‘Top Hat’ Cele: No protests will prevent South Africans from voting on 8 May 2019, o really, you can hardly control protesters all over the country at the moment

The comments follow several service delivery protests that erupted in different parts of the country ahead of the nation’s polls.

Police Minister Bheki Cele says that no protest or shutdown will prevent South Africans from exercising their right to vote on 8 May.

The comments follow several service delivery protests that erupted in different parts of the country ahead of the nation’s polls.

Cele was speaking on behalf of the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security cluster which detailed its readiness for the elections in Pretoria on Thursday.

Minister Cele said that police visibility will be intensified ahead of the elections month.

Cele said that they have already identified hotspots to keep a close eye on.

In Vuwani Limpopo, some residents have declared that no voting would take place.

But the minister disagrees.

“It’s the Constitution that allows every party to practice political freedom and all t
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IFP renews calls to debate on death penalty – Will the death penalty be a magic solution that will make crime disappear or will it be used in our unequal legal system to punish the innocent?

Durban – THE call by the IFP for a national debate on the reinstatement of the death penalty to reduce/deter the high rate of violent crimes would be a premeditated discussion that a country needs the death penalty, said a political analyst.

Bukani Mngoma felt the country should, instead, be discussing ways to curb the high violent crime rate and then make the death penalty one of the recommendations.

“We should also be discussing why people are being murdered and why there is an escalating number of violent incidents,” he said.

Mngoma said there was no evidence to suggest that the lack of the death penalty contributed to the increase in the rate of violent crimes.

He said although there were other countries, such as China, that practise the death penalty, the dynamics of South Africa, as a third world country, were completely different from that of China with the largest population, different cultures and practices.

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Whistle-blower Agrizzi arrested on corruption charges, but big fish like not Watson, Dudu Myeni, Nomvula Mokonyane, Gwede Mantashe are still as free as birds

Shortly after evidence were giving during the Bosasa debacle, the Hawks struck and arrested five people including Agrizzi and Van Tonder who acts as witnesses for Watson’s large-scale fraud and bribery actions.

The question now arises why Watson, Dudu Myeni, Nomvula Mokonyane, Gwede Mantashe and the rest of the crooks were not arrested? It is after all they who provided and received the money for the millions of contracts. Is there a snake in the grass somewhere here?

Is R500,000 enough to buy immunity from prosecution? Brigadier Mulaudzi of the Hawks denies any political fuss and there would be evidence that politicians were involved in illegal activities there against them. Observers point out that the investigation into Bosasa was already completed in 2009 and the fact that the Hawks are only now showing irregularities in the legal process.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger

This report does not necessarily r
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Are Poaching Kingpins Hugo Ras and Dawie Groenewald Above The Law and Untouchable?

We are all so quick to shout “kill the poachers” but we have to stop and look at who is behind the poachers. Here are a few amongst others- Walther Slippers, Thormahlen, Marnus Steyl, Gert Saaiman, Christiaan van Wyk, George Fletcher, Frans van Deventer.

Dawie Groenewald and Hugo Ras have been in the news of late with the Ras court case coming up. Let’s have a look at their history of criminal activities.


Dawie Groenewald is the head of a rhino poaching and trafficking syndicate known in South Africa as the “Groenewald Gang” or “Musina Mafia” was arrested along with his wife, Sariette, veterinarians, Karel Toet and Manie du Plessis, as well as a group of so- called professional hunters, for his alleged involvement in the illegal rhino horn trade. Shortly after Dawie’s arrest in 2010, 20 dehorned rhinos were found in a mass grave on his property (a 10,600 acre farm in Musina, L
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