Government health care system a disgrace – Elderly man from Sasolburg fear for his life after told to only come back to Boitumelo Regional Hospital in 2020 for much needed surgery

A 61-year-old Sasolburg man has been left angered and fearing for his life after being told he has to wait until 2020 before he can have surgery at a hospital in Kroonstad to treat his debilitating condition.

Joseph Morake had already waited seven months for November 30, the initial date of surgery given to him in April this year at Boitumelo Regional Hospital to alleviate the severe swelling in his scrotum – a condition known as bilateral hydrocele.

“To my understanding, if left untreated, this swelling could lead to a hernia or even prostate cancer.

“I already had anxiety throughout the seven months waiting for the surgery meant for last month … At my age, it really isn’t easy. And the swelling was getting enormous, making it difficult for me to sit or even use the toilet,” Morake told City Press this week.

But to his surprise and horror, Morake said on the long-awaited date of surgery he and a group of about 14 other patien
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