Malema warns the EFF will end ‘white privilege’ – White people, you will no longer eat alone. We are coming to sit on the dinner table and if you are refusing us we will destroy that dinner table

The EFF leader says the young generation of white people should extend an olive branch to black people.

Economic freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema on Sunday warned white people who refuse to share land and other means of production, that if the EFF comes to power it will topple their “white privilege”.

“White people, you will no longer eat alone. We are coming to sit on the dinner table and if you are refusing us we will destroy that dinner table,” Malema told thousand of supporters at the EFF’s final May 8 elections rally at the Orlando Stadium in Soweto, Johannesburg.

“No one is going to eat until all of us in South Africa eat from the same dinner table. That is what we are fighting for. Otherwise, sizongena ngevosho [We will come dancing the vosho] in that dinner table.”

Malema said his message was not a call for violence, because the EFF was not the “most violent” organisation in South Africa. Instead, the Africa
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The South African political parties in favour of the death penalty, do you want the Death Penalty to be enforced?

It’s one of the more divisive topics up for discussion during the 2019 Elections, but the subject of re-introducing the death penalty often proves to be a popular one when the politicians are on the prowl for our votes.

South Africa’s abnormally-high crime rates and propensity for gender-based violence often gets emotions running high – which is perhaps a good enough argument for why this particular punishment should not be used as an electioneering tool.

In fact, these were sentiments echoed by Clare Ballard, the head of the penal reform programme of Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR) in midweek. She said that the conversation merely deflects from the actual causes of crime:

“The death penalty is not a quick fix and it does not cure crime. Every time politicians avoid confronting the complex truths about crime and punishment, we lose a vital opportunity to examine what it will take to ensure real safety for everyone.”

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Part 4:- Julius Malema issues election ultimatum: “Death or Economic Freedom” – how will the IEC handle this matter

The IEC has received a flurry of complaints, some calling for the EFF to be barred from participating in the upcoming elections.

Julius Malema has remained defiant in the face of criticism ahead of this year’s general election, issuing a veiled threat against detractors of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

The firebrand leader is blazing a campaign trail across South Africa, which, naturally, comprises of fierce revolutionary rhetoric intended to woo disenfranchised voters.

EFF heading to the polls
His latest statement regarding the upcoming elections, due to be held on 8 May, come in the wake of severe uproar regarding Malema’s aggression towards journalists. His recent spat with veteran news anchor, Karima Brown, has been condemned both locally and abroad.

It’s Malema’s attack on Brown which has cast a shadow on the EFF’s ballot, with numerous organizations lobbying the Electoral Commission of South A
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Think twice before voting DA in the next election – Msimanga says DA can’t rule out coalition with EFF in Gauteng

‘We will work with anybody that is willing to put the people of the city first… We cannot exclude anybody,’ Solly Msimanga told Radio 702’s Eusebius McKaiser.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) cannot rule out the possibility of a coalition government with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Gauteng, according to premier candidate Solly Msimanga.

Msimanga also touched on why he resigned as mayor of Tshwane, the GladAfrica tender controversy and whether city manager Moeketsi Mosola should be fired.

Listen to the audio below for more


This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news.


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Why is Telkom donating R1 Million to the EFF? Why are tax payers being indirectly forced to fund this far-left political party?

Telkom is funded by the state, therefore, funded by you and me through taxes. Furthermore, the state is run by the ANC, this would mean that the ANC is indirectly using our taxes to fund the EFF. What is going on?

Article published by EWN below, quote: “Telkom and its Ceo Sipho Maseko received a special thanks after it forked out R1 million for the table where Malema was seated.”

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says the Bosasa scandal has proven how the ANC has sold its soul to racists which is why the red berets are the only political party capable of tackling white monopoly capital.

Malema was speaking at a fundraising gala dinner in fountains valley in Tshwane last night where the cheapest table was R50,000.

Semi-private cellphone network Telkom and its Ceo Sipho Maseko received a special thanks after it forked out R1 million for the table where Malema was seated.

This morning the EFF will unveil
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IMPORTANT UPDATE:- Land expropriation in 2019: What’s next for South Africa?

With parliamentary processes ready to resume in 2019, the issue of land expropriation in South Africa enters its final Constitutional hurdle.

Land expropriation without compensation – the loaded term which elicits varied fervent responses from the South African public – will, once again, prove its socio-political impetus in 2019. Last year, the land question divided citizens in spectacular fashion, even provoking a response from US President Donald Trump.

Land expropriation without compensation
Two opposite emotional responses lie at the very centre of the land debate; panic and promise. The ruling African National Congress (ANC), supported, in part, by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has openly announced its support of Constitutional amendments to accelerate land reform as a means of practical socioeconomic redress.

The promise of land – free land – has pandered directly to the populist vote. The disenfranchi
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Juju and land grabs: How to interpret the Trespass Acts and Riotous Assemblies

The case of Julius Malema and AfriForum is an interesting one, as it exposes the complexity of running a democratic country with laws that once were used as instruments of oppression.

Malema is by no means an unfortunate target in this instance. His rise to power with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) was founded on tapping into the core of the frustrations of the poor.

Land, employment, nationalisation and ‘white monopoly capital’ are just some of the instruments the EFF uses, to this day, to rally up the support of the majority in this country.

In 2014 he engaged crowds in Bloemfontein and Newcastle (Kwa-Zulu Natal) respectively, he got himself in trouble.

AfriForum, responding to Malema’s calls for people to occupy vacant, filed charges against the EFF leader, citing the Rioutous Assemblies Act, as well as the Trespass Act, as reasons why he should be prosecuted.

This is an interesting case because it involves two laws
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