Video: Is US Law Requiring That SA Be Expelled From AGOA, The Reason UK & USA “Believe” Ramaphosa & Sisulu’s Lies About Racist Land Grabs!

The ANC’s racist land grab requires, by US law, that the USA ceases trading with South Africa according to their AGOA Trade Agreement. Could that be the reason USA and UK are forced to pretend that Ramaphosa’s racist land grab is lawful and ok?

Ramaphosa’s racist land grab is clearly, patently and obviously both immoral and hugely destructive, yet South Africa has not been warned, threatened or actually expelled from either the Commonwealth or the “African Growth and Opportunity Act” (AGOA), which clearly states that countries which trade with USA, that do not respect property rights, should be expelled from this trade agreement!

Ramaphosa’s foolish and arrogant clam that stealing land from white people will somehow magically turn South Africa into a “garden of Eden”, not only flies in the face of logic and experience, but also exposes the huge disconnect in SA society between the ANC electorate and norma
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