Malema slams patriarchy after his wife was asked to take out fake manicured nail with scissors before at voting point

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema and his wife, Mantwa, were shocked after an IEC staff member allegedly asked her to take out her fake nail to vote in Seshego on Wednesday.

“A staff member told my wife to take out her nail so they could put a mark and I found that bizarre and I asked where it was written that women who have long nails can’t vote.”

Malema said it was a patriarchal arrangement that had to be challenged now before it became institutionalised.

“The next thing they are going to say women must take out weaves because they want to see if it’s really them on the ID. Such nonsensical things, it starts small like that, before you know it is institutionalised. It must be challenged now,” said the EFF leader.

He claimed the person who puts a mark on people’s nails had a pair of scissors that they gave to women who had fake nails to take them out.

“The person who puts a mark on people has a pair of
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Your Vote DOES Count in SA’s Proportional Representation System – Do The Math. Not Voting Strengthens The ANC’s Vote

THE SA VOTING SYSTEM EXPLAINED: The Proportional Representation voting system that is used in SA means that every vote counts and that NONE ARE WASTED. This why it is important to vote for smaller parties and NOT the main parties like ANC or DA!


10 people go to vote. 6 vote “ANC” and 4 vote for the “fairy tale” party. The ANC will get 6 out of 10 votes which is 60% of the seats in parliament and the “fairy tale” party will get 4 out of 10 votes which is 40% of the seats.


If 13 people go to vote the sum looks like this:

Still only 6 people have vote for the ANC as before,
and once again 4 people for the “fairy tale” party,
but now 2 people for the “happy” party,
and 1 person for the “we care” party
and 1 person for the “nou gaan ons braai” party.

NOW the ANC still only gets 6 votes, but it is out of out of
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Latest corruption: 62% of reported fraud was committed by officials, all of them employed by the ANC and DA figures – no wonder white voters are reluctant to vote

Corruption Watch’s latest figures on corruption are pointing to the problem in South Africa.

Abuse of authority was 23%, Bribery 18%, Employer corruption 12%, Tender fraud 21% and other 26%. If authority abuse, bribery and tender fraud are added together, we find that.

Political analysts say the numbers are going to make a percentage of white voters reluctant to vote, and others are now more confused than before about which party they should now support.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger
This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news.

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Only senior ANC members have the sole right to elect SA’s president while expertise and reliability are not necessarily taken into account, meanwhile millions of voters must be satisfied with the decision

The ANC’s senior members are the only people who have the right to choose the country’s president while millions of voters must be satisfied with it.

Analysts say the state of affairs should be changed so that voters themselves can decide which person they want to vote as president of the country.

The opinion was expressed that the largest political party has the sole right to decide which of its members should be the president, while not taking into account expertise and reliability.

The upcoming election suggests that the Finance Minister will not make significant tax adjustments, as increased taxes could cost the ANC too many votes.

The original article can be read in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger
This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news.

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Despite his promise of a “new dawn”, Ramaphosa can’t stop the ANC-regime’s decline, even with a win at the polls

In recent months there has been conjecture that if South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa wins a suitably large majority of the upcoming national vote, he will be able to achieve two notable outcomes.

Firstly, he’ll be able reverse the governing African National Congress’s (ANC’s) slide into populism and factionalism. And he’ll be able to see off challenges from the radical Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), the country’s third largest party.

The argument is that he would then have a sufficiently strong mandate to undertake economic reforms needed to fix South Africa. This includes broadening competition, limiting the size and scope of the state-owned entities and expanding the public transport system. Other things that need fixing include reducing red tape to boost entrepreneurship and small businesses, improving the education system and trade integration in the region.

But critics and opposition party leaders hold a counter view. T
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