one. The state capture inquiry is most definitely doing its job, as bombshell testimony became a weekly fixture before Christmas. This was the commission’s first day back, and honestly, it was a thriller. Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi has been spilling tea like no-one’s business.

The security service company have long been under suspicion for a series of dodgy deals with private business, and the ANC government. In their most recent controversy, they made a suspicious payment of R500 000 to Cyril Ramaphosa’s son, Andile – a deal that still hasn’t been fully explained.

Angelo Agrizzi testimony at the state capture inquiry:

He was allowed access to NPA files
Agrizzi reportedly took photographs of a con
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SA is besig om sy pas afgestudeerde dokters te verloor a.g.v. die regering se onvermoë om die hul te plaas waar hulle diens kan doen en die feit is dat hul nie betaal word vir dienste gelewer nie

Die Suid-Afrikaanse Mediese Vereniging (SAMA) het beswaar aangeteken teen die reuse verlies van opgeleide dokters wat nou na ander lande verhuis omdat die regering hulle nie vir hulle jaar praktiese werk kan betaal nie.

Die uittog van pas afgestudeerde dokters is toegeskryf aan die Departement van Gesondheid se onvermoë om die dokters te plaas waar hulle diens kan doen, en waarvoor hulle deur die regering betaal moet word.

’n Woordvoerder van Sama sê die ernstige tekort aan dokters word verder in die wiele gery deur die Departement van Gesondheid wat nie hulle verantwoordelikheid nakom nie.

Hy sê die ernstige toestand soos malaria, tuberkulose, Vigs, en ander siekte toestande kan slegs effektief behandel en bestry word deur genoeg dokters wat ook kosbare ondervinding opdoen in die siekte toestande.

Sowat 440 mediese personeel wat nie geplaas is nie, en waarvan 400 beurshouers is, het glo die land verlaat omdat hulle hul beroep wil be
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