IFP Rebukes the Man with the Questionable Personality – Malema

Who doesn’t love it when Julius Malema is rebuked by his own race? It is in no uncertain terms that the majority of the white Afrikaner are disgusted by the controversial and hateful propaganda producer of all time. He carries his hateful personality over to other aspects and parties where he is unwelcome, and his beliefs are not supported.

The IFP spokesperson during a media release showed his and the party’s unhappiness with Malema and his opinion is that the IFP couldn’t take Malema seriously because he had a questionable personality.

On 26 February 2019, he spoke to his supporters in Newcastle after appearing before the Magistrate over comments he made in 2016. Those charges were related to Malema inciting his followers to invade vacant land and occupy it. After his court appearance, Malema took the opportunity to campaign for his party.

Yesterday he told his supporters that “The IFP leader is going into retirement and the IFP is going wi
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Julius Malema on changing the Constitution around land expropriation (video included)

Parliament’s Joint Constitutional Review Committee began discussions on its recommendations regarding the amendment of section 25 of the Constitution on Tuesday, November 13.

The amendment would allow for the expropriation of land without compensation.

EFF leader Julius Malema claimed that not a single white person supported the amendment of section 25 and that the matter is a race issue, not a class issue.

The committee will sit again on Wednesday (yesterday).

Video 1 of 2
Land expropriation: EFF says it’s race issue; DA questions process

Video 2
Julius Malema on changing the constitution regarding land expropriation

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