Shocking information on Community Colleges Figures – Two-thirds of adults whose literacy classes are subsidized by the ANC-government fail – the national pass rate in that sector is only 38% – billions of rands funded by taxpayers’ are lost

Shocking information on passing rates at community colleges for education and training was announced in parliament.

Higher Education and Training Minister Naledi Pandor responded to a written question on this by DA MP Andricus van der Westhuizen.

Community colleges provide basic adult literacy skills, and according to Pandor’s announcement, the national pass rate in that sector, is only 38%. This government spends billions of taxpayers’ money towards adult education, revenue that is not reaching its goal.

The pass rate varies from province to province, with the Western Cape’s pass rate being the highest and Limpopo’s the lowest.

The Western Cape achieved a pass rate of 45%, followed by the Eastern Cape in a surprising second place with 44%, the Free State 43.3%, KwaZulu-Natal with 41.9%, Mpumalanga with 39.2% , Gauteng with 38.9%, Northwest with 35.8%, Northern Cape with 30.8% and Limpopo last hand with 22.4%.

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South Africa’s public education system a disgrace – The real matric pass rate in South Africa’s is actually 40%

Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga has announced the matric pass rate for the class of 2018 – 78.2%.

The “real” matric pass rate is much lower, however, when you take the total cohort of students who started school and would eventually become the matric class of 2018.

Looking at the number of learners enrolled in Grade 1 in 2007 – the group which would reach matric in 2018 – the total was 1,002,500.

With 512,700 full-time learners writing matric in 2018, and then 78.2% of these students passing, the “real” matric pass rates comes in at 40%.

Students dropping out
This sentiment was echoed by DA Shadow Minister of Basic Education Nomsa Marchesi.

Marchesi said that Motshekga has again failed to address “the large number of learners who don’t write matric in the first place”.

“Nearly half the learners who enrolled in Grade 1 in 2007 didn’t write the full-time matric exams in 2018 as they we
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Matric results – SA standard is so low that matric are no longer accepted by most Western countries, and it is also a reason why the university’s pass rate is so high

The 2018 exam has many matriculants in ecstasy about their excellent results, and the ANC government is broad breast over the 78% pass rate reflected.

It is even haunted by statements of “great improvement” over 2017’s results and that the Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, is believed to be South Africa’s best minister.

The pass rate is set at 78.2%, and is apparently a significant improvement over any previous year, with 2017’s 75.1% and 2016’s 72.5%.

The 790,843 students are also the largest number of people who have completed the exam in one year.


There are also the facts that are apparently obscured for political reasons, because once it is taken into account, there is only one long sadness and no reason to get excited.

First, the pass rate of subjects is a mere 30%.

Secondly, the scores achieved have been “upgraded” by many subjects to prevent too m
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