Power grid remains under pressure, possibility of load shedding not eliminated

New Speed limits to be introduced to SA drivers – limit on highways will drop to 100km

Weapon manufacturer Denel has quietly acquired a contract worth R6.3 billion for the export of weaponry

South Africa’s army has run out of money – this is how much trouble it is in

First Gupta house under the hammer – property apparently occupied by controversial ANC secretary general Ace Magashule’s son

2,600 graduated young doctors not yet placed out for their one-year mandatory service

Parasitic SOE, Prasa also bankrupt? – Eskom threatens to cut power supply to trains due to default in payment

ANC government focused on looting and not maintenance of infrastructure- over a period of 25 years they repeatedly showed that they are was unable to manage or govern

Vicky Momberg, who uttered the K-word at a black police, again behind bars

S&P Global, which downgraded SA to junk status, warns ANC government that it will not be easy to restore land

Unemployment Insurance Fund pays more than R63,000 to registered unemployed ‘ghosts’ so one man can benefit from it

Commercial livestock farmers are being harmed by narrow-mindedness of poor foot-and-mouth control in the Northern Transvaal