Trustworthiness of Ramaphosa under scrutiny – Not once, when he was part of the ANC-regime’s system in the Zuma-era did he ever said a word regarding the grand-scale corruption to the collapse of the economy to state capture

For 4 years as second in command to Jacob Zuma as deputy-president he never saw any corruption, he never heard of any corruption, and he never spoke against corruption? Who is he trying to fool?

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) on Monday published a scathing open letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa, criticising him for being “in the belly of the beast which was the [Jacob] Zuma administration”.

In a statement issued on the IFP’s official website, Mkhuleko Hlengwa, IFP national spokesperson, writes: “Utterances attributed to you that in Davos you spoke of ‘nine wasted years’ under Mr Zuma have taken me aback with a sense of shock as they are said with a very opportunistic view to distance yourself from the grave realities of those years, particularly for the poor majority as we saw everything from grand-scale corruption to the collapse of the economy to state capture.

Ramaphosa has, in several speeches, referred
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It pays to be the son of the most corrupt president SA ever had – NPA to ‘drop’ corruption charges against Duduzane Zuma

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is expected to provisionally withdraw corruption charges against former president Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane in the Specialised Commercial Crimes Court on Thursday.

Duduzane Zuma’s lawyers have declined to comment until the court process is finalised on Thursday morning. NPA spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane Aldo said the state would comment only after Thursday’s court proceedings. Business Day understands that the NPA sent a letter to Duduzane Zuma’s lawyers on Tuesday, notifying them of the provisional withdrawal of the charges.

The exact reason for that withdrawal is not known at this time, but follows the NPA’s decision to provisionally withdraw charges against Gupta family members and associates late in 2018, in connection with the alleged Estina Dairy Project scam.

Duduzane Zuma was charged in July 2018 with corruption, alternatively conspiracy to commit corruption, relating to an alleged R60
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Nephew of Zuma sequestrated after eating himself obese on the benefits of BEE, now it’s payday and the money is up

Jacob Zuma’s millionaire cousin, Khulubushe, has been sequestrated by the court because he did not hold his credit agreement with his creditors. This includes thousands of miners who lost their income through the Aurora scandal, where (Makhulu) bushe was the director.

Khulubushe has eaten himself obese on the benefits of BEE. Now it’s payday and the money is up. He must now sit down at the fire together with his cousin Jacob … until his pardon is also taken by the court.

Along the road a thief will somehow and someday be caught out, no matter how hard you try to escape this reality.

Read the original article on Front Nasionaal’s page in Afrikaans.
This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news.

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The possible syphoning off of public funds for the benefit of the ANC exposed: How Zuma friends tried to steal R45m to buy ANC votes

Jacob Zuma was successfully ousted as president just over a year ago, but his legacy of corruption has a long tail. As Marianne Thamm reports for the Daily Maverick, individuals close to Zuma appear to have been involved in an elaborate plan to siphon R45m through the police service to buy votes.

The plot centres around a police contract allegedly irregularly awarded – and at an inflated price. The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) believes money was to be laundered for the purchasing of votes at the ANC’s national conference in December 2017. The scandal emerged in court papers.

While the ruling party, now led by President Cyril Ramaphosa, gears up for its week of annual January 8 celebrations, culminating on Saturday 12 January at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, the cosmic debris from its life-or-death 54th elective conference in 2017 keeps pockmarking the political landscape.

Behind the scenes, the Independent Poli
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This is the big one: Bosasa allegedly bribed Jacob Zuma with R300k a month

It’s been reported that former Bosasa executive Angelo Agrizzi is saving his best state capture inquiry testimony until last. Jacob Zuma is next in the cross-hairs.

If you’ve been engrossed by the sheer theatre of Angelo Agrizzi’s testimony to the state capture inquiry this week, we’ve got news for you: The best is yet to come. It’s now been alleged that the witness’ full affidavit contains some jaw-dropping details about how Bosasa kept Jacob Zuma onside during his time as president.

Details of Bosasa’s alleged bribe payment to Jacob Zuma
As reported by the Sunday Times, company CEO Gavin Watson paid Zuma an eye-watering R300 000 a month to keep the NPA wolves away from their door. Watson himself has been accused of building an empire on bribes, and at one point was described as a man “who could make people disappear”.

It would be the second high-profile bribe Jacob Zuma has been accused of taking wi
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Is anyone actually surprised that former president Jacob Zuma is implicated by Angelo Agrizzi in Bosasa’s nest of corruption and where he allegedly received R300 000 per month in bribery money

Former head of Bosasa, Angelo Agrizzi, announced in his testimony before the Commission on State Enquiry that Jacob Zuma had received thousands of rand from the organization every month.

He said Bosasa paid Jacob Zuma R300 000 a month and he was “on the payroll” of the company.

Allegedly, one has seen what was recorded in the statements by Angelo Agrizzi, and that Gavin Watson apparently made payments to Zuma regularly not to disclose his actions.

Political analysts say it will take Cyril Ramaphosa very long to curb all the corruption, while others think it will rather increase in monetary value as well as in the number of cases.

Angelo Agrizzi also reported that there were other people who shared in the additional income, and referred to two people who each received R100,000 to keep silent.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger
This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news

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So Zuma is living a lavish life on  taxpayers’ hard-earned money! – Taxpayers have to fork out nearly R1m for Zuma’s air transport and cell phone account since he was removed from office as SA’s president

Taxpayers have forked out just under R1m for former president Jacob Zuma, his spouses and support staff’s transport and phone bills in the first nine months of his departure from office.

President Cyril Ramaphosa revealed in a response to a parliamentary question published on Thursday that the state paid R150,668.38 for Zuma’s flights between February 14, the day he left office, and November 30.

A further R837,444.41 was spent on flying expenses, as well as cellphone, accommodation and car rental expenses for Zuma, his spouses and two support staff members during the period.

Ramaphosa was responding to a written question by DA chief whip John Steenhuisen who wanted to know about the costs incurred by the state on Zuma’s trips and all related expenses for the former president.

Steenhuisen also wanted information about the purpose of each trip undertaken, to which Ramaphosa said: “Former president Zuma no longer hold
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UPDATE:- The Zuma “bribe” : Radovan Krejcir case may head to the state capture inquiry

The startling allegations Radovan Krejcir made against Jacob Zuma this week could head to the Zondo Commission, according to Mo Shaik.

Monday’s revelation that Jacob Zuma had apparently accepted a bribe from a Czech gangster seeking asylum in South Africa wasn’t as much explosive as it was absolutely nuclear. Of course, Radovan Krejcir has merely made an allegation – but he says that the proof is out there.

Radovan Krejcir: Fact-file
Seeking protection in Mzansi after a string of crimes committed back in his home country, Krejcir claims that he had drove to Nkandla on one fateful evening to meet with both Jacob and Duduzane Zuma. City Press are in possession of the crime boss’ affidavit, which states he offered the family R5 million for a “no-questions-asked” agreement back in 2011.

Allegedly, Msholozi agreed to the figure, and received R2.5 million in cash immediately. However, things went belly-up when Krejci
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SA’s corrupt legislation allows Zuma to stand for parliament since people are only disqualified for nominations if they have a criminal record

Jesse Duarte announced that only persons who have criminal records will be disqualified to be nominated for the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Persons accused of corruption or implied about poor discipline are not prohibited from standing for parliament.

So Zuma and probably even the Guptas can stand in the election because they have not yet been found guilty of criminal offenses.

The significance of the ful of the list of 200 names that have now been finalized is that every second name on the list should be a woman and every third nominee should possess special skills.

Is the assumption right that only a third of the ANC’s parliamentary candidates should be proficient and competent?

It is uncertain whether the ANC will act by law and take away Zuma’s presidential privileges if he decides to stand for parliament.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger
This report does not necessarily
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ANC Youth League supports Zuma after land reform message and goes as far to compare him to terrorist president Mandela

The ANC Youth League has reaffirmed their support for Jacob Zuma after his land reform statements. They go so far as to compare his contribution to the terrorist president Mandela.

The league says Zuma has many “connections” in the business, private and public sectors, making it an indispensable link for the ANC.

The controversial youth league that cannot even foot its own conference, apparently also has a debt burden caused by the youth who have no interest in being involved.

Observers say the league’s support for Zuma is not of great value to him, as it seems to be just a number of board members who made the decision.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger
This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news.

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The DA vow to jail Jacob Zuma “for 15 years” if they win the 2019 Elections, maybe it its just an elections tool.

Could Jacob Zuma be jailed until he turns 90? A proposal made by the DA ahead of the 2019 Elections has revealed how long they believe JZ should spend behind bars.

Well, that’s one way to draw a line in the sand ahead of the 2019 Elections. DA Spokesperson Solly Malatsi has pulled no punches when it comes to outlining the party’s policies on corruption committed by high-profile figures like Jacob Zuma. In fact, he’s already shared a suggestion for how long JZ should face behind bars.

Malatsi was responding to the news that the ANC would help Zuma repay at least R16 million of public money used to fight Msholozi’s private court battles. The Pretoria High Court ruled he must “pay back the money” on Thursday, but the 76-year-old still has a major influence over his party.

Speaking to SABC on Friday, the ANC’s Acting Spokesperson Dakota Legote confirmed that the government take full responsibility for all of their former presidents, an
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Well, well, the rich ANC confirms that they will cover Jacob Zuma’s legal costs or are the Gupta’s involved

The bank of the ANC will be opening its doors to one of their most frequent customers. Jacob Zuma is set to be bailed out by the party in his legal fees saga.

Fair play to Jacob Zuma. He’s absolutely adamant he won’t pay a cent towards his own court bills, and he seems to be winning the fight. Speaking to SABC on Friday morning, the ANC’s Acting national spokesperson Dakota Legote confirmed they would bailout Msholozi by paying for his legal fees.

It marks a bizarre twist in the tail, just 24 hours after Zuma was asked to pay back a fee of approximately R16 million in public funds he used for his own private court cases. The ANC initially welcomed the judgement he’d have to “pay back the money”, but Legote seems to be letting the former president off the hook in a major way.

Who’s paying? ANC to cover Jacob Zuma and his legal bills
He accepted “responsibility” on behalf of the party for Zuma’s transgres
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