South Africa in shambles: Did somebody say it’s a “Sh**hole”?

Mzansi has hit rock bottom and the ANC GOVERNMENT is the cause of this all.

Ok so Municipalities cannot pay salaries, SABC cannot pay salaries and is bankrupt, Denel cannot pay salaries and is bankrupt, Transnet is bankrupt, SARS is running in a minus, SAA cannot pay salaries and is bankrupt, Escom is Bankrupt, Telkom is also going down, SANDF has no more funds and is in shambles, our Government Hospitals don’t even have money for bedding and our whole health system has collapsed, our police force don’t even have vehicles to go out to a crime scene and most of police officers are the actual criminals.

Nearly every minister in the ANC Government has been involved in corruption , bribery and mismanagement of taxpayers funds. Unemployment is the highest it’s ever been in the history of our country, our education dept has run out of funds and crime is out of control.

People have been put into power who earns millions a year but are as dumb as
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SANDF must now step up to safeguard trains, passengers due to criminals and protesters reeking havoc

The new trains launched by Ramaphosa must now be guarded on their routes by the SA Defense Force, according to Untu foreman Sonja Carstens.

She called for Ramaphosa to declare the condition at Prasa an “emergency” as criminals and protesters threaten the safety of trains and passengers.

The launch of the one new train is seen as an ANC election gimmick, and its own supporters believe it is just like the fuss made by the Nissan plant being expanded.

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