Innocent until proven guilty? Prasa places three executives on special leave, terminates former secretary’s contract – wonder if those placed on special leave will still receive full remuneration?

The suspension and placement on special leave of these executives, is to ensure a fair process based on a principle of innocent until proven guilty.

The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) has announced that it has terminated the employment contract of its former company secretary Matome Mohube with immediate effect.

This comes after a disciplinary hearing on various charges involving various charges including falsifying board resolutions.

“Our commitment as Prasa is to make sure that we have a calibre of individuals and employees that are ethical, honorable and who understand the mandate of this organisation and their role in contributing to delivering public value for this country.

“We are focused on delivering efficient service to the commuters who experience hardships associated with over-crowding, delays and cancellations, and, are determined rid Prasa of corruption, nepotism and administrative inefficiencies,” said g
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Good grief! – Their term just started but a few MP’s are already sleeping in Parliament

As the swearing-in of MPs for the country’s sixth democratic Parliament got off to a start on Wednesday, a photo taken by a witness is spreading like a wild fire on social media.

It seems like these parliamentarians are finding the proceedings very tiring or just plain boring since they are captured sound asleep during events. With the new term still ahead, we can just shake our heads in astonishment and wonder what the feature has in store for our fellow South-Africans.

SA news team

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Eskom ticking time bomb! – National power utility managed by ANC-regime, debt jumps to nearly R500-billion and is currently the biggest threat to the SA’s economy

Embattled South African state power utility Eskom’s debt burden, described by Goldman Sachs Group as the biggest threat to the nation’s economy, has burgeoned, compounding the difficulty the government faces in formulating a turnaround plan.

The company’s debt is approaching R500-billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg from public records, including bonds and issued loans, up from about R370-billion a year ago. While the utility declined to comment on the current number, its CEO, Phakamani Hadebe, last month put total debt at about R450-billion.

Eskom hasn’t been selling enough power to cover its operating costs and interest payments, and has been forced to implement rotating blackouts over the past few years to prevent a collapse of the national grid as its fleet of ageing and poorly maintained plants struggled to keep pace with demand.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced plans earlier this year to split the company into three
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Corrupt Ace Magashule: SA economy still in white hands – we are slaves

ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule says “dark forces” in the ruling party are hellbent on distracting from the struggle for ANC secretary-generalnd the battle against white monopoly capital.

He was speaking at a memorial lecture in honour of struggle stalwart Walter Sisulu, held at the Waaihoek Methodist Church in Bloemfontein yesterday. In a prepared speech, he said it is unacceptable that the economy is still in white hands.

“The struggle for economic emancipation of our people is and must be unstoppable. We can no longer be slaves in our own nation. We can no longer be counted as the poorest of the poor, while those who hold our wealth through historic theft still enjoy it,” he said.

“It just cannot be that 25 years after our first democratic elections, the control of the resources of our country is still primarily in the hands of white people, who are the descendants of colonists who stole our wealth and land i
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Jacob Zuma’s biggest cheerleader, Carl Niehaus issues threat to journalists over “Pep store outfit” comments and insist that they show him respect

Carl Niehaus, has warned the media that he and the MK Veterans “are coming for journalists” who show them disrespect.

In what has become a routine occurrence outside of Jacob Zuma’s court hearings, the former president and his cronies – Carl Niehaus included – addressed crowds in the streets on Pietermaritzburg on Monday. Msholozi continues to preach and protest his innocence, dismissing the corruption charges laid against him as a witch-hunt.

JZ is adamant that the prosecution of Schabir Shaik was just a “dry-run” to ensure that they could jail the 77-year-old. Zuma’s former business partner was convicted on the same charges back in 2005, and the defence team are fighting tooth and nail to prevent a criminal trial getting the green-light.

Inside the courtroom, the new lawyers representing Jacob Zuma took centre-stage. Outside of it, uBaba and friends proved to be blockbuster entertainment. Watching Zuma’s new inner-ci
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#BlackPrivilege – Townships in SA to receive one free unit of electricity for every unit bought

Government wants townships to use more electricity – and may give them one free unit for every unit bought

Informal settlements may get one free unit of electricity for every unit purchased in a bid to increase power usage and reduce air pollution in townships.

In its strategy to address air pollution in dense low-income settlements, published in the government gazette on Friday, the department said air pollution is costing the state up to R2 billion annually in health-related costs.

Wood, coal and paraffin burning causes massive pollution in South Africa’s townships. The department hopes households can be encouraged to use electricity instead by making it cheaper.

“One example could be a subsidy that gives the user one (1) unit of electricity for every unit purchased. Alternatively, a stepped tariff which provides indigent households with the first specific kWh of electricity per month for free and charge a stepped tari
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Videos of Cape pupils having sex ‘at school’ go viral – If this is shocking, then think what will happen with the new Life Skills curriculum being introduced to schools in near feature

Videos in which Cape Town pupils are having sex at two different schools “have spread like wildfire” on social media.

