Defenceless White Elderly in SA Targeted by Malicious Terrorists – Elderly Couple Violently Attacked on Smallholding and assaulted with a hammer

An 89-year-old man and his 57-year-old partner were attacked on their smallholding near Marikana on Thursday.

Three robbers broke into the couple’s house on their smallholding in the Barnardsvlei area while they were sleeping. The robbers demanded money and firearms, says lt.kol. Northwest police spokesperson Amanda Funani.

“The husband and wife were severely assaulted and had to be taken to hospital for treatment.”

The suspects fled the man’s Toyota pickup, cellphone, motorcycle, firearm and solar panels.

The bakkie was later found about 2 km from the smallholding with some of the stolen goods on the tray.

The police are still looking for the robbers.

The original article can be read in Afrikaans on Netwerk 24

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Attacks on elderly getting more brutal each week – Elderly woman’s face crushed in after savage farm attack in Free State

A savage farm attack took place at Bloemspruit in the Free State Province. The attack was tweeted by Ian Cameron of AfriForum on 6 December 2018. An elderly female victim (70) was attacked on Tuesday afternoon, 4 December 2018. The SA Police Service detectives only started investigation on scene on the Wednesday morning.

The victim had her face crushed in by the attacker and she is currently in ICU in Bloemfontein. There is no other information available at this stage and there have been no arrests.

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