Video: Is US Law Requiring That SA Be Expelled From AGOA, The Reason UK & USA “Believe” Ramaphosa & Sisulu’s Lies About Racist Land Grabs!

The ANC’s racist land grab requires, by US law, that the USA ceases trading with South Africa according to their AGOA Trade Agreement. Could that be the reason USA and UK are forced to pretend that Ramaphosa’s racist land grab is lawful and ok?

Ramaphosa’s racist land grab is clearly, patently and obviously both immoral and hugely destructive, yet South Africa has not been warned, threatened or actually expelled from either the Commonwealth or the “African Growth and Opportunity Act” (AGOA), which clearly states that countries which trade with USA, that do not respect property rights, should be expelled from this trade agreement!

Ramaphosa’s foolish and arrogant clam that stealing land from white people will somehow magically turn South Africa into a “garden of Eden”, not only flies in the face of logic and experience, but also exposes the huge disconnect in SA society between the ANC electorate and norma
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Discrimination against whites continues – FeesMustFall activist’s public violence is left “unpunished” while Vicky Momberg, who used the “k-word”, is sentenced to two years in prison

FeesMustFall’s, Bongisnkosi Lhanyile is found guilty of public violence complaints and sentenced to three years’ house arrest and a R5000 fine. It seems as if discrimination against whites continues, because Vicky Momberg, who used the so-called “k-word”, is sentenced to two years in prison.

Opinion polls say the left-wing FW de Klerk may be right if he says the legal system in SA is crooked.

Lhanyile is still allowed to attend classes at the University of Natal and has to do community service  for only eight hours a month.

Questions are asked about how it is possible to be under house arrest and then do community service.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger

This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news.


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WATCH | ‘My forefathers will kill me if I had to give R2 to a white guy’ – If the roles were turned around the white guy would have been arrested and charged and refused bail and sentence to a couple of months or maybe a year or two in jail

The person who told a harmless beggar “I’m a very nice guy, I’m a very giving person” while refusing him R2 for bread because of the colour of his skin AND while taking a video to humiliate him further on social media, has been identified as Lindo Buthelezi.

The video starts shortly after the white beggar asks for R2 to buy bread.

“I’m a very nice guy. I’m a very giving person, but my forefathers will kill me if I had to give R2 to a white guy.”

That is what a man says to a white beggar in a video which has tongues wagging on social media. The video starts shortly after the white beggar asks for R2 to buy bread.

“My man, where were you when white people were taking black people’s stuff? Where were
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Does the DA honestly think that little of the white voter? – The Schweizer Reneke school photograph incident is nothing but filthy, dirty, race obsessed, biased politics

The Schweizer Reneke school photograph incident rocked South Africa. And the preposterous action of suspending a teacher (telephonically, mind you!) AFTER evidence came to light that there WAS NO racism because ONE picture out of THREE were taken out context, makes it even more outrageous.

The situation got a human face when an emotional Elana Barkhuizen pleaded for justice saying that she is basically a mother and an educator with a spotless reputation and record and that politics and politicians are ruthlessly destroying her life, trampling on the well-being of innocent children and tainting the reputation of an excellent school.

And rightly so. The whole story is nothing but filthy, dirty, race obsessed, biased politics. And the guilty, in fact the MOST guilty, is the Democratic Alliance.

It was Luyolo Mphithi, the DA Youth Leader in Northwest, who was the first to publicly share a picture of little children without hiding their faces along
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ANOTHER DAY – ANOTHER “RACIST” SCHOOL – Just shortly after the Schweizer Reneke racism debacle, another racism uproar took place at a school in the North West province

Yet again, parents had to remove their children from a North West school. And again innocent children are used in a diabolical political scheme to garner black votes.

Police and paramedics were on the scene as chaos erupted at Stilfontein Hoërskool after allegations of racism.

Vandalism has taken place with windows and doors broken after allegations that white children were treated better than black children. The reason for the protest and destruction of property was because the black parents weren’t happy that their children’s results weren’t as good as the white children’s results.

Last year, black students at the University of the North, burned and vandalized the university during protests and demanded separate exams for black students. They claimed that the regular exams they had to write like everyone else, were to difficult.

So, in a country where free goods and BEE jobs are handed to blacks like candy, they
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Let this be a lesson for South Africa, that racism isn’t colour blind – Head of basic police development, Major General Sandra Malebe-Thema found guilty of racism

The trade union Solidarity today announced that the South African Police Service (SAPS), found the Head of Basic Police Development, Major-General Sandra Malebe-Thema guilty of racism.

According to Anton van der Bijl, Head of Legal Service at Solidarity, Malebe-Thema made herself guilty of racist and humiliating remarks towards various training personnel during an event at the SAPS Training Academy in Oudtshoorn, in 2016. Van der Bijl also said that the General stated that there were too many white faces occupying positions in training and that the so-called discrimination against black students will be stopped. “During the same event she also made inappropriate comments about a selected group of personnel’s clothing and weight,” Van der Bijl confirmed.

The trade union acted immediately by submitting a formal complaint to the Human Rights Commission (HRC) in Cape Town, in November 2016. Solidarity maintained the pressure by turning to the Labour
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Ramaphosa creates the impression that racism is only a white problem

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s reaction on Radio 702 when asked about the hate speech of BLF leader, Andile Mngxitama, is disappointing as he shifted the focus to white people as if to imply that racism is mainly a white problem.

According to media reports, President Ramaphosa implied that racism is not common among black people and that Mngxitama is probably just “a lone voice out there in the wilderness”.

President Ramaphosa also added that “we cannot, through the hatred of some white people then begin to define the whole white community as haters of black people”. And: we must say that those who hate black people and those who are racist must be isolated. We must teach them the best ways to be a nation.

The President’s play on words creates the impression that South Africa’s real problem lies with white people, while in reality, the problem under discussion is Mngxitama’s hateful statements. This also echoes the statements made b
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More rubbish and lies from Ramaphosa: Cyril, blames BLACK THREATS on White people

In this video by Willem Petzer we see how the South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa, who on a live interview on 702, said that the black anger is justified and that it is white people’s fault!

Ramaphosa said that black people are now tired of a number of things and that racist acts that are happening are mainly coming from white people. And this all whilst the country is being destroyed and burnt down under the leadership of the black ANC government who has had control for a quarter of a century. But apparently it’s not there fault! How can a white woman Vicki Momberg get jail time for an offensive word but blacks and their leaders can call for mass slaughtering of whites?

A recent example of this so called anger was from BL
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The DA report BLF group to Human Rights Commission for “kill whites” comments

DA Spokesperson Solly Malatsi has filed an official complaint with the SA Human Rights commission, following comments made at a Black First Land First (BLF) rally in Potchefstroom on Sunday 9 December.

The group, known for harassing journalists and saying anything for attention, seem to have emulated the latter after leader Andile Mngxitama vowed to kill white citizens following Johann Rupert’s interview with eNCA.

How Johann Rupert sparked a BLF backlash
When the billionaire took part in the broadcast, he made some very uncomfortable points about race and upset many black South Africans, blaming many in the demographic for wanting to waste their money in nightclubs instead of deciding to save it up.

The conversation eventually swayed to his war of words with EFF leader Julius Malema. Rupert explained he had friends in the taxi business that could protect him from the threat of Juju and the red berets. Those comments inc
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