Severe Sanction against too white businesses in SA to follow – 44 Companies with more whites workforce facing fine of R1.5m by Department of Labour

Severe Sanctions will be initiated against companies that are too white in South Africa and defaulters dealt with.

The Department of Labour has started to fine companies which are “too white” according to the Employment Equity Act (EEA).

Affirmative Action, which falls under the EEA, aims to ensure that qualified designated groups – black people, women, and people with disabilities – are equally represented in the workplace.

This law forces employers to makes sure it has the right proportion of designated people – black, coloured, Indian, female, and disabled people – at all levels of an organisation.

In August 2017, the Department of Labour announced a crackdown on companies to ensure that they comply with the act.

At the time the department said six JSE-listed companies had been found to be non-compliant and were referred for prosecution.

Rapport has now reported that the Department of Labour is prosecuting 44
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