Motsoaledi: We can’t wait to improve healthcare before implementing NHI

Government does not believe it can wait until the healthcare system is improved before implementing national health insurance, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has said.

The minister was speaking at a briefing at Tuynhuys, Parliament, where the report of the outcomes of the presidential health summit, held late last year, was released.

During his address on Tuesday, Motsoaledi said government would be taking significant steps towards implementing universal healthcare.

Last week, president Cyril Ramaphosa said that the National Health Insurance Bill would be tabled before Parliament this year.

NHI will ensure that South Africans can receive free health services at the point of care at both public and private quality-accredited healthcare service providers, Motsoaledi said.

NHI is a proposed state-run health financing system that aims to pool funds to provide access to quality health services for all South Africans regardless of thei
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Motsoaledi swyg oor proses met NGV-wet – paneel wat die markondersoek na die private gesondheidsbedryf lei, se werk is opgeskort tot in die nuwe boekjaar omdat die geld glo opgeraak het om hulle te betaal

Motsoaledi het Dinsdag op ’n mediakonferensie waar ’n verslag oor die beraadslaging op ’n spitsberaad oor die krisis in die gesondheidsorgsektor uitgereik is, nie die vraag beantwoord oor of die kabinet die NGV-wetsontwerp al goedgekeur het nie.

Wag en wees geduldig, was dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, minister van gesondheid, se antwoord op ’n vraag oor hoe ver die wetsontwerp oor nasionale gesondheidsversekering (NGV) van klaar is voordat dit in die parlement ter tafel gelê word.

Hy het ook te kenne gegee die oponthoud met die markondersoek na die private gesondheidsbedryf hou tans die wysigingswetsontwerp oor die Wet op Mediese Fondse terug.

“Die benadering was nog altyd wanneer alles klaar is, gaan dit parlement toe en dan word ’n aankondiging gemaak. Dis hoe dit met alle wetsontwerpe is. Ek verstaan nie hoekom dit nou anders moet wees nie,” het Motsoaledi gesê.

Popo Maja, sy woordvoerder, het in Desember bevestig dat die wetson
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Jong dokters, wat deur die ANC regime verplig word om sogenaamde gemeenskapsdiens te doen nadat hulle af studeer, is nou nog nie betaal vir dienste gelewer vir Januarie

Sowat 200 jong dokters wat uitgeplaas is in die Sentraal Transvaal omgewing deur die Gauteng Departement van Gesondheid, is woedend omdat die verskuldigde salarisse nie betaal word nie.

Met die opmerking, “Geen betaling, geen werk” het die jong geleerdes hulle stem duidelik laat hoor nadat die Departement in gebreke gebly het om hulle te betaal.

Die Departement het glo erken dat hulle verwag dat die dokters nie sal opdaag vir werk nie aangesien hulle Januarie vergoeding nie betaal is nie.

Die jong dokters, wat deur die ANC regime verplig word om sogenaamde gemeenskapsdiens te doen nadat hulle af studeer het, is egter daaraan skuldig dat hulle met die dokters se toekoms speel deur hulle nie te betaal vir dienste gelewer nie.

Deur: Die Vryburger
Hierdie berig weerspieël nie noodwendig die mening van SAUK-nuus nie.

Free Medical-Aid, Hospital and Funeral Plan and Insurance Quotes a
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State hospital in KwaZulu Natal invested with monkeys – Monkeys invade kitchen and wards, sometimes even interfering with patients’ intravenous (IV) drips

Health minister Aaron Motsoaledi has appointed a task team to urgently tackle an invasion of monkeys at Durban’s RK Khan Hospital.

Motsoaledi flew to Durban on Wednesday to conduct a site visit at the state facility, which has long been grappling with the primates invading the hospital’s kitchen and, more recently, the wards.

He said he was extremely concerned and decided to take immediate action after watching a video on social media that shows monkeys roaming freely through a ward full of patients.

“The images I saw were disturbing. I just learnt this morning that the hospital was advised by some people who claim to know about monkeys not to interact with them or disturb them because they get aggressive,” said Motsoaledi.

“I don’t accept that type of advice – that monkeys can be just left among human beings, especially sick human beings, out of fear that they will get aggressive.”

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National Health Insurance legislation will hit private hospital sector’s future investment and capital expenditure, NHI laws threaten 132,000 jobs

National Health Insurance (NHI), which the government is pushing as the solution to SA’s health crisis, could lead to the loss of up to 132,000 jobs, according to the country’s private hospital groups.

NHI, spearheaded by health minister Aaron Motsoaledi, is the government’s policy for introducing universal health coverage and aims to ensure everyone has access to healthcare that is free at the point of service.

The Hospital Association of SA (Hasa), which represents the private hospital sector, was among the industry groups that presented their views on the risks to the economy at last week’s Business Unity SA (Busa) meeting.

The gathering brought together business and government leaders, who have been trying to forge a closer relationship under the auspices of the Public Private Growth Initiative spearheaded by former politician Roelf Meyer and Toyota Europe and Africa CEO Johan van Zyl.

Hasa commissioned economics consultancy E
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‘Horrifying Cruelty By The ANC – South Africans endure pain, suffering and neglect at Robert Sobukwe Hospital

‘Horrifying Cruelty By The ANC; Onlookers Shocked in Ward 31 This Morning’

South Africans endure pain, suffering and neglect at Robert Sobukwe Hospital, Kimberley last night and this morning. This photo shows the sick and injured who are forced to lie on cold floors. Many cry in anguish and discomfort, and embarrassment. Their frustration is evident, some wail in pain and frustration, others beg desperately for help from hospital workers, to no avail.

If you are sick or injured, don’t come to Robert Sobukwe Hospital, ANC Ward 31, unless you plan to leave you dignity at the door.

“Why has our government forgotten us?” cries a young teenage girl. She holds the hand of her grandmother who looks extremely weak. I looked into her grandmother’s eyes and saw no emotion, her tears have dried in salty streaks down her cheeks, disappearing under her wrinkled chin, the smell of urine comes from her chair. Her suffering is wrappe
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Still shopping for a new medical aid? Here are 21 ways to cut your medical costs

Money’s tight for everyone – whether you have a medical scheme, a hospital plan, or nothing. Here’s how to get the necessary treatment without breaking the bank.

Money’s tight for most people at the moment. Everyone’s cutting corners and cutting down on things that are thought not to be essential.

And what’s more medical schemes in SA are said to be five times more expensive than elsewhere in the world, when purchasing power is taken into consideration.

The cost of private medical care has been higher than the normal inflation rate for the last few years. A comprehensive medical scheme just for yourself could easily put you back between 10% and 20% of your income every month. Many people are scaling down to a hospital plan to save money, and many others are simply doing without a medical scheme of any kind – and hoping for the best.

“Your medical needs should be considered first and foremost
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What a disgrace in our Hospitals, woman discharged from hospital, home in an ambulance (graphic photo’s)

Mrs Kerns had been vomiting uncontrollably for three days by the time she eventually made her way to seek medical assistance.

On December 5 at 16:00 *Mrs Gracie Kerns arrived with her daughter, *Mrs Susan Coombs at Witbank Provincial Hospital.

Mrs Kerns had been vomiting uncontrollably for three days by the time she eventually made her way to seek medical assistance.

An ambulance had to be called to transport Mrs Kerns to the hospital due to her frailty.

Nearly exactly 12 hours after Mrs Kerns had arrived at Witbank Provincial Hospital, at approximately 04:00, she was finally able to see a doctor.

“The ambulance that took her to hospital was in a terrible state,” Mrs Coombs, Mrs Kerns’s daughter, explained; “the doors didn’t close. They’d apparently been kicked off of their hinges by a previous patient. The stretcher was also problematic as it wasn’t very manoeuvrable and lead to us having to shuffle my mother around
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Toestande in staatslykhuis in Bloem ondraaglik – laboratorium disfunksioneel en yskaste werk nie – vrot reuk in die gange van die lykhuis het politici en medialede so byna-byna laat naar word

Die stank van sowat 40 ontbindende lyke van ongeïdentifiseerde mense, waarvan sommige al ’n jaar lank in die staatslykhuis in Bloemfontein lê sonder om opgeëis te word, maak die werksomstandighede vir die werknemers daar onuithoudbaar.

Sommige van die yskaste werk nie en die lugversorgers is boonop stukkend terwyl die temperature bedags soms tot by 40 °C klim.

Dié haglike omstandighede is ontdek toe Patricia Kopane, DA-LP en Vrystaatse DA-leier en lid van die portefeuljekomitee vir gesondheid in die parlement, saam met Nomsa Marchesi, ook ’n DA-LP en kiesafdelingshoof vir Xhariep, ’n oorsigbesoek saam met die media aan die lykshuis afgelê het.

Die vrot reuk in die gange van die lykhuis het van die politici en medialede so byna-byna laat naar word.

“Dan verwag hulle dat die personeel elke dag ’n glimlag op hul gesig moet hê,” het ’n geskokte Kopane gesê.

Sy sê dit is ook ’n skande dat daar ernstige loodgiete
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Shocking! Almost 200 posts for doctors and specialists remain unfilled at Gauteng’s four academic hospitals — and many of these posts are likely to remain empty, the health department says

Gauteng hospitals can only fill half of its critical medical staff vacancies — positions that normally go to doctors, specialists and nurses, Gauteng health department deputy director general for clinical services Richard Lebethe says. Hospitals were first informed about this via an April circular sent to hospitals.

The head of psychiatry at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, Wendy Friedlander, says medical officers are feeling the strain of almost 80 vacant posts.

“Doctors [now] have a much greater doctor to patient ratio. If you have more patients, what you can give in terms of time, facilities and resources to each patient is much less”, she explains. “Every patient is getting less care than they should be getting, less care than what they are entitled to.”

Friedlander stresses: “The quality of care has plummeted.”

The psychiatrist is part of a committee of hospital doctors who have asked the provincial health
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Nurses allegedly ‘ignored’ pleas for help as mom cradled dead infant after suffering a miscarriage, while nurses pay no attention to her and ate their cereal at Groote Schuur Hospital

The Western Government Health Department will be investigating a young mother’s claims that she nearly bled to death after suffering a miscarriage, while nurses ignored her and ate their cereal at Groote Schuur Hospital.

The woman says she lay for seven hours in a heap of blood clots “the size of her fists”, while the dead baby lay between her legs.

Saadijah Samuels Abrahams, 28, of Bridgetown says nurses ignored her desperate cries for help and, afterwards, a cleaner dumped the foetus in a bin.

“I wrapped the baby inside tissue paper and left it at my bedside and when I came back, the nurse said she didn’t know what happened,” she says.

“When my husband was finally allowed inside the ward, he put on gloves and found the baby inside the bin. Can you imagine that? To find your baby inside a bin?”

Saadijah was 14 weeks pregnant with her second child and says she was excited to be giving birth in July.

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Nuut gekwalifiseerde verpleërs wat die Gautengse departement van gesondheid weens ’n geldtekort nie van plan was om aan te stel nie, gaan nou wel aangestel word

Dié aankondiging is gedoen ’n week nadat die departement gesê het hy gaan nie vanjaar 216 van sy pas gekwalifiseerde verpleërs aanstel nie.

Lesemang Matuka, woordvoerder van die departement, sê hoewel die departement die verpleërs moet aanstel nadat hy die koste van hul studie die afgelope vier jaar gedra het, verhinder die begrotingstekort hom soms om hulle aan te stel.

Matuka sê staatshospitale is opdrag gegee dat die verpleërs in vakante en gefinansierde poste aangestel moet word.

Die ander opsie om die betrokke verpleërs aan te moedig om aansoek te doen om poste in die privaat sektor.

Jack Bloom, DA-woordvoerder oor gesondheid in Gauteng, sê hy verwelkom die departement se besluit, maar hoop dat dit vir al die verpleërs sal geld en dat niemand sonder werk sal sit nie.

Hy sê die departement het ’n databasis van al dié verpleërs en hulle sal gekontak word sodra daar vakante poste is en hulle nog nie in die privaa
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