Cyril Ramaphosa (wolf in sheep clothing) urges young white people to stay in SA, for what, to be murdered, tortured, humiliated and not finding a job, and the list is growing

If President Cyril Ramaphosa had his way, he would tie young white South Africans to trees.

This was his tongue-in-cheek comment as he urged young white South Africans to not leave the country. The president’s campaign trail stopped in the Beyerskloof wine estate outside Stellenbosch on Tuesday afternoon.

Several of the assembled farmers and businessmen were allowed to ask Ramaphosa questions through Beyers Truter, farm co-owner and winemaker, who acted as an MC.

Ramaphosa, who mentioned more than once that he was a farmer himself, was well received.

Truter said he believed the lord anointed kings and presidents, and he believed God anointed Ramaphosa. Truter needs his head examined.

Grape farmer Chris Steenkamp said: “Everyone here likes you, everyone here trusts you.” Mr Steenkamp should follow Truter’s medical treatment.

He said they’ve known Ramaphosa since the days of Codesa and Ramaphosa
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IMPORTANT UPDATE:- Land expropriation in 2019: What’s next for South Africa?

With parliamentary processes ready to resume in 2019, the issue of land expropriation in South Africa enters its final Constitutional hurdle.

Land expropriation without compensation – the loaded term which elicits varied fervent responses from the South African public – will, once again, prove its socio-political impetus in 2019. Last year, the land question divided citizens in spectacular fashion, even provoking a response from US President Donald Trump.

Land expropriation without compensation
Two opposite emotional responses lie at the very centre of the land debate; panic and promise. The ruling African National Congress (ANC), supported, in part, by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has openly announced its support of Constitutional amendments to accelerate land reform as a means of practical socioeconomic redress.

The promise of land – free land – has pandered directly to the populist vote. The disenfranchi
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