Vrede Milk Farm” trial begins – Seems like Ace Magashule, was at the forefront of the project’s decisions

The controversial project of so-called dairy farming job creation just outside the Free State town of Vrede’s public hearing started with the Public Protector at the forefront.

It is believed that the OB has a long list of names that can testify to “how much they have lost” with the project that the Gupta family has been fighting with the Free State ANC government.

The members of the black community of Vrede in particular are involved in the controversial project, whose profitability one day is questioned by agricultural experts.

The OB, which is considered by opinion makers as a Zuma supporter because the former ANC president had appointed her, will be tested in the investigation involving Zuma’s friends.

Ace Magashule was prime minister of the Free State when the ANC government started with the Guptas with the dairy farm. The ANC government in the Free State has invested millions of Rand in the project, and Ace M
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Ace Magashule, ‘The Gangster’, accused of “buying votes” with R400 handshake, I just wonder how many ‘dead people’ will he resurrect with his ‘handshake’ (video)

Ace Magashule – drowning in corruption allegations already – made a rod for his own back on the campaign trail this weekend, after a sly “donation” to a voter.

The campaign trail can be a war zone sometimes. Even an act of supposed generosity can backfire badly, as Ace Magashule has found out this weekend. The ANC Secretary-General – who was desperate for a PR victory after a bruising week – did nothing to help his cause in the Western Cape.

Ace Magashule scores a PR own goal
While visiting residents in Philippi, Ace tried to turn-on the charm. Instead, he was accused of “degrading” a local resident when he handed over R400 to her, once he’d inspected her near-empty fridge (video at the bottom of the post)

<img src="https://sa-news.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/politiek-ace1.jpg" alt="" width="764" height="300" cla
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Two ANC leaders singing different tunes and it is so confusing – Ace Magashule vows South African Reserve Bank will be nationalised whilst Ramaphosa was assuring business leaders in the private sector that the reserve bank would remain independent

The ANC’s secretary-general, Ace Magashule has revealed the ANC’s plans regarding the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). A couple days after the party’s NEC had their Lekgotla meeting, Magashule has returned with shocking news of the party’s aim: to nationalise the central bank.

South African Reserve Bank targeted for nationalisation by the ANC
South Africa’s reserve bank is one of the fewest central banks, in the world, that have private shareholders.

The Citizen, the bank has over 261 000 shares split between more than 600 private shareholders, with Parliament only able to function in a supervisory role within the spectrum.

Many of these shares are owned by people who do not reside in South Africa, the majority shareholder being Michael Duerr, a German with a 57.5% ownership stake in the central bank.

The ANC, largely the Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema faction, has always pushed for amendments to the Reserve Bank Act. The
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