However, education authorities say they cannot investigate as the one incident apparently took place outside the school, and the other has not been brought to the principal’s attention yet.

In the first video, a teenage boy and girl were caught by a man who filmed them on a balcony and then scolded them for having sex out in the open.

The teens are dressed in the uniform of a Mitchells Plain high school and no nudity is evident.

The boy is seen sitting flat on the ground, his back against a wall, and the girl straddles him, her grey school skirt hiked up.

The pupils got a huge fright when the man addressed them, asking them what they were doing, and the girl tries to hide her face.

“Is die die k@k wat julle aanvang terwyl julle in die skool moet wees? Dink julle dis f***** reg wat julle doen, ha?” t
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Eskom remains a failure – ANC regime admits that the power provider does not have the capacity to meet the needs of larger industries

The ANC’s Energy Minister, Jeff Radebe, acknowledged that the national power provider does not have the capacity to meet the needs of larger industries.

The developers and investors first want to know if sustainable electric power can be provided, but Radebe first waited for the election to be over before he could admit the truth.

The Vryburger recently reported that several major businesses have decided to become self-sufficient regarding electricity and are going big to get rid of the unreliable national power supplier.

Radebe claims it will need R1 trillion to meet the needs of the larger institutions, and it is well known that the country is drowning in debt and will not get such a loan.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger
This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news.

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Public Protector, Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s expertise questioned with her report on Vrede Dairy Farm project and action to rather protect perpetrators than prosecute them

The South African Public Protector appointed by Jacob Zuma after the exit of Madonsela’s actions is so suspicious that political experts question her expertise in office.

This follows after the High Court in Pretoria declared that the Public Protector’s report on the Vrede Dairy Farm project is unconstitutional and invalid.

Opinion polls believe that the Public Protector’s report has been drafted to provide protection to the perpetrators, and the Zuma regime wants to be obedient instead of capturing a professional finding on paper.

More than R200 million of taxpayers’ money was used to fund the “black empowerment project”, which was eventually identified as another corruption project.

Some of the money was allegedly paid over to the controversial Guptas, and the dairy farm workers did not receive a single cent.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger
This report does not nec
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Wits University wants to sell property donated from British mining magnate to Johannesburg city council to help poor students – one can only wonder if it includes white students too?

A concerned resident opposing the sale says the university is not honouring the spirit of why it was endowed with Frankenwald Estate to begin with.

Wits University is looking to make R1 billion from selling the controversial Frankenwald Estate near the Marlboro Gautrain station. The site was given to the institution – through a deed of gift – by British mining magnate Sir Alfred Beit in 1905 to be used for “education in perpetuity”.

In a 2017 report to the university’s council, vice-chancellor Adam Habib said the institution was exploring the possibility of an outright purchase of Frankenwald Estate by the City of Joburg.

Habib said: “We have also received a request from the executive mayor to explore the possibility of an outright purchase of Frankenwald by the municipality. We have had subsequent, similar conversations with the Gauteng MEC for cooperative governance and traditional affairs and human settlements.

“I have ma
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Cash-strapped SABC to receive yet another government bailout – The National Treasury, has, once again, been persuaded to open its coffers up to the embattled broadcaster

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) will receive a much-needed government bailout, after failing to improve its financial position in 2019.

Government, by way of the National Treasury, has, once again, been persuaded to open its coffers up to the embattled broadcaster.

Telecommunications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams confirmed that the finance minister was expected to finalise the bailout plan, which includes guarantees on loan agreements, and, in due course, release the figures to the public.

SABC bailout “to prevent the broadcaster from collapsing”

While the Treasury has remained mum on details relating to the bailout, Ndabeni-Abrahams explained that the finance minister would sign-off on the agreement “to prevent the broadcaster from collapsing”.

Speaking to SABC News on the current challenges, both financial and operational, facing the public broadcaster, Ndabeni-Abrahams explained:

“It is in o
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Afrikaans speaking parents should register their children as soon as possible online at Afrikaans schools for 2020

The FF Plus wants to remind and encourage Afrikaans parents to register their children at Afrikaans schools from 08:00 on the 20th of May 2019. The Gauteng Department of Education has an online system that parents can use to do so.

It is important to do this seeing as the system and the regulations according to which learners are allowed to enrol at schools are politically motivated and aimed at forcing Afrikaans schools to accommodate learners who speak other languages, which will ultimately result in these schools becoming English.

The FF Plus believes that the current system was implemented with one goal only and that is to destroy Afrikaans schools. Thus, Afrikaans parents must be quick to register their children at Afrikaans schools on Monday 20 May so as to fill these schools with Afrikaans learners for the 2020 academic year.

The Constitutional Court determined that a school that is filled to capacity cannot be forced to accommodate learn
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