State-owned bus company seeks R350 million bailout

Government employees face 10% salary cut to fund crippling Eskom since National Treasury’s box is empty

Cash strapped Denel asks ANC regime for cash injection of R2.8 billion to pay employees salaries and remuneration

Parasite SEO Eskom, paralysing SA as the country is running out of money; unless considered action is taken, not just talk – South Africa remains standing at the brink of destruction

State Treasury plundering continues – your tax money will fund Eskom with a further R59bn

Funds allocated to Prasa will now be used to bailout failed Sanral e-toll systems

SA faces rating crisis due to ANC-controlled Eskom’s gross debt of more than R440bn – How will Ramaphosa overcome this problem without abusing public funds?

ANC regime is going to throw more money funded by taxpayers into the bottomless pit of Eskom, amounts are unknown

SABC a sinking ship in a tide of debt – Need R3.2bn bailout to stay afloat

How much taxpayers money has been thrown into SAA’s black hole to stay afloat?

Economic recession awaits SA due to poor performance of the rand and begging mentality of state entities

SA taxpayers to fund yet another government bailout – Cash-strapped SAA requests R4bn to survive current financial year after years of mismanagement and corruption