Want a free driver’s licence? Then just vote EFF during the next election. In exchange for your electoral support you will receive a free drivers’ license regardless if you can actually drive a vehicle or not?

ANC reports EFF to IEC for ‘offering free drivers’ licences for votes’. – This is the second complaint lodged against the EFF with the IEC, after Karima Brown reported the party last week for harassment.

The ANC has reported the Economic Freedom Fighters to the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) for an alleged digital banner making the rounds on social media, offering free drivers’ licenses in exchange for electoral support.

The ANC, in a statement, said they were alarmed by the EFF’s desperate antics and described them as despicable acts of vote-buying which had to be exposed.

“This despicable act of vote buying must be exposed for what it is and constitutes an illegal act that undermines democracy. The levels of desperation demonstrated by the EFF are indicative of a party that has accepted that their fortunes at the polls are questionable.

“The ANC believes that offering what amounts to monetary inducements
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Only senior ANC members have the sole right to elect SA’s president while expertise and reliability are not necessarily taken into account, meanwhile millions of voters must be satisfied with the decision

The ANC’s senior members are the only people who have the right to choose the country’s president while millions of voters must be satisfied with it.

Analysts say the state of affairs should be changed so that voters themselves can decide which person they want to vote as president of the country.

The opinion was expressed that the largest political party has the sole right to decide which of its members should be the president, while not taking into account expertise and reliability.

The upcoming election suggests that the Finance Minister will not make significant tax adjustments, as increased taxes could cost the ANC too many votes.

The original article can be read in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger
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Ramaphosa’s land theft approach – While the world is watching Ramaphosa with anticipation regarding the land-grab program, it becomes clearer that he has a clever election

While the Western world is watching what the ANC president, Cyril Ramaphosa, is going to do with regards to the land-grabbing program, it becomes clearer that he has a clever approach towards to upcoming election.

Political analysts point out that the president suddenly no longer focus on the country’s well-developed farms as a target in his quest.

There is apparently one explanation for this, that is the fear that the country will go without food and scare away the foreign investors.

Now, state land, and unutilized land is becoming the object and it will only become prominent among people’s attention after the election.

The land distribution program came because of two elements that threatened the ANC. Firstly, the Malema radicals have instigated illegal land grab action that impressed many black voters, and secondly, the ANC had to get something new to retain its voters, a political analyst
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