Chinese ambassador spells out the blunt truths about investment in South Africa – Appears that they want to take over after incompetent ANC destroys SA

LETTER: We were sold out in 1994 – ANC ruined our education system

Trade unions are rejecting ANC’s plans to sell non-performing SOE’s

SA: The Land of Destruction – With 57 murders each day, the country is more unsafe than war-ravaged Syria

ANC regime threatens financial survival of SA, Government debt increases every day

Rotten ANC-regime gives valuable Sandton land to Gupta’s, steals Alexandra renewal money

ANC regime’s promise to stop transit robberies yields no visible results – SA roads plunged into chaos with ongoing transit robberies, numerous busy routes closed for hours

SA is collapsing and the bad conditions will put residents at the same level as Zimbabwe’s people

ANC-regime’s ‘Two-year’ matric grand plan flops as only 8% of progressed pupils pass – But they still blame Verwoerd for the current flaws in education system?

New health plan poses huge risk to SA’s economy and would be disastrous if implemented – even far left FW de Klerk Foundation have their doubts

Taxpayers will now have to bailout the Ramaphosa regime after Moody lost patience with SA’s poor economic situation and proposes a tax increase

Nedbank warns ANC-regime that there is a 10% chance that SA is heading for a Ramaphobia scenario