Guptas at it again – workers unpaid but lavish R100m double wedding planned – most likely funded by the ANC-regime?

The Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi where the Gupta family are reportedly hosting a lavish double wedding in February 2019.

The Guptas are reported to be hosting a lavish double wedding at a palatial hotel in Abu Dhabi.

The AmaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism published a nine-page wedding invitation on Friday and said the bash, an event lasting five days between February 19 and 23, could end up costing as much as R100m.

“The wedding is a double-feature, with Rajesh ‘Tony’ Gupta’s daughter Shubhangi Singhala marrying Chetan Jain and Atul Gupta’s son Srikant Singhala tying the knot with Akhya Bansal.

“This is the third publicly lavish wedding the family has funded,” said AmaBhungane.

The logos of Gupta companies in South Africa, including the Koornfontein mine where miners have gone unpaid, are featured in the wedding invitation.

The publication said a request for comment direct
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There you have it! – Chinese Bank Takes Absolute Control Over All Eskom Power Stations In South Africa If Default In Payment Plan Transpires

In another huge loan of 33.4 billion rand the Chinese Exim Bank (Export-Import Bank of China) will take over the Eskom Facility Plant in South Africa. This was announced by a recent tweet from Exim Bank.

Eskom is a South African electricity public utility, established in 1923 as the Electricity Supply Commission. Eskom operates a number of notable power stations, including Kendal Power Station, and Koeberg nuclear power station in the Western Cape Province, the only nuclear power plant in Africa.

Eskom generates 95% of electricity in South Africa and has the only nuclear power station in Africa.

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-16730 size-full" src="" alt="Can this actually be true?: Chinese Bank Takes Absolute Control Over All Eskom Power Stations In South Africa" width="960" height="679" srcset="
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Lies, Lies and just more lies! It is absolutely sickening how Ramaphosa is deceiving the world by telling foreign investors at Davos that law and order are recovering in the SA, but in the same breath does not mention anything about the 50 killings that take place daily

The ANC president, Cyril Ramaphosa, announced that plans to stabilize Eskom would be announced within “a few weeks”.

According to him, the power supply is therefore unstable. However, he has not expanded what the plans are to pay off the R420bn debt.

He also boasts in Davos that law and order are recovering in the country, but mention nothing of the 50 murders that take place daily in the country.

It is said corruption took place while Ramaphosa was in the seat as the ANC’s deputy president of the country and he did absolutely nothing to stop it. So why will he step in now? To recover under the dispensation of the ANC-regime where many corrupt people are sitting in key positions, will be a very challenging task and in some instances not physically possible.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger

This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-new

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To start the new year ESKOM appointed new senior management staff, but is the load-shedding holiday over?

Eskom intensified its plant maintenance and fast-tracked the recovery of stock levels from December 13 to January 13, when there was a low demand for electricity.

But Eskom’s energy availability factor for the year declined by 6.9% from 78.8% in 2017 to 71.9% in 2018, according to energy expert Chris Yelland. For the last week of December it reached a new low of 63%. The energy availability factor refers to the availability of Eskom’s plant fleet once they have taken into consideration planned maintenance and unplanned breakdowns.

Planned maintenance outages amounted to 15% of the outages in the third week of December and 18.4% in the last week, said Yelland.

Unplanned breakdown outages amounted to 19.5% and 17.5% of the fleet respectively.

Yelland said the high level of planned maintenance outages was expected because demand is low over the holiday period, allowing Eskom to do additional maintenance.

But, he said: “The leve
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More borrowing, Eskom secures R1.5 billion loan from French Development Agency, they are so deep in trouble, how on earth will they pay it back?

The utility’s Group Chief Executive, Phakamani Hadebe, said the multi-tranche loan facility will contribute to Eskom’s plans to strengthen and refurbish the transmission infrastructure.

Eskom and the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) have signed a R1.5 billion (EUR 90 million) loan agreement to support the electricity utility’s investments in extending and strengthening its power transmission grid along the west coast of South Africa.

This loan constitutes the first tranche of a R 6.5 billion (EUR 400 million) multi-tranche loan facility signed between the two institutions in March 2017.

“This first tranche will be dedicated to financing of the Namaqualand Strengthening Phase 2: Juno Gromis Project, which aims to strengthen the power network in the Northern Cape Province, integrate renewable energy sources, and ultimately facilitate cross border transmission,” said the power utility.

Eskom plans to refurbish tran
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It is reported that Cyril has no solid economic policy, is that why he is just borrowing money from everywhere?

Ramaphosa’s government doesn’t have an economic policy. All that’s been forthcoming is a stimulus package, plus two summits.

As the entrails of the era under South Africa’s former president Jacob Zuma continue to be exposed each day before a commission set up to investigate corruption, so the country witnesses the consolidation of the political project spearheaded by the new head of state Cyril Ramaphosa.

But a key piece of the puzzle is missing: Ramaphosa’s government doesn’t have an economic policy. All that’s been forthcoming is a stimulus package, plus two summits – one on jobs, the other on investment. Do these add up to an economic policy?

The answer is no. Here’s why.

I agree with South African economist Duma Gqubule that the stimulus package is a mix of short-term stimulus measures and longer-term structural transformation measures, without doing justice to either. The short-term measures don’t include the usua
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Shocking news, Eskom’s big coal whopper and they would like to point the finger to you the consumer for using too much electricity

There is no shortage of coal, as Eskom claims. Instead, the coal is piling up at the mines, uncollected by the utility, Anna Marth Ott, CEO of Middelburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said yesterday.

Middelburg is positioned between three large Eskom power stations, and there are 170 coal mines within a 200 km radius of the town.

Speaking to The Witness on Tuesday, she said that Eskom had ceased taking delivery of the coal for reasons unknown to her, for the past month, and that its “wording” to the public about the coal shortage was incorrect.

“How can Eskom tell us there is no coal?” she asked.

Spokespeople for Eskom did not respond to questions from The Witness about the coal supplies by the time of going to print.

Ott is one of many business chamber leaders, including Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business CEO Melanie Veness, who have met in Johannesburg this week to strategise on how they will oppose, in a united voi
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Daily Rolling Blackouts in South Africa Because Treasonous ANC Regime Sells Best Coal To China and Uses Proceeds Elsewhere?

Despite, (or thanks to Billions in foreign investment in Eskom), 7.2 Million tons of SA’s best coal is destined for China from Richards Bay Harbor while South Africans suffer under rolling blackouts. 36 Chinese ships are waiting for coal to be loaded in Richards Bay Harbour. Each ship takes about 36 hours to be loaded with 200,000 tons of coal per ship average. The coal is Grade A anthracite.

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