R200 mill of drought relief monies intended for KwaZulu Natal gone missing – South Africa’s farmers find themselves in a crisis and as a result, our country’s food security and economy are also in crisis

The FF Plus is shocked and disgusted by the news that nearly R220 million, which was earmarked for drought relief in KwaZulu Natal, went missing. It is unclear how the money went missing and the FF Plus demands an urgent investigation into the matter so that the guilty parties can be called to account.

The drought has already taken its toll on the agricultural sector with livestock deaths and poor harvests being at the order of the day. There have been enormous livestock losses in the Free State, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape in particular and some of these parts have not had any rain since November 2017.

The government must urgently prioritise drought relief for commercial as well as emerging farmers. The government must also ensure that the process is managed properly so that the money allocated to drought relief is not stolen, as is the case in KwaZulu Natal.

There are cases where service providers were appointed by means of a tender process
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Whistle-blower Agrizzi arrested on corruption charges, but big fish like not Watson, Dudu Myeni, Nomvula Mokonyane, Gwede Mantashe are still as free as birds

Shortly after evidence were giving during the Bosasa debacle, the Hawks struck and arrested five people including Agrizzi and Van Tonder who acts as witnesses for Watson’s large-scale fraud and bribery actions.

The question now arises why Watson, Dudu Myeni, Nomvula Mokonyane, Gwede Mantashe and the rest of the crooks were not arrested? It is after all they who provided and received the money for the millions of contracts. Is there a snake in the grass somewhere here?

Is R500,000 enough to buy immunity from prosecution? Brigadier Mulaudzi of the Hawks denies any political fuss and there would be evidence that politicians were involved in illegal activities there against them. Observers point out that the investigation into Bosasa was already completed in 2009 and the fact that the Hawks are only now showing irregularities in the legal process.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger

This report does not necessarily r
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Nurses allegedly ‘ignored’ pleas for help as mom cradled dead infant after suffering a miscarriage, while nurses pay no attention to her and ate their cereal at Groote Schuur Hospital

The Western Government Health Department will be investigating a young mother’s claims that she nearly bled to death after suffering a miscarriage, while nurses ignored her and ate their cereal at Groote Schuur Hospital.

The woman says she lay for seven hours in a heap of blood clots “the size of her fists”, while the dead baby lay between her legs.

Saadijah Samuels Abrahams, 28, of Bridgetown says nurses ignored her desperate cries for help and, afterwards, a cleaner dumped the foetus in a bin.

“I wrapped the baby inside tissue paper and left it at my bedside and when I came back, the nurse said she didn’t know what happened,” she says.

“When my husband was finally allowed inside the ward, he put on gloves and found the baby inside the bin. Can you imagine that? To find your baby inside a bin?”

Saadijah was 14 weeks pregnant with her second child and says she was excited to be giving birth in July.

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What is the police hiding? Why don’t they want to investigate the Death of Nadia Stephanie Bond? Could it be that the suspect’s daddy attains a high position or have friends with high ranks?

After numerous attempts requesting the SAPS to address the corruption and incompetence by SAPS Members regarding the death of my child NADIA STEPHANIE BOND (8) I received another e-mail from the SAPS Major General HS Burger of the WC: MI Complaints Nodal Point that they will not re-open the investigation. Which to me means that the SAPS refuses to take action against Corruption and Incompetence within it’s ranks while I have AMPLE proof thereof!

As a father and fellow South African I responded to them with the following e-mail (below) which I make public and Pray for YOUR support to force the SAPS to address my complaints. I established the NPO: Bond Against Drunk Driving BADD (Bond against Drunk Driving) www.badd.co.za in an effort to campaign to save lives after my child was killed – The truth is, we need to fight for the State to start investigating these crimes thoroughly and competently – I am not suggesting that every Drunk driver kil
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Watch: Motorist refuses to pay alleged bribe to traffic cops after he was fined for “over speeding”

A video of traffic officers in confrontation with a driver who was travelling from Ermelo to Nelspruit on Thursday is trending on social media. According to Lindelani Shezi’s post on Facebook, he was stopped and asked for his license and was then informed he was over speeding by traffic officers. He alleges that they tried […]
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Breaking News: Pretoria train crash – Fingers pointed at ANC “negligence” for deadly collision

After four people were killed in the Pretoria train crash, the DA have wasted no time in finding a source of blame for the horrific accident.

Four people have been killed and more than 200 people were injured following the Pretoria train crash on Tuesday morning. A head-on collision saw both trains derail, causing carnage on the tracks. The DA have already called for an inquiry, and believe the blame lies with their political opponents in government.

Pretoria train crash latest: Who’s to blame?

John Moodey is the Gauteng spokesperson on public transport for the DA. He has demonstrated no hesitation in tying the incident to ANC policy, saying that they are failing to take passenger safety seriously.

The DA representative recalled two major incidents from 2018, where separate smashes at Eloff Extension in Selby and Kempton Park left hundreds of travellers injured. As there were no fatalities, Moodey believes the ANC were happy to just mov
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Some very expensive toilets I say! – Mayor of eThekwini in Hawks vision for allegations of money laundering, fraud and corruption after more than R25 million was spent on the rent and cleaning of chemical toilets

It’s only a matter of time before the investigation unit descends to clean up the metro, which is pervaded by fraud, money laundering and corruption.

eThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede and senior ANC councillor in the metro Mondli Mthembu face the possibility of arrest by the Hawks after the completion of a lengthy investigation into allegations of money laundering, fraud and corruption against them.

Following the arrest of three municipal officials on charges of fraud and theft early last week, City Press can today reveal that the Hawks have shifted their focus to Gumede and Mthembu and are ready to pounce on the two.

Two high-ranking police officials close to the investigation told City Press last week that Gumede and Mthembu’s arrest “is not a matter of if, but a matter of when”.

A senior Hawks official directly involved with the investigation said “the docket has been opened and I have seen it. The investigation has been complet
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