Eskom’s #RollingBlackouts Schedule Collapses into Chaos Leaving Traffic Lights Dead in Rush Hour Despite Promises!

Universities and the new SA – Barbaric actions of “previously disadvantaged groups” destroy tertiary institutions across the country free education

Gauteng is in chaos following controversial Lesufi’s plans to place white children in black neighborhoods

Pretoria CBD plunged into chaos – shops were looted, buildings set on fire and public transport suspended

ANC at fault for municipal chaos, collapse of infrastructure and to blame for water shortages

Loadshedding left a trail of destruction in South Africa, weakening the poor economy by at least R10bn; this should be a costly lesson for the Ramaphosa government

ANOTHER DAY – ANOTHER “RACIST” SCHOOL – Just shortly after the Schweizer Reneke racism debacle, another racism uproar took place at a school in the North West province