State hospital in KwaZulu Natal invested with monkeys – Monkeys invade kitchen and wards, sometimes even interfering with patients’ intravenous (IV) drips

Health minister Aaron Motsoaledi has appointed a task team to urgently tackle an invasion of monkeys at Durban’s RK Khan Hospital.

Motsoaledi flew to Durban on Wednesday to conduct a site visit at the state facility, which has long been grappling with the primates invading the hospital’s kitchen and, more recently, the wards.

He said he was extremely concerned and decided to take immediate action after watching a video on social media that shows monkeys roaming freely through a ward full of patients.

“The images I saw were disturbing. I just learnt this morning that the hospital was advised by some people who claim to know about monkeys not to interact with them or disturb them because they get aggressive,” said Motsoaledi.

“I don’t accept that type of advice – that monkeys can be just left among human beings, especially sick human beings, out of fear that they will get aggressive.”

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‘Horrifying Cruelty By The ANC – South Africans endure pain, suffering and neglect at Robert Sobukwe Hospital

‘Horrifying Cruelty By The ANC; Onlookers Shocked in Ward 31 This Morning’

South Africans endure pain, suffering and neglect at Robert Sobukwe Hospital, Kimberley last night and this morning. This photo shows the sick and injured who are forced to lie on cold floors. Many cry in anguish and discomfort, and embarrassment. Their frustration is evident, some wail in pain and frustration, others beg desperately for help from hospital workers, to no avail.

If you are sick or injured, don’t come to Robert Sobukwe Hospital, ANC Ward 31, unless you plan to leave you dignity at the door.

“Why has our government forgotten us?” cries a young teenage girl. She holds the hand of her grandmother who looks extremely weak. I looked into her grandmother’s eyes and saw no emotion, her tears have dried in salty streaks down her cheeks, disappearing under her wrinkled chin, the smell of urine comes from her chair. Her suffering is wrappe
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Nurses allegedly ‘ignored’ pleas for help as mom cradled dead infant after suffering a miscarriage, while nurses pay no attention to her and ate their cereal at Groote Schuur Hospital

The Western Government Health Department will be investigating a young mother’s claims that she nearly bled to death after suffering a miscarriage, while nurses ignored her and ate their cereal at Groote Schuur Hospital.

The woman says she lay for seven hours in a heap of blood clots “the size of her fists”, while the dead baby lay between her legs.

Saadijah Samuels Abrahams, 28, of Bridgetown says nurses ignored her desperate cries for help and, afterwards, a cleaner dumped the foetus in a bin.

“I wrapped the baby inside tissue paper and left it at my bedside and when I came back, the nurse said she didn’t know what happened,” she says.

“When my husband was finally allowed inside the ward, he put on gloves and found the baby inside the bin. Can you imagine that? To find your baby inside a bin?”

Saadijah was 14 weeks pregnant with her second child and says she was excited to be giving birth in July.

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Government health care system a disgrace – Elderly man from Sasolburg fear for his life after told to only come back to Boitumelo Regional Hospital in 2020 for much needed surgery

A 61-year-old Sasolburg man has been left angered and fearing for his life after being told he has to wait until 2020 before he can have surgery at a hospital in Kroonstad to treat his debilitating condition.

Joseph Morake had already waited seven months for November 30, the initial date of surgery given to him in April this year at Boitumelo Regional Hospital to alleviate the severe swelling in his scrotum – a condition known as bilateral hydrocele.

“To my understanding, if left untreated, this swelling could lead to a hernia or even prostate cancer.

“I already had anxiety throughout the seven months waiting for the surgery meant for last month … At my age, it really isn’t easy. And the swelling was getting enormous, making it difficult for me to sit or even use the toilet,” Morake told City Press this week.

But to his surprise and horror, Morake said on the long-awaited date of surgery he and a group of about 14 other patien
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