Election cost taxpayers billions of rand, SA’s struggling economy has taken a step closer towards junk status

Apart from the fact that taxpayers had to foot the bill for the state’s expenses, the amount of which is unknown, but has amounted to millions. The recent election has pushed the struggling economy another step closer towards junk status with the tremendous expense of political parties.

The ANC spent more than one billion in its effort to remain the country’s ruler, while the other 47 political parties spent just over one billion rand together.

Political analysts say the waste did not show who convinced voters to vote for another party, and there were few changes, except that the FF Plus strengthened its position considerably, and so did the Malema party.

As if the struggling economy is being taxed even further, the ANC wants President Ramaphosa to boast of his inauguration at the Loftus Versveld rugby stadium where about 45 thousand of his supporters can see it.

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Vote Rigging? – Voters say they were able to cast ballots more than once during yesterday’s election – Allegations of multiple voting a first for us, says IEC

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) said this was the first time it has faced allegations of multiple voting.

Several political parties have lodged complaints, while South Africans took to social media claiming they were able to cast ballots more than once.

Eyewitness News has seen videos of people able to vote more than once, easily breaching security measures at polling stations.

The commission held a briefing just before midnight, as social media went on overdrive about discrepancies in the disappearance of what is supposedly indelible ink and claims of multiple voting.

The IEC has confirmed it was investigating two cases of multiple voting brought to its attention.

Commissioner Mosotho Moepya admitted that they have never crossed this road before.

“We’ve never been here before, it’s possible that something has happened. We’re saying we’ll pursue every one of these instances.”

However, he said if
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50% of younger blacks aged between 18-30 have not been registered as voters, and do not know the past of “apartheid” and the so-called “struggle”

More than 6 million young black people in South Africa are not registered voters and are not interested in voting.

The millions of blacks who were all born after the end of a white government in 1994, have no desire for the so-called “apartheid talks” of political leaders.

With over 50% of younger blacks aged 18 to 30, not registered as voters, not knowing the past of “apartheid” and the so-called “struggle” and concerned about the weekly life they not getting a job.

The youth, who also do not care about the ANC Youth League, did not experience events 25 years ago, and only know South Africa as a country governed by the ANC, and are therefore not committed to Ramaphosa ‘s election.

The condition can have a serious impact on the ANC as the largest number of students on campuses tend to associate with the Malema party.

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This report
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Your Vote DOES Count in SA’s Proportional Representation System – Do The Math. Not Voting Strengthens The ANC’s Vote

THE SA VOTING SYSTEM EXPLAINED: The Proportional Representation voting system that is used in SA means that every vote counts and that NONE ARE WASTED. This why it is important to vote for smaller parties and NOT the main parties like ANC or DA!


10 people go to vote. 6 vote “ANC” and 4 vote for the “fairy tale” party. The ANC will get 6 out of 10 votes which is 60% of the seats in parliament and the “fairy tale” party will get 4 out of 10 votes which is 40% of the seats.


If 13 people go to vote the sum looks like this:

Still only 6 people have vote for the ANC as before,
and once again 4 people for the “fairy tale” party,
but now 2 people for the “happy” party,
and 1 person for the “we care” party
and 1 person for the “nou gaan ons braai” party.

NOW the ANC still only gets 6 votes, but it is out of out of
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ANC Election Donors – Companies like Sanlam, Angelo American, MTN fund the ruling party

SA’s political parties have been receiving donations in the form of money, goods and services for years from the likes of banks, corporations, individuals, foreign entities, governments and political parties, and state-owned enterprises.

Although donations to political parties are not always in hard cash, the largest donations are usually paid into bank accounts.

Sometimes goods are handled by political parties that come in handy, while some services that are delivered free of charge are also part of  donations are considered.

Each year, with elections, the question arises as to who makes donations to political parties, and the most important party is usually the governing party whose details attract attention.

With May 8 in the limelight for those who want to vote, it can be informative about who gave money to the ANC in the past, and probably again this year.

Of course, Bosasa’s name stands at the top of the list of dono
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Want a free driver’s licence? Then just vote EFF during the next election. In exchange for your electoral support you will receive a free drivers’ license regardless if you can actually drive a vehicle or not?

ANC reports EFF to IEC for ‘offering free drivers’ licences for votes’. – This is the second complaint lodged against the EFF with the IEC, after Karima Brown reported the party last week for harassment.

The ANC has reported the Economic Freedom Fighters to the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) for an alleged digital banner making the rounds on social media, offering free drivers’ licenses in exchange for electoral support.

The ANC, in a statement, said they were alarmed by the EFF’s desperate antics and described them as despicable acts of vote-buying which had to be exposed.

“This despicable act of vote buying must be exposed for what it is and constitutes an illegal act that undermines democracy. The levels of desperation demonstrated by the EFF are indicative of a party that has accepted that their fortunes at the polls are questionable.

“The ANC believes that offering what amounts to monetary inducements
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Only senior ANC members have the sole right to elect SA’s president while expertise and reliability are not necessarily taken into account, meanwhile millions of voters must be satisfied with the decision

The ANC’s senior members are the only people who have the right to choose the country’s president while millions of voters must be satisfied with it.

Analysts say the state of affairs should be changed so that voters themselves can decide which person they want to vote as president of the country.

The opinion was expressed that the largest political party has the sole right to decide which of its members should be the president, while not taking into account expertise and reliability.

The upcoming election suggests that the Finance Minister will not make significant tax adjustments, as increased taxes could cost the ANC too many votes.

The original article can be read in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger
This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news.

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Ramaphosa’s land theft approach – While the world is watching Ramaphosa with anticipation regarding the land-grab program, it becomes clearer that he has a clever election

While the Western world is watching what the ANC president, Cyril Ramaphosa, is going to do with regards to the land-grabbing program, it becomes clearer that he has a clever approach towards to upcoming election.

Political analysts point out that the president suddenly no longer focus on the country’s well-developed farms as a target in his quest.

There is apparently one explanation for this, that is the fear that the country will go without food and scare away the foreign investors.

Now, state land, and unutilized land is becoming the object and it will only become prominent among people’s attention after the election.

The land distribution program came because of two elements that threatened the ANC. Firstly, the Malema radicals have instigated illegal land grab action that impressed many black voters, and secondly, the ANC had to get something new to retain its voters, a political analyst
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