Calls for Death to Americans at US Embassy in South Africa – SACP chant ‘One American, one bullet’ outside US embassy in Pretoria

Chaos once again the order of the day – Traffic on De Doorns highway disrupted after rioters protested over wages

PROTESTS in SA – a prime example of barbaric conduct enforced by violent protesters that destroys whatever they can find and set fire to anything that can burn

Pretoria CBD plunged into chaos – shops were looted, buildings set on fire and public transport suspended

Dissatisfied municipal workers bring Durban CBD to a halt by obstructing streets with waste

SA characterised by chaos and violence – Angry protesters barricaded roads with burning tires and set bus alight in Eastern-Cape

ANOTHER DAY – ANOTHER “RACIST” SCHOOL – Just shortly after the Schweizer Reneke racism debacle, another racism uproar took place at a school in the North West province