Northern Cape Municipalities will cover the expenses to ferry 2000 people to inauguration of Cyril Ramaphosa

Municipalities in the Northern Cape will be expected to cover the costs of bussing 2 000 people from the province to Pretoria for next week’s presidential inauguration.

This is according to AfriForum Northern Cape who handed over a ‘Stop the Bus’ petition to the provincial Department of Co-operative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs (Coghsta).

The petition calls on the department to refuse the presidential request that municipalities carry the cost of bussing thousands of people to Loftus Versfeld in Pretoria for the presidential inauguration next week.

The petition was handed over by the AfriForum co-ordinator in the Northern Cape, Lize-Marie Smit, to Coghsta head of department Bafedile Lenkoe on Wednesday.

Smit said that the petition stemmed from a request by the Presidency that municipalities from each province in the country carry the cost of bussing people to Loftus Versfeld for the presidential inau
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Eskom Corruption being ‘rewarded’ with 15.63% tariff increase – SA consumers now have to suffer but those responsible for the corruption and maladministration “continue to roam free” without any consequences for the actions

Municipalities across SA will now face a 15.63% tariff increase from Eskom, approved by Nersa. Mayor Herman Mashaba on Tuesday issued a statement in which he claims the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) has rewarded corruption at Eskom with a 15.63% increase in tariffs.

“The City has noted the disappointing correspondence from Nersa, indicating that municipalities across South Africa will now face a 15.63% tariff increase from Eskom following continued tariff negotiations between Eskom and the energy regulator,” said Mashaba.

“This is after Nersa had initially granted Eskom a hike of 9.41%, 8.1% and 5.2% for the next three financial years, below Eskom’s application for a 17.1 % hike for 2019/20, 15.4% for 2020/21 and 15.5% for 2021/22.”

Mashaba said the Nersa decision means that the City of Johannesburg, like many other municipalities, “will be forced” to increase tariffs on electricity.

“Despite the City P
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SA economy is facing a big setback – Industrialists and entrepreneurs are packing up and leaving SA due to Eskom’s huge tariff increases

The ANC’s president’s dreams are shattering at this time because of the huge tariff increases Eskom is now charging the municipalities.

Big institutions say they are tired of Eskom’s reckless tariff adjustments, and some industrialists have already packed up and left the country.

Industries that is depended for electricity to the manufacture of certain goods, such as the aluminium industry, have already left the country and moved their businesses to the Far East where power supply is stable and tariffs are much cheaper.

Anglo Platinum and Sibanye-Stillwater are two high profile industries that have already started investigating how to generate their own electricity to get rid of Eskom’s unpredictability with power delivery and tariff adjustments.

Meanwhile, many smaller businesses have begun to become self-sufficient with solar and standby generators and in many cases even cut their Eskom connections.

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Russians allegedly plotted to sway elections in SA in favour of the ANC party

Russian specialists purportedly planned a disinformation campaign to tarnish the images of the DA and EFF in a bid to influence the elections in SA.

The Guardian reported on Wednesday that documents – seen by the publication and the Daily Maverick – were prepared by an organisation linked to a St Petersburg businessman with ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin.
On the face of it, the plan appeared to favour the ANC but there was no indication that the party endorsed such a scheme.

“The plan to interfere in SA’s election was co-ordinated by a Russian political technologist, Peter Bychkov, who works for [Yevgeny] Prigozhin, according to the documents. The disinformation campaign was plotted by a Russian-owned NGO, the Association for Free Research and International Co-operation (Afric), under the guise of research,” reported the Guardian.
Prigozhin is a prominent businessman known as “Putin’s chef&#82
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The DA’s Natasha Mazzone is highly suspicious of how much money is being spent on emergency diesel at Eskom, urging President Ramaphosa to “come clean”.

The Shadow Public Enterprises Minister Natasha Mazzone has grilled Cyril Ramaphosa just hours before the polls open for the 2019 Elections. The DA MP – best known for her firebrand speeches in Parliament – wants the president to disclose more information on the deals to procure “emergency diesel supplies” for Eskom.

It’s understood that the opposition party has had a Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) request denied. Mazzone and her team wanted to investigate how much has been spent on the utility’s fuel reserves since 2007, but they’ve had the door slammed in their face.

Natasha Mazzone asks Ramaphosa: “What are you hiding?”
For the shadow cabinet minister, the silence has been deafening. As Pravin Gordhan’s opposite number, she has been following the progress of Eskom closely and firmly believes that the ANC is misappropriating funds in order to keep the lights on up until Wednesday’s vote.

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Juju has this kind of mentality: “There is nothing special about farmers and white people” – until you are in trouble then the whites must help!

Malema has said that there is nothing special about white people. Speaking at an EFF press conference, the party leader said that he has no problem with white people but they must not be treated as if they are special.

Malema was speaking about Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent comments asking young white people to stay in the country. Malema said that he would not entertain that.

“I see value in all South Africans. I value you and want you to contribute to the value of our economy. There is nothing special about white farmers and white people.”

Juju said he made the same comments about Indians and how they are treating black people. He made an example of how an Indian Constitutional judge can make a comment and it’s accepted, but he as a black man can’t make the same comment.

Social media users had mixed feelings about Malema’s comments, with some accusing him of race-baiting, while others agre
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2019 Elections News: Not everybody is voting today, let’s have a look at why 9-million eligible voters did not register to cast their ballot

Current issues that affect their lives was indicated as a reason why they are not voting. The 2019 general elections are less than 12 hours away and right now, there is little else political parties can do to sway voters at the polls.

However, the outcome of the elections could be impacted by the non-participation of at least 9-million eligible voters who are not casting their ballot on Wednesday.

A report published by Business Tech indicated that this was a drop in participation, compared to 2014’s general election.

Youth dominates total of disinterested voters
Although the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) achieved the most successful registration period, seeing an increased 26.7-million voters pledging their intentions to cast a ballot on Election Day, 2019 also saw an increase in the number of eligible voters, which stands at 35.9-million.

It is not surprising then, that about 6-million
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Gauteng Education MEC, who is known for his blatant racial attacks on African speaking schools, their language and admission policies, resigned

It appears that the country and specifically the Transvaal have been spared from further problems in the education sector with the resignation of Panyaza Lesufi as the MEC of education.

His term was characterized by blatant attacks on Afrikaans-speaking schools and their language and admissions policies. Educators say the province is much better off with its departure.

Political analysts ask whether he will not receive a post at Ramaphosa after the election.

Education in South Africa’s public schools is in a bad position, and a very strong and well-qualified team is needed to tackle education, but the prospects do not look good and therefore private schools are the only viable solution .

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger
This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news.

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While there are already millions of illegal African immigrants in SA, Ramaphosa now wants to open borders to everyone – Africans are entering the country, depriving citizens of job opportunities and robbing  others of prosperity

The ANC president, Cyril Ramaphosa wants to open South Africa’s borders and believes it is good to promote tourism as visa requirements prevent African tourists from visiting the country.

His ignorance about tourism figures and those visiting the country is clear when looking at which countries’ tourists really visit South Africa and spend money here.

Europe and the US are some of the countries that provide tourists who really visit the country and spend money here during the holidays.

The Africans are flowing into the country to tarnish the prosperity of others, members of the opposition, but it apparently does not impress the president.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger

This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news.


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Would you board a flight piloted by Cyril Ramaphosa? HELL NO! He wants every South African to join him on a journey towards prosperity ahead of the 2019 Elections:- I wonder if he has a ‘license’ (video)

Cyril Ramaphosa is currently on a quest to get as many people on-board with the ANC as possible, ahead of next week’s general election. The president may have experienced a bit of turbulence during his first 14 months in charge, but he’s confident of making a smooth landing once the polls have been closed on Wednesday 8 May.

Addressing a gathering in Lynnwood, east of Pretoria, Ramaphosa was quizzed on a range of issues, including land expropriation and corruption. The two subject areas have come to define Cyril’s leadership, as he’s been given the unenviable task of trying to unite both the country and his own party.

Cyril Ramaphosa and the unity “balancing act”
In the last year or so, the president and his comrades seem to be on different flight paths. Just last night, Ramaphosa contradicted the claims of his beleaguered Secretary-General Ace Magashule, who said his phone had been hacked recently. Putting on a unite
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Ramaphosa tries to charm whites – admits that the ANC has moved away from a non-racial character and has neglected the Afrikaans language

During an election speech for about 400 people, apparently most white, Ramaphosa acknowledged that the ANC had moved away from a non-racial character.

A Johan Erasmus of the movement “Betereinders” asked him about black nationalism. Ramaphosa lto shaded away from the word “black nationalism” and says it is rather “black self-awareness” or “black pride” but it is dominated by “South Africanism”.

He repeated Mandela’s words: Never will one group be considered better than another group as Afrikaner nationalists do. He appealed to whites to attend days such as Freedom Day and other national days.

However, his admissions did not stop there. He also admits that the ANC has neglected the Afrikaans language, and that the injustice will be rectified, but Afrikaners believe it is another lie on the ANC president’s tally.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger<b
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Botswana forbids wife of Jeff Radebe, Ramaphosa’s sister-in-law to enter the country without a visa

Botswana has now banned businesswoman Bridgette Radebe, wife of energy minister Jeff Radebe, sister-in-law of pres. Cyril Ramaphosa and sister of billionaire businessman Patrice Motsepe from entering the country without a visa.

Daily Maverick reports that Radebe’s movements in Botswana have been curbed after reports of trying to interfere in the ruling party’s leadership election. It is considered a huge blow to her business interests and an even greater embarrassment to Ramaphosa’s government.

Magang Ngaka Ngaka, Botswana’s National Minister for Immigration and Gender Affairs, announced in a special government newspaper that Radebe and her South African business partner, the Sandton businessman known as Malcolm X, will have to apply for visas as their Botswana in the future. want to visit.

Most South Africans, with the exception of Julius Malema, leader of the EFF, and some other EFF leaders, can cross the border to Bots
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