ANC regime threatens financial survival of SA, Government debt increases every day

ANC regime gets billed for R100m for 35,000 election posters – The taxpayer will probably now have to shake his pockets to pay the bill?

Pay back the money Zuma! – Nkandla in VBS liquidators’ vision – cough up R7m or lose Nkandla

Bankrupt Eskom pleads for another government bailout as debt climbs beyond R450bn

It would take the ANC a thousand years to pay off debt if they were able to repay R100 per second

Parasite SEO Eskom, paralysing SA as the country is running out of money; unless considered action is taken, not just talk – South Africa remains standing at the brink of destruction

Leech entity Eskom, is holding the ANC hostage and demands funds or else the whole of SA will suffer without power

State Treasury plundering continues – your tax money will fund Eskom with a further R59bn

ANC sued by car rental company for failing to pay R5.7 million for 595 cars

SABC is going down! – Bankrupt ANC regime’s mouthpiece is sinking in debt – SABC shut down offices and retrenches 37% of its staff

SA faces rating crisis due to ANC-controlled Eskom’s gross debt of more than R440bn – How will Ramaphosa overcome this problem without abusing public funds?

ANC-managed Victor Khanye municipality apparently owes more than R100m to water, and about R46m to electricity – residents now demand to know who are the culprits stealing all the money