The ANC regime needs to take responsibility for the chaos in SA schools – too few schools for black learners has been built as well as a shortage of resources, now traditional Model C schools are forced to cater to teach English speaking students

On Wednesday, schools reopened for the new school year, but thousands of scholars do not yet know where to go because there are too few schools and too few teachers.

In some schools, classrooms are so crowded that black pupils sit on buckets with an old beer desk crate for a desk.

It is reported that more than 6,500 schools have a shortage of furniture, and unskilled people are standing in front of numerous classrooms’ blackboard to try and teach pupils.

Experts point out that more than 25% of state schools are without enough desks and chairs for pupils.

A few new schools have been set up, but this compares poorly with the many schools burned down by pupils, and now black pupils are forced into traditional Model C schools, demanding that the school provide for English-language teaching for black learners . The school should also see to make teachers available to educate the black learners.

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