It is starting to ‘rain blood’ with all the attacks the past week – (4) Employee attacks, brutally stabs, ties up woman

It is alleged that on Friday, 12 April 2019 at about 09:15, a woman was at home in Cape Road, Kabega Park, (Port Elizabeth) when an employee working for her husband knocked on the door. He is well known to the woman.

He indicated to her that he left his identity book in the garage and that he needed it. She went with him to the garage and while still walking, he attacked her with a knife.

She was stabbed several times. The suspect tied her hands and feet and left her in the garage with the knife still stuck in her neck. She managed to untie herself and break the garage window and got out. She ran to the neighbor’s house which is on the same plot.

An ambulance was summoned and she was rushed to a hospital. The description of the suspect was immediately broadcast on police channels. Members from the Cash in Transit and Hijacking Task Team assisted in the search. About 10 minutes after receiving the call, the suspect was spotted on the Mission R
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It is starting to ‘rain blood’ with all the farm attacks the past week – (2) Farm murder: Husband and wife attacked, shot, Bela-Bela

A brutal farm attack took place on 13 April 2019, in Bela-Bela, Limpopo province. Two victims were surprised by an unknown number of assailants.

A male victim was shot below the chin and passed away on the scene his wife was shot in the chest but she managed to run away and was taken to hospital by a neighbor.

The home was ransacked and possessions and their bakkie were stolen.

No arrests have been made, police are investigating. There is no other information available at this stage.

-The incident was tweeted by Ian Cameron

This news release does not necessarily
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Woman to sue Gauteng health department after giving birth to ‘decapitated’ baby in state hospital

A 19-year-old woman who delivered a “decapitated” baby is planning to sue the Gauteng health department.

According to eNCA, the woman had suffered with abdominal pain for a few weeks before she went into labour. The woman, who has not been named, spoke to eNCA.

She then went to a general practitioner, who found that something was wrong with the baby and suggested she go to hospital for further assessment.

The pain persisted, so she went to Tambo Memorial hospital in Boksburg, where a scan was done, eNCA said.

The hospital confirmed the baby was abnormal, but said a heartbeat could be heard.

“Three days later, she went into labour. She was pushing, but the baby was not coming out. A doctor came and used forceps to take the baby out,” eNCA reported. “That’s when she said she saw the head of her baby without their rest of the body.”

According to eNCA, the woman spent 24 hours with the rest of her baby’s
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Terrorist attacked a farm, this time in the Eastern Province, Kirkwood, and this time it was fatal

A manhunt is underway for three men following a farm attack in the Kirkwood area in which a 51-year-old man was killed.

Police spokesperson, Captain Gerda Swart, said the incident happened on the farm Dunbrody when three men attacked a couple and their son early Sunday night.

“According to police information, the family was at home when an unknown male entered the house,” Swart said.

“The 51-year-old father and his son allegedly managed to overpower the suspect. Suddenly two more suspects entered the house of which one started stabbing the father in his back”.

She said they released the suspect and the three, who were wearing balaclavas, fled from the scene.

Swart said the father was rushed to hospital but later succumbed to his injuries.

A task team consisting of various specialized units was set up immediately in order to search for the three suspects.

Police are investigating a case of murde
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Ill baby denied healthcare at state hospitals, as a result of very arrogant medical employees the infant died – death could have been prevented if medical team chose to do their job properly

A Pietermaritzburg woman’s impassioned plea for nurses at two city hospitals to help her very ill infant fell on deaf ears and hours later the five-month-old baby died.

After his mother was turned away from two state hospitals — Grey’s and Northdale — baby Brody Lee Bezuidenhout could not hold on any longer and died.

The grieving family told The Witness on Monday that had he been attended to urgently they believe Brody Lee would still be alive today.

The five-month-old baby died at Edendale Hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning after his family were allegedly earlier turned away by nurses at Grey’s and Northdale Hospitals.

A series of tests later revealed that baby Brody Lee had contracted bacterial meningitis. His bereaved aunt, Janine Kemp, said the infant woke up crying on Saturday night. The mother noticed that the baby was running a very high fever and could not calm down.

When he continued to cry, they knew
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State hospital in KwaZulu Natal invested with monkeys – Monkeys invade kitchen and wards, sometimes even interfering with patients’ intravenous (IV) drips

Health minister Aaron Motsoaledi has appointed a task team to urgently tackle an invasion of monkeys at Durban’s RK Khan Hospital.

Motsoaledi flew to Durban on Wednesday to conduct a site visit at the state facility, which has long been grappling with the primates invading the hospital’s kitchen and, more recently, the wards.

He said he was extremely concerned and decided to take immediate action after watching a video on social media that shows monkeys roaming freely through a ward full of patients.

“The images I saw were disturbing. I just learnt this morning that the hospital was advised by some people who claim to know about monkeys not to interact with them or disturb them because they get aggressive,” said Motsoaledi.

“I don’t accept that type of advice – that monkeys can be just left among human beings, especially sick human beings, out of fear that they will get aggressive.”

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‘Horrifying Cruelty By The ANC – South Africans endure pain, suffering and neglect at Robert Sobukwe Hospital

‘Horrifying Cruelty By The ANC; Onlookers Shocked in Ward 31 This Morning’

South Africans endure pain, suffering and neglect at Robert Sobukwe Hospital, Kimberley last night and this morning. This photo shows the sick and injured who are forced to lie on cold floors. Many cry in anguish and discomfort, and embarrassment. Their frustration is evident, some wail in pain and frustration, others beg desperately for help from hospital workers, to no avail.

If you are sick or injured, don’t come to Robert Sobukwe Hospital, ANC Ward 31, unless you plan to leave you dignity at the door.

“Why has our government forgotten us?” cries a young teenage girl. She holds the hand of her grandmother who looks extremely weak. I looked into her grandmother’s eyes and saw no emotion, her tears have dried in salty streaks down her cheeks, disappearing under her wrinkled chin, the smell of urine comes from her chair. Her suffering is wrappe
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Shocking! Almost 200 posts for doctors and specialists remain unfilled at Gauteng’s four academic hospitals — and many of these posts are likely to remain empty, the health department says

Gauteng hospitals can only fill half of its critical medical staff vacancies — positions that normally go to doctors, specialists and nurses, Gauteng health department deputy director general for clinical services Richard Lebethe says. Hospitals were first informed about this via an April circular sent to hospitals.

The head of psychiatry at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, Wendy Friedlander, says medical officers are feeling the strain of almost 80 vacant posts.

“Doctors [now] have a much greater doctor to patient ratio. If you have more patients, what you can give in terms of time, facilities and resources to each patient is much less”, she explains. “Every patient is getting less care than they should be getting, less care than what they are entitled to.”

Friedlander stresses: “The quality of care has plummeted.”

The psychiatrist is part of a committee of hospital doctors who have asked the provincial health
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Nurses allegedly ‘ignored’ pleas for help as mom cradled dead infant after suffering a miscarriage, while nurses pay no attention to her and ate their cereal at Groote Schuur Hospital

The Western Government Health Department will be investigating a young mother’s claims that she nearly bled to death after suffering a miscarriage, while nurses ignored her and ate their cereal at Groote Schuur Hospital.

The woman says she lay for seven hours in a heap of blood clots “the size of her fists”, while the dead baby lay between her legs.

Saadijah Samuels Abrahams, 28, of Bridgetown says nurses ignored her desperate cries for help and, afterwards, a cleaner dumped the foetus in a bin.

“I wrapped the baby inside tissue paper and left it at my bedside and when I came back, the nurse said she didn’t know what happened,” she says.

“When my husband was finally allowed inside the ward, he put on gloves and found the baby inside the bin. Can you imagine that? To find your baby inside a bin?”

Saadijah was 14 weeks pregnant with her second child and says she was excited to be giving birth in July.

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Discovery klaarblyklik meer ingestel is op winsbejag as op dienslewering aan pasiënte – pasiënte wat by sekere hospitale inteken moet nou ‘n ekstra R5000 opdok

Die mediese skema Discovery het op ‘n baie laat stadium aangekondig dat pasiënte wat by sekere hospitale inteken nou ‘n ekstra R5000 sal moet opdok of na ‘n goedgekeurde kliniek moet gaan.

Die reëling sal van 1 Februarie 2019 geld en doktors is glad nie gelukkig met die aankondiging nie.

Kenners wys daarop dat die mediese skema klaarblyklik meer ingestel is op winsbejag as op dienslewering aan pasiënte.

Sulke nuwe maatreëls word deur baie lede van die skema as onaanvaarbaar gevind, maar dit wil lyk of die bestuur en besluitnemers van Discovery doof geword het vir besware in die verband.

Deur: Die Vryburger
Hierdie berig weerspieël nie noodwendig die mening van SAUK-nuus nie.

Free Medical-Aid, Hospital and Funeral Plan and Insurance Quotes at

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Government health care system a disgrace – Elderly man from Sasolburg fear for his life after told to only come back to Boitumelo Regional Hospital in 2020 for much needed surgery

A 61-year-old Sasolburg man has been left angered and fearing for his life after being told he has to wait until 2020 before he can have surgery at a hospital in Kroonstad to treat his debilitating condition.

Joseph Morake had already waited seven months for November 30, the initial date of surgery given to him in April this year at Boitumelo Regional Hospital to alleviate the severe swelling in his scrotum – a condition known as bilateral hydrocele.

“To my understanding, if left untreated, this swelling could lead to a hernia or even prostate cancer.

“I already had anxiety throughout the seven months waiting for the surgery meant for last month … At my age, it really isn’t easy. And the swelling was getting enormous, making it difficult for me to sit or even use the toilet,” Morake told City Press this week.

But to his surprise and horror, Morake said on the long-awaited date of surgery he and a group of about 14 other patien
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