#Blackwash Roll Call of #FarmMurders & #FarmAttacks Totally Ignored as Liberal World’s Virtue Signaling Reaches Existential Proportions!

#WhiteLivesMatter Systemic Black on White Violence Like Farm Murders, are Deliberately Ignored as Black Supremacist Hysteria Hijacks Social Media, Mainstream & The Establishment!

Traitors & Useful Idiots to Wear Black! Globalists Created “Anti-Racism” to Destroy Independent Nations, Cultures, Languages, History, Ethnicities & Diversity!

ANC Regime Misuses #COVID19 To Expose Farmers To Harm, Attacks & Stock Theft by Banning Farm Patrols in Remote Rural Areas! Deliberate?

Farm murder:- Suspect arrested for murder of farm-attack activist Annette Kennealy