VIDEO: Covid19 Tenders Create Instant Millionaires as ANC Black Elites Continue to Plunder! PPE Tender Turns into FIVE Luxury Cars!

Stories of White Exclusion by Black SA Government! Yet Only 11% of Total Applications for CCP-Virus SMME Assistance Scheme Approved!

Transform or Starve! ANC Using COVID19 Aid to Blackmail Whites to Give Business to Blacks! COVID19: Turning Capitalism into Socialism!

Ramaphosa, ANC & Abdool Karim Want To Flatten the Economy, NOT The Curve, Because The Party & Socialism are More Important Than The Economy! COVID19: Converting Capitalism to Socialism…

India Gets Dodgy PPE Gear Too, What About SA? China Putting Lives at Risk as it “Donates” Faulty Medical Gear To Cover up its #CCPVirus Guilt!

Everyone Praises Emperor Ramaphosa & his Invisible Cloak, Yet ANC Doesn’t Even Know Which Province 11 People Who Tested Positive for #COVID19 Are From?

Trump Calls Out World Health Organisation (WHO) for Their “China-centricity” and for Calling Every Shot Wrong on COVID19 Chinese Virus!

“Say You Want to Kill Off 95% of The World” – News24 Spreads Fake News, Panic & Conspiracy Theories (Again) About CoronaVirus Vaccine & Bill Gates in Africa – Adriaan Basson Forced To Apologise!

Despite Six Billion in COVID19 Fund ANC Does Not Test More, Yet Over 40% of People Can Have CoronaVirus Without Symptoms, but Government Only Tests Symptomatic Patients or those with Travel History?

ANC Uses CCPvirus Lockdown as Excuse To Get its Buddies Out of Jail! Western Cape Magistrate Daniel Thulare Even Lets Murder Suspects Free!

#CatastrophicProfiteering As Desperate European Nations Return Defective Medical Gear To China, NASPERS Partners With Communist China to “Donate” a R 1 Billion Tax Break for its Tencent Business in China, To Buy Chinese Made Medical Gear For SA’s COVID19 Fight!

VIDEO: “CoronaVirus Does Not Kill Black People” – Soweto Civil Rights Group HBR Takes Ramaphosa To Court Over #COVID19 #Lockdown