Sars auditors jailed after being caught with R200,000 cash bribe to make KZN businessman tax problems disappear

Two former SA Revenue Service (Sars) customs auditors will spend three years in jail for attempting to solicit a bribe from a prominent KwaZulu-Natal businessman “to make his tax problems disappear”.

Pranesh Maharaj and Reuben Moodley were both caught red-handed with cash bribes of R100,000 in brown envelopes during a police operation in March last year.

The two men, who both resigned from Sars during a disciplinary hearing last year, were sentenced in the Durban Regional Court on Thursday last week.

The court also sentenced them to an additional two years’ imprisonment, conditionally suspended for five years.

“The two auditors acknowledged that they had issued a notice to a well-known KwaZulu-Natal businessman in February 2018, advising him of an imminent audit of companies where he was a director.

“During a follow-up meeting, they solicited a bribe of R200,000 from him ‘to make his tax problems
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Sh*thole country? – Swimming, surfing and fishing banned in Durban due to raw sewage in water – surf contest, been called to protect the safety and health of surfers

Swimming, surfing and fishing have been banned in Durban due to raw sewage in the water. Hundreds of thousands of litres of raw sewage is flowing into the port every hour.

The eThekwini municipality’s health unit, on Thursday, ordered the City’s parks, recreation and culture department to ban all bathing on Durban’s beaches until further notice.

An associated letter circulated by Transnet National Ports Authority, states that the “severe sewage discharge” stems from the “failure of pumps at the eThekwini municipality’s Mahatma Gandhi Pump Station” – one of the deepest and biggest waste treatment facilities in the city.

Diving operations, essential to the port’s ship repair precinct, as well as all fishing in the Port of Durban have also been suspended.

“Given the potential threat of infection to diving personnel, we have taken the decision to suspend all diving operations,&#822
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A ballot box was burned in Potchefstroom, vehicle set alight ahead of the general elections

Potchefstroom SAPS confirmed that a ballot box was burned in the North West region, following the arrest of six individuals for their involvement in the torching of a presiding electoral officer’s vehicle in the Ganyesa ahead of the general elections.

Ballot box destroyed in Potchefstroom
As reported by Olebogeng Motse from OFM, a ballot box was destroyed in Potchefstroom, located in Ward 19, in the Ikageng township. No arrests have been made, and authorities are investigating the matter.

We reached out to Lieutenant Colonel Kiki at the SAPS Potchefstroom, who confirmed that an empty ballot box was set alight on Monday morning, 6 May.

With only one day to go, tensions are running high. Authorities are cautioning members of the public against impeding other citizen’s right to vote during the upcoming general election.

High-risk areas identified ahead of elections
Earlier today, residents se
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Dissatisfied municipal workers bring Durban CBD to a halt by obstructing streets with waste

Durban’s central business area was brought to a halt when Durban Waste Removal Agency workers blocked the streets with solid waste.

Waste trucks full of garbage were used to dump into the streets. The action is in protest against raising old MK members salaries in the department.

MK members ‘salaries are apparently increased from R9,000 to R20,000 and it appears that several departments in the Durban municipality are following the same policy regarding MK members’ remuneration, but observers reckon MK members serving are working much less than the other workers.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger

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Part 1:- Juju you are just like Andile Mngxitama, a big fat joke:- Malema Fires Back: ‘I Am Ready To Govern South Africa’ (video)

The boisterous leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) has slammed those who say he is not fit to govern South Africa.

Malema urged all to look at his impeccable records in the past, so they can see that he can do better if given the opportunity.

He noted that he would fire useless ministers that are costing the taxpayers so much to maintain and lead a South Africa of our dreams.

The EFF is up for a grueling 2019, as the EFF is correct in targeting younger voters and the majority of poor blacks who believe they can get land should the party take over the government.

EFF’s first attempt at the polls in the 2014 general elections saw the party gain 6% of the lion’s share of votes.

Independent polls by market research company Ipsos have the EFF coming in at 7% for this year’s elections.

The party says it is not conducting any internal polls, nor does it have a specific targeted outcome. It is rather focusing on getti
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Another historical town in a mess:- Pietermaritzburg in sad state of decline (photo’s)

As we drove through the streets of Pietermaritzburg, I was immediately struck by the city’s majestically designed buildings. From the intricate designs and brickwork of each structure to the tall steeples that almost salute the clouds.

Looking up, Pietermaritzburg is beautiful and an architectural photographer’s dream, but when I looked down, the beauty of the city quickly dissipated as there are large piles of trash that line the streets and murky water running from illegal businesses situated on the pavements.

Last year, The Mercury featured a number of articles about the terrible odour in the city.

Residents and businesses complained of having to deal with the constant stench.

At the time, the cause of the odour was blamed on the fact that refuse removal trucks had not been licensed and other staff-related issues.

A recent short tour of the city centre revealed how filthy it is.

A few metres from a number of governmen
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“Whites must work for blacks,” said Malema after addressing large crowd after court appearance

EFF leader Julius Malema told EFF supporters outside the Newcastle Magistrate’s Court in KwaZulu-Natal on Monday that he was craving for white people to work for black people.

Maleme briefly appeared in court on Monday on charges relating to the violation of the 1956 Riot Laws Act. He was charged with encouraging EFF members to illegally occupy open ground. Malema is accused of incitement.

This speech follows after the EFF requested its members gather outside the court where Malema would appear. Malema therefore repeatedly mentioned that he is not afraid to go to jail if it means he must fight for his country.

According to bystanders, Malema’s statements were welcomed with a loud applause. “I don’t want black people to work for white people. I want you to work for yourselves; white people must work for you. This will be true freedom. You have to teach them how to carry babies on their backs. They must feel what our parents fe
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All five campuses of the Durban University of Technology’s academic programs have been “temporarily” suspended after ongoing student protests

Lectures at all five campuses of the Durban University of Technology’s academic programs have been “temporarily” suspended due to ongoing student protests.

Opinion polls believe it is time for government to include higher education institutions that are unproductive and destructive.

Meanwhile, seven students have been arrested at the Mongosuthu University of Technology in Durban for damage to property.

The vandalism at Durban’s educational institutions has led to chaos over the past month, and many students have sustained injuries after they hit the police.

The original article can be read in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger
This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news.

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Illegal land grabs take place in Durban after hundreds of people who are fed up with slow pace of housing delivery allocated plots themselves and start building shacks

Fed up with the slow pace of housing delivery, hundreds of people have invaded vacant state land earmarked for a low-cost housing project in the Cato Crest informal settlement in Durban.

The residents descended on land in Mary Thipe Road, which boarders Mayville and Manor Gardens, on Monday and Tuesday and started clearing the bushes and allocating themselves plots to start building shacks.

While many residents were not willing to be interviewed or photographed, Happy Zwane told TimesLIVE that she was clearing the bush so that she could build her two children a home to leave them with when she dies.

“I have two children and I’m not married and I want to clear a plot for them so that when I die they would have a place to live. I don’t have a place of my own because I don’t own the place I live in. So I want to live my children with a home,” she said.

Others complained about being used as voting fodder by polit
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What a check! These kids want everything on a silver platter for free – UKZN students burn mattresses in protest over ‘uncomfortable’ beds – African mentalism is destroying our country

Fed up with the poor condition of their beds, University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) education students have resorted to setting them on fire.

Students at a university residence in Hospital Road, near Durban’s South Beach, burnt the metal frames of their beds on Sunday night to voice their dissatisfaction.

On Monday morning, burning mattresses were seen being flung out of windows at the residence, occupied by education students from the UKZN’s Edgewood campus. The protest resulted in lectures at the campus being cancelled.

Student representative council (SRC) president Sanele Hlongwa told TimesLIVE that they set their beds alight because they could no longer sleep on them.

“For ages now, students have been asking that their beds be changed. The building at Hospital Road is a university-owned building. The university has changed the beds at residences on campus. The same must be applied to off-campus residences,” said Hlong
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R200 mill of drought relief monies intended for KwaZulu Natal gone missing – South Africa’s farmers find themselves in a crisis and as a result, our country’s food security and economy are also in crisis

The FF Plus is shocked and disgusted by the news that nearly R220 million, which was earmarked for drought relief in KwaZulu Natal, went missing. It is unclear how the money went missing and the FF Plus demands an urgent investigation into the matter so that the guilty parties can be called to account.

The drought has already taken its toll on the agricultural sector with livestock deaths and poor harvests being at the order of the day. There have been enormous livestock losses in the Free State, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape in particular and some of these parts have not had any rain since November 2017.

The government must urgently prioritise drought relief for commercial as well as emerging farmers. The government must also ensure that the process is managed properly so that the money allocated to drought relief is not stolen, as is the case in KwaZulu Natal.

There are cases where service providers were appointed by means of a tender process
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Hijackings skyrocket in KZN along with scary new trend where victims are now being abducted by attackers

One Durban hijacking reported every day over the past week.Blue Security has warned motorists to be on high alert following a spike in Durban hijackings, and a new trend of hijackers attempting to abduct drivers in their vehicles.

Blue Security operations director Brian Jackson said the company had received reports of five hijackings and two attempted hijackings across Durban over the past week alone.

“When considered as an average that is at least one hijacking being reported to our company every day, and this excludes any additional incidents that we don’t hear of, which may be reported to other local security firms and directly to the police,” Jackson said. “What has most concerned us about this latest wave of hijackings in the city, is that a trend has emerged in which hijackers are now attempting to abduct motorists in their vehicles.”

Jackson said in at least two of the recent incidents, hijackers had succeeded in abducting their
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