Lefusi acknowledges that black schools are not up to scratch in SA in terms of standard of education, expertize and discipline compared to White schools – No wonder white schools are being flooded by children coming from informal settlements

In his efforts to justify the Department of Education’s interference regarding school placements, the MEC for Education in Gauteng, Panyasa Lefusi made one big blunder without realizing it. His words: ‘The days are over when our people are excluded from quality schools due to language or culture.

”Who enroll their children in white schools and why? It is a well-known fact that black schools’ standard of education, expertize and discipline not up to standard as those of white schools.

Panyasa can hardly be thanked for the generous but seemingly ill-considered comment.

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Too Much Freedom and Leniency for Teachers in the Light of Ongoing Child Suicide

South Africans tend to stare themselves blind against the belief that children are only bullied by other children. The fact is that closer investigation against teachers should be included in the effort to curb child suicide.

Suicide came under the spotlight again with the recent death of a 13-year-old Pretoria girl who allegedly took her life after she was reportedly bullied online by fellow classmates.

AfriForum visited two schools in the Moot and the west of Pretoria to create awareness about bullying this week. They visited two primary schools, Laerskool Pierneef and Tuine on Monday.

AfriForum arranged these talks as part of this year’s #AnkerdorpPadskou, which also kicked off in Pretoria on Monday. The #AnkerdorpPadskou is a campaign “to create hope in various towns around the country”.

The organization said the bully talk was necessary after reports last week of a 13-year-old girl from the north of Pre
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A mother of a Grade 11 student wants teacher removed for alleged bullying

Nicole Mnguni, an 18-year-old student at Vorentoe High School in Klipspruit, died by suicide and her mother is demanding justice from the Department of Education.

Her mother, Jessica Mnguni, found a hand-written letter dated September 2018, that highlights the humiliation Nicole had to endure at the hands of her maths teacher. Nicole feared going to school and wanted her teacher to treat her “like everyone else.”

Jessica told Sowetan Live that words cannot express how she feels and added that the “so-called teacher killed this family.” Jessica went to the school to get justice for her daughter and contacted the Education Department’s district office to investigate.

She explained that the teacher was rude to her when she visited the school and said her daughter would not “be anybody in life.” Jessica, a teacher herself, said this behaviour was unacceptable. She explained:

“Nicole is so bubbly but that woman killed her self-
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EFF warns of ‘maximum’ ‘anarchy’ if government doesn’t scrap university registration fees – What arrogance coming from them, seems like they want everything in life for free!

The EFF Students Command (EFFSC) held a press conference on Monday at the party’s headquarters in Braamfontein where they listed a series of demands, including the shut down of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

Other demands included that “no students must be turned back due to lack of space” and that “all certificates” withheld by tertiary institutions due to lack of payment be given to their “rightful owners”.

Keetse also said the control of the education system by “white monopoly capital” must be disrupted.

Keetse warned there would be chaos if the government refused to respond to their calls for fee-free registration at South African universities.

He said the organisation is awaiting a response from government.

“We have given them deadlines. If they don’t respond by Wednesday, the 9th, they will experience a maximum level of anarchy. We are not scared of it, we know it very well. We have d
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