Mayhem and havoc broke out at Steynsrus as illegal protesters destroyed infrastructure and looted town

Following havoc and mayhem that took place, recently at Steynsrus and Kroonstad where critical infrastructure and resources were destroyed, the Provincial Commissioner of the police in Mpumalanga, Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma spat fire, condemning the perpetrators, masquerading as concerned and affected citizens whereas some have criminal intent of cashing on the misery of citizens.

The narratives of the General are deducted from the incidence of violence that broke out since Monday morning, 15 April 2019, wherein some community members went on the rampage damaging property. The actions of some individuals who jumped on the same wagon with concerned citizens and in the process, set alight offices and a vehicle belonging to the Department of Social Development as well as damaging others are described as barbaric.

They proceeded and violently looted shops belonging to foreign nationals and locals.

General Zuma did not mince his words when talkin
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SANDF must now step up to safeguard trains, passengers due to criminals and protesters reeking havoc

The new trains launched by Ramaphosa must now be guarded on their routes by the SA Defense Force, according to Untu foreman Sonja Carstens.

She called for Ramaphosa to declare the condition at Prasa an “emergency” as criminals and protesters threaten the safety of trains and passengers.

The launch of the one new train is seen as an ANC election gimmick, and its own supporters believe it is just like the fuss made by the Nissan plant being expanded.

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WATCH VIDEO | Clifton Beach: Savages slaughter sheep during ritual sacrifice on the shores of the Cape in protest action to cleanse the beach of racism

A day of activism at Clifton Beach descended into acrimony after a group of protesters marked the occasion by slaughtering a sheep at the Cape Town tourist hot-spot.

Demonstrators had gathered in their hundreds during Friday, to take action against the alleged racist employment of a private security company on one of Clifton’s secluded beaches.

Clifton Beach: Reasons for protest
Those affected were mainly people of colour, and even included local ANC figure Faiez Jacobs. They were shifted on by the PPA firm earlier this week, in what has been described as an “affront” to citizens’ rights.

Activists say the offering was a way to call on their ancestors to respond to the trauma.

Local media reported that t
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Guests evacuated at KZN resort after hundreds Panga-wielding protesters storm the holiday resort and vandalised facilities

Guests at a holiday resort in northern KwaZulu-Natal had to be evacuated after an armed mob stormed the grounds and vandalised facilities on Friday morning.

It is understood that the people, numbering in the hundreds and many of whom were armed with pangas, had pulled down a perimeter fence before swarming the Natal Spa resort near Vryheid.

Police sources said the mob had threatened staff members, warning them to vacate their posts or face violence.

Guests were transported from the resort under guard while police negotiated with the mob.

Manager Henk Barnard stated in a press release that an employment dispute was at the heart of the attack.

“It’s a long story, but we are hearing rumours that the crowd was unhappy about the dismissal of certain staff [and] others were unhappy that they are not employed,” he said.

“They want some of the managers to leave the resort and they had a list of demands that t
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