WATCH | SA farm murders and attacks: Polygraph Analyst Identifies that it’s ‘inside jobs’!(SHARE)

Silke Kaiser, a polygraph analyst who has worked on more than 300 farm attack cases in South Africa, says that farm attacks are ‘inside jobs’ as employees provide detailed security information to the hit squads who commit the murders.

The motivation is to steal guns, money and jewelry. Kaiser says that rape, torture and murder are pre-planned and are related to witchcraft. She explains how farmers can avoid attacks as very few arrests are made and when there is an arrest, the police are paid off to lose the dockets so there is no prosecution.


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Defenceless White Elderly in SA Targeted by Malicious Terrorists – Elderly Couple Violently Attacked on Smallholding and assaulted with a hammer

An 89-year-old man and his 57-year-old partner were attacked on their smallholding near Marikana on Thursday.

Three robbers broke into the couple’s house on their smallholding in the Barnardsvlei area while they were sleeping. The robbers demanded money and firearms, says lt.kol. Northwest police spokesperson Amanda Funani.

“The husband and wife were severely assaulted and had to be taken to hospital for treatment.”

The suspects fled the man’s Toyota pickup, cellphone, motorcycle, firearm and solar panels.

The bakkie was later found about 2 km from the smallholding with some of the stolen goods on the tray.

The police are still looking for the robbers.

The original article can be read in Afrikaans on Netwerk 24

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Woman brutally attacked, stabbed in her home, Kuruman – images reflect the crisis that white South Africans are having to endure

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: The wife of Leonard Cloete, Elmarie Cloete, a teacher from Kuruman was attacked in her home in Sering avenue east, on 10 March 2019.

There is at this time, very little information available regarding the circumstance of the savage attack but the images reflect the crisis that white South Africans are having to endure. There are daily attacks on whites and especially of elderly people in the country.

Woman brutally attacked, stabbed in her home, Kuruman - images reflect the crisis that white South Africans are having to endure

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Hijackings skyrocket in KZN along with scary new trend where victims are now being abducted by attackers

One Durban hijacking reported every day over the past week.Blue Security has warned motorists to be on high alert following a spike in Durban hijackings, and a new trend of hijackers attempting to abduct drivers in their vehicles.

Blue Security operations director Brian Jackson said the company had received reports of five hijackings and two attempted hijackings across Durban over the past week alone.

“When considered as an average that is at least one hijacking being reported to our company every day, and this excludes any additional incidents that we don’t hear of, which may be reported to other local security firms and directly to the police,” Jackson said. “What has most concerned us about this latest wave of hijackings in the city, is that a trend has emerged in which hijackers are now attempting to abduct motorists in their vehicles.”

Jackson said in at least two of the recent incidents, hijackers had succeeded in abducting their
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Couple brutally murdered during smallholdings attack in Limpopo, house set on fire

A brutal attack took place in the early hours on Friday 4 January 2019, on one of the Wildebeeslaagte smallholdings in Northam, Limpopo.

A businessman and his female companion were attacked, murdered and robbed after which the attackers set the home on fire. A BMW, clothing and other household items were robbed during the assault.

Waterberg Veiligheid/Sekuriteit reported that