O dear, what a blunder for Juju, he fumes as IEC official tells his wife to remove fake nails before voting (video’s)

EFF leader Julius Malema was on Wednesday irked by an IEC staff member who apparently instructed his wife Mantwa Matlala-Malema to remove her fake nails before she could vote.

The pair were voting at the Mponegele Primary School in Seshego, Limpopo.

Malema said he found the instruction “bizzare” because there was no such a rule and he approached the electoral officer who cleared Mantwa to vote.

Malema said: “There was some IEC staff member who said to my wife she must take off her nail so that they can put a mark and I found that bizzare. You cannot have such a patriarchal arrangement happening inside the voting station. The electoral officer came and said she can vote with her nail.

“But the person who puts a mark on people, she has a pair of scissors and gives it to people to take off their nails, so I do not know how many people’s nails were taken off.

“It must never be costly for people to vo
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Juju, do you have the right qualifications to exist, maybe you are more qualified to be a comedian – “Only Educated White Farmers With A Degree, Would Be Given Land”

EFF leader Julius Malema admonished people to study farming because “the land is coming”.

“We are not going to disrupt farming. We are going to inherit farming and continue to farm. We want agricultural colleges open. Because the land is coming and it is going to need educated farmers,” he said as supporters cheered at the Standard Bank Arena in Johannesburg where the party launched its voter registration campaign.

“Now we say let’s take from white people and not give to blacks [alone] but to both black and white, they say people are going to leave the country – because black people don’t deserve the land. Black people don’t deserve to own property. Any ownership of property by black people is a threat to whiteness.

“When we talk land, we talk black pain, indignity and humiliation. We remember the sjamboks and the police dogs that were unleashed on our people when they were forcefully removed.

We talk about the guns,
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IFP Rebukes the Man with the Questionable Personality – Malema

Who doesn’t love it when Julius Malema is rebuked by his own race? It is in no uncertain terms that the majority of the white Afrikaner are disgusted by the controversial and hateful propaganda producer of all time. He carries his hateful personality over to other aspects and parties where he is unwelcome, and his beliefs are not supported.

The IFP spokesperson during a media release showed his and the party’s unhappiness with Malema and his opinion is that the IFP couldn’t take Malema seriously because he had a questionable personality.

On 26 February 2019, he spoke to his supporters in Newcastle after appearing before the Magistrate over comments he made in 2016. Those charges were related to Malema inciting his followers to invade vacant land and occupy it. After his court appearance, Malema took the opportunity to campaign for his party.

Yesterday he told his supporters that “The IFP leader is going into retirement and the IFP is going wi
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Julius Malema on changing the Constitution around land expropriation (video included)

Parliament’s Joint Constitutional Review Committee began discussions on its recommendations regarding the amendment of section 25 of the Constitution on Tuesday, November 13.

The amendment would allow for the expropriation of land without compensation.

EFF leader Julius Malema claimed that not a single white person supported the amendment of section 25 and that the matter is a race issue, not a class issue.

The committee will sit again on Wednesday (yesterday).

Video 1 of 2
Land expropriation: EFF says it’s race issue; DA questions process

Video 2
Julius Malema on changing the constitution regarding land expropriation

<iframe width="615" height=
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