Anc Shrinks In Parliament – From 249 Seats To 230, losings 19 seats in all – Ramaphosa, must be pleased with his poor performance and weakened representation in the National Assembly?

In the 2014 general elections, the party won a total of 249 seats, meaning in the 2019 elections, it lost 19 seats.

The African National Congress (ANC) has bagged 230 seats in the National Assembly following South Africa’s sixth democratic elections.

Speaking in Pretoria on Saturday, the Independent Electoral Commission chair Glen Mashinini announced the ANC as once again the party that would rule the country for a five-year term.

In the 2014 general elections, the party won a total of 249 seats, meaning in the 2019 elections, it lost 19 seats.

The second party to secure the most number of seats in Parliament was the Democratic Alliance (DA) with 84 seats.

The DA had 89 seats in 2014 – losing five. However, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) grew from 25 seats in 2014 to to 44 in 2019.

ANC leader Cyril Ramaphosa then gave a keynote address, saying the people had voted for a “country they’d like to see in pe
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The DA’s Natasha Mazzone is highly suspicious of how much money is being spent on emergency diesel at Eskom, urging President Ramaphosa to “come clean”.

The Shadow Public Enterprises Minister Natasha Mazzone has grilled Cyril Ramaphosa just hours before the polls open for the 2019 Elections. The DA MP – best known for her firebrand speeches in Parliament – wants the president to disclose more information on the deals to procure “emergency diesel supplies” for Eskom.

It’s understood that the opposition party has had a Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) request denied. Mazzone and her team wanted to investigate how much has been spent on the utility’s fuel reserves since 2007, but they’ve had the door slammed in their face.

Natasha Mazzone asks Ramaphosa: “What are you hiding?”
For the shadow cabinet minister, the silence has been deafening. As Pravin Gordhan’s opposite number, she has been following the progress of Eskom closely and firmly believes that the ANC is misappropriating funds in order to keep the lights on up until Wednesday’s vote.

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Ramaphosa tells farmers ‘Don’t fear reform process’, do you remember the history of Piet Retief and Dingaan, and poor Jan gets the blame too.

Farmers shouldn’t see themselves as an island, President Cyril Ramaphosa told wine farmers and businessmen when his campaign trail took him to the Beyerskloof wine estate outside Stellenbosch.

He said farmers should be part of the solutions facing the country, and they should embrace change.

Ramaphosa said South African farmers were really good, but that the country also came from a “very sad history, a terrible history, particularly on issues of the land”.

He said, as he did in his State of the Nation Address last year, that land was South Africa’s original sin.

“It happened when Jan van Riebeeck first set foot here,” Ramaphosa said.

“The future is a good future if we all work together.”

The solution was not to be isolationist, he said.

According to Ramaphosa, individual farmers found ways to address the “horrible past” and include their wor
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Ramaphosa may head to the Zondo commission ‘hot seat’ to testify, will he pitch or hide, maybe his skeletons will come out the wardrobe

President Cyril Ramaphosa will “probably” take the stand when the ANC finally gets its chance to make submissions before the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture. This is projected to happen sometime next year, towards the end of the hearings.

So says ANC treasurer-general Paul Mashatile.

Speaking to City Press on the sidelines of an election campaign in Cape Town, he said that the party “will go at the right time [to the commission]”.

“It will probably be led by the president himself to speak for the ANC because at the end of the day, the buck stops with our president,” he said.

“We have time. The commission is still busy. The ANC will probably come towards the end – maybe next year. We are not rushing there. Let people speak; we will come.”

Mashatile said many people had forgotten that the commission was the product of an ANC decision.

“It is we, in our conference, who said we want a state cap
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ANC has been accused of exploiting land expropriation without compensation issue as an electoral tool to garner votes – this political party suddenly decides land issue is urgent and must be tackled before election

ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu has made an about-turn by announcing on Tuesday that parliament will begin the process of amending the constitution in this current term.

Mthembu was addressing the joint sitting of parliament debating President Cyril Ramaphosa’s state of the nation address.

“We are fast-tracking land reform by implementing our resolution on the expropriation of land without compensation. Parliament is already in the process of crafting a constitutional amendment to amend section 25 of the constitution to make it explicit that our constitution allows expropriation of land without compensation,” he said, opening the debate.

“An hour ago, Honourable Thoko Didiza was elected chair of the ad-hoc committee tasked with amending section 25 of the constitution. We congratulate her and wish the committee well as they embark on this historic process,” added Mthembu.

He also made reference to the revised e
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The news was dominated this week by two infamous slaps- Wonderfully reserved and well behaved Rainbow Nation you created, hey misters De Klerk and Mandela. We just go slapping our way through the week

First, – a teacher at Sans Souci Girls High School in Cape Town was suspended for slapping a very ill behaved and utterly disrespectful little “madam” through the face. If course the potential to turn it into a racist incident was too big to ignore!

And then w/o Johan Carstens was slapped outside Parliament by an EFF MP because he allegedly thought Carstens was a right-wing assassin trying to kill the poison-tongued little Red Dwarf.

Wonderfully reserved and well behaved Rainbow Nation you created, hey misters De Klerk and Mandela. We just go bitch-slapping our way through the week!

Posted: Front Nasionaal
This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news.

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These people are definitely ‘high as a kite’:- The Dagga Party wants to #HotboxTheHouse as it aims to contest elections

The Dagga Party of South Africa is hoping to “#HotBoxTheHouse” as it prepares to contest this year’s elections and potentially have a say on cannabis legislation in Parliament, if it can raise the hefty R200 000 registration free.

“I ask you to stand ready to stand together around the cannabis tree at elections 2019,” party leader Jeremy Acton wrote on Facebook as he rallied like-minded thinkers to register to vote.

Also known as Iqela Lentsango, the party wants to be sitting among the legislators who will rework the law to regulate the use of the plant after the Constitutional Court ruled last year that criminalising private use was unconstitutional.

It tried to run in the 2014 general elections but could not afford the deposit at the time and so missed the deadline to be included on the ballot papers.

The Constitutional Court gave Parliament two years from September 2018 to revisit laws which Acton and co-campaigner Garreth Pr
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SA’s corrupt legislation allows Zuma to stand for parliament since people are only disqualified for nominations if they have a criminal record

Jesse Duarte announced that only persons who have criminal records will be disqualified to be nominated for the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Persons accused of corruption or implied about poor discipline are not prohibited from standing for parliament.

So Zuma and probably even the Guptas can stand in the election because they have not yet been found guilty of criminal offenses.

The significance of the ful of the list of 200 names that have now been finalized is that every second name on the list should be a woman and every third nominee should possess special skills.

Is the assumption right that only a third of the ANC’s parliamentary candidates should be proficient and competent?

It is uncertain whether the ANC will act by law and take away Zuma’s presidential privileges if he decides to stand for parliament.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger
This report does not necessarily
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