While Eskom is struggling to acquire funds by making even more debt with loans to keep power grid stable, thousands of households are using solar power as an alternative to electricity in Northern-Cape

Northern Cape residents were given great relief, which would keep loadshedding at bay. While Eskom is struggling to make even more debt with loans so that it can remain standing, the residents have erected a solar farm near Kathu in the Northern Cape that can deliver an average electric power of 100 MW, which will last about 179,000 households continuously provided.

The system, which is the largest solar farm in the country, and covers an area of 600 hectares, has a total of 384,000 large panels and can provide continuous power as the system is different from any other solar farm, because power are stored in large set of batteries to ensure power is available on rainy or cloudy days.

Cedric Faye, the Chief Executive Officer of the solar farm says the power is saved to use later as needed.

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Relatives of ANC leader named as firm comes clean:- Jessie Duarte’s son, ex in kickback scandal

A company that scored tenders worth millions of rands from state-owned enterprises diverted money meant to fund supplier development programmes to ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte’s family members in return for them assisting it to snatch more state business.

Combined Private Investigations (CPI), a company that was previously found to have spied on journalists and politicians, among them Peter Bruce, Rob Rose and Trevor Manuel, has told law-enforcement agencies that it paid more than R40m in two years to a group led by Gupta associate Salim Essa. The group included Malcolm Mabaso (a former adviser to former minister of mineral resources Mosebenzi Zwane), Duarte’s son Yusha and her ex-husband John Duarte.

The monies were not paid to them directly but to two Gupta-linked companies – Homix and Chivita – and two other companies, Forsure and Medjoul.

CPI had contracts with Eskom and Transnet.

The company said
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China is holding the ‘switch’ in it’s hand, doing business with them is dangerous, with another Eskom crisis, China withheld the R7bn loan, they already own one Eskom plant, Load-shedding highly possible

Well, this doesn’t look too clever. It’s reported that Eskom will be R7bn lighter this month, after its Chinese lenders raised their concerns.

South Africa could be set for another round of drama from Eskom, as the ailing power utility has reportedly failed to receive R7 billion in loan payments initially set to come from the Chinese Development Bank (CDB).

That’s according to City Press, who have reported that the creditors do not trust their promises over proposed maintenance work. It would be the second time in just over two weeks that one of Eskom’s promised loans failed to materialize after the Brics New Development Bank also did not part with their billions.

Why haven’t Eskom received the loan?
On Easter Friday, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni was forced to grant the power giants an emergency bailout in order to meet salary demands and diesel costs. It’s reported that the CDB has taken note of their actions
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World’s largest platinum mine group, Amplats production stalled and lots R1.6bn in revenue due to load shedding

Eskom’s load shedding in recent months had Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) in a position that it couldn’t produce.

The mining group could not extract the 92,000 ounces of metal that would normally be delivered in the first quarter of the year.

With platinum prices based on the average of recent months, this means that load shedding is responsible for about R1.6 billion in revenue loss, which also has a direct impact on state revenue.

The world’s largest platinum mining group, producing more than 80% of production, cannot afford to be forced to stop by Eskom’s poor service delivery.

With the mining group’s loss, it is once again emphasized how many businesses and industries suffer serious losses when load shedding affects them, and this explains why several businesses have already indicated that they are considering leaving the country.

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Lies continue while South Africans remain in the dark – “We don’t have the time, we don’t have the money. The last option is load shedding

Eskom chairperson Jabu Mabuza and public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan has admitted that Eskom and the government cannot say when exactly load-shedding will end, but have called on South Africans to be patient with them.

The country gets regular updates, excuses as to what is to blame, yesterday it was the Cyclone that hit Mozambique and today it is lack of 37 years of maintenance. Corruption, theft and mismanagement of funds are always the roots of all our problems.

The national power utility has been implemented for the last five days, and Gordhan says the public will be provided with an update on the situation in the next 10-14 days.

<span style="font-family: 'Source Sans Pro',sans-serif;color:
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What Eskom Failed To Tell South Africa….The situation, is worse than we think

While everybody was in the dark, literally and figuratively, we now know more about why load shedding is worse than ever and might still get worse too.

The chaotic and dramatic escalation that went from Stage 2 to 3 and then Stage 4 on Saturday, is the loss of imports of 1 100 megawatts (MW) that we got from Mozambique. Or so they say….

The extensive damage that cyclone Idai caused also damaged transmission lines that carry power from Cahora Bassa to South Africa.

According to Eskom, they have to maintain an operating reserve of 2 000MW at all times, hence the need from Saturday to curtail load through load shedding.

The current underlying problem in Eskom’s generating unit, though, is worse than simply what happened in Mozambique on Saturday. On Friday, it announced that load shedding would continue until Sunday.

Along with the announcement on Friday came the ‘forecast’ that Stage 2 load sheddin
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The government seems to think a R23m injection of funds, and a team of experts will solve the ESKOM problems

In a recent interview with ENCA, energy analyst Chris Yelland spoke to the inaccuracies of Eskom’s latest load shedding excuses.

The latest
Eskom’s latest excuse for the energy blackout points at cyclone Idai affecting power production, and the transmission of electricity from supplier Mozambique.

This seems to be a valid excuse until Yelland points out the flawed logic. With Stage 4 load shedding in effect, South Africa (SA) is short 4,000-megawatts of electricity. Yet, Mozambique only supplies SA with 1,000-megawatts of electricity – a 3,000-megawatt difference. Yelland believes cyclone Idai would only have contributed a small part to the current energy crisis.

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Unions in SA threatens total Eskom shutdown, get your candles, oil lamps ready and get those gas stove working

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) says that its members will down tools as it continues to face an impasse with Eskom.

In a statement on Tuesday (12 March), the union said that it was concerned about the potential unbundling of the power utility into three separate entities.

“The shop stewards are very angry towards the attitude so far demonstrated by the leadership in government, led by the African National Congress (ANC), who are talking in tongues about the future of workers at Eskom,” it said.

“They are unable to explain properly what the unbundling means to thousands of poor workers.”

NUM said that there had also been no guarantee to prevent retrenchments during the unbundling process.

It added that the board of Eskom has totally failed in their duties to develop a turn-around strategy towards the improvement of Eskom’s performance.

In light of this NUM has stated that:

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It Wasn’t Me, Koko said he was the victim of the corruption at Eskom – Eskom official Gert Opperman “I was trying to do the right thing at Eskom, the environment under Koko didn’t allow for that”

 Everyone had their hands in the cookie jar, but now nobody ate the biscuits…………..

Speaking on Monday, March 3, former Eskom boss Matshela Koko says that he refuses to take any ethical responsibility for the state of the embattled utility. Koko believes that it is up to the state capture commission of inquiry, the police and the Special Investigating Unit to determine who should be blamed for the crisis at the state-owned company following years of corruption and maladministration.

Eskom official Gert Opperman has told the state capture commission that the utility’s former executive Matshela Koko instructed him to accept coal from the Gupta-owned Brakfontein Mine even though
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Johannesburg hit by massive blackouts Friday and electricity providers were unable to explain why – perhaps due to incompetent BEE employees?

Suburbs across Johannesburg, South Africa’s economic hub, were hit by widespread power outages on Friday that electricity providers were unable to explain.

“Technicians are on site to determine the cause of the outage,” Khulu Phasiwe, a spokesman for state-owned power utility Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd., said via Twitter. There’s no estimated time for the restoration of electricity at this stage, he said.

Eskom has not implemented rolling blackouts in the city, Andrew Etzinger, Eskom’s acting head of generation, said via a mobile phone text message. A spokesman for Johannesburg’s City Power wasn’t immediately able to comment.

Eskom said earlier on Friday that there was a risk of blackouts because the power system “remained tight and vulnerable” and the power could be cut at short notice if there was a shift in plant performance.

“This could include a significant loss in generating plant due to unplanned technical breakdown
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Just something to think about with regards to SA taxes that will leave you shocked!

Taxpayers should not foot the bill for ANC government’s failures.  We need to look deeper into our system of government, and how we allocate risk and reward, responsibility and accountability.

At this moment, if you earned R100, you pay R33 income tax. You are left with R67. You buy R67 worth of fuel, pay 48% of taxes and levies on that fuel. R32. So from the R100 that you earned, you payed the government about R70 and kept R30. And if you spend that R30, 15%, R4.50, is VAT. And what did the government do with all your money? Nothing really except squandering it on everything except creating real value. Then they target you with racist legislation and blame you for the mess they created. And when you comment and ask questions in the media you’re branded a racist and unpatriotic and negative and should rather leave the country.

SA is currently facing a challenging time, with persistent issues in the economy weighing things down. A constrained b
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ESKOM gives a US company a blank cheque, and they are cashing it in for a whooping R13bn

The US company that designed the extremely flawed Kusile Power Station in Mpumalanga was given a blank cheque by Eskom, which it cashed in to score R12 billion.

Despite the fact that the engineering consulting firm Black & Veatch, which is situated in Kansas in the US, delivered shoddy work that continues to hobble Kusile’s performance, two senior Eskom executives told City Press last week that the company is still being paid hundreds of millions of rands.

The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) has launched an investigation into irregularities around the construction of the Kusile, Medupi and Ingula power stations, which cost a combined R342 billion.

A senior law enforcement official told City Press: “The second phase of the SIU’s investigation is looking at the performance of, and payments made to the value of more than R139 billion, 11 identified contractors appointed by Eskom in respect of [the] power stations”.

At the same
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