As Covid19 Starts Peaking in SA, ANC Cabinet Infighting Causes Delays, Confusion & Court Cases, Exposing ANC’s Inability to Govern!

South Africa Overtakes China in Covid19 Infections! Was Ramaphosa Too Harsh, Too Soon, Too Long? Does it Even Matter?

SA Police Three Times More Deadly Than US Police! Black Lives Don’t Matter to the Black ANC Government with a Record Far Worse Than Apartheid!

New Drink Driving Levels Will be ZERO if Control Freaks Bheki Cele & Fikile Mbalula’s Draft Law Gets Passed!

Stories of White Exclusion by Black SA Government! Yet Only 11% of Total Applications for CCP-Virus SMME Assistance Scheme Approved!

#GangsterState ANC Voters Are Traitors for Rewarding Institutional & Structural Corruption & Stealing from the Taxpayer!

Alcohol Retailers Want to Alphabetise Shopping Queues on 1st June, But ANC Government Wants to Squeeze All Drinks Buyers Tightly Together 3 Days a Week in Long Queues!

#LetThemEatCash! Ramaphosa Fooling SA With WMC Spin, NOT Science! Faulty Test Stats & Cash Won’t Stop CCPvirus Nor Will it Protect Food Producers & Shops!

ANC Regime Misuses #COVID19 To Expose Farmers To Harm, Attacks & Stock Theft by Banning Farm Patrols in Remote Rural Areas! Deliberate?

First Week of #CCPvirus Lockdown Was the Easy One. Disregard for Lockdown Regulations, Mass Testing, Infections in Khayalitsha & Alexandra Spell Trouble in Week Two…

God Help Us! Forget Virus Lockdown, Will SA Survive Bumbling ANC Regime Who Forget Social Distancing as They Enforce #Prohibition & #Totalitarianism & Give Up 21 Days of Alcohol Tax For Stasi Powers!

Minister of Police accused of corruption but strongly denies that he benefited from State Capture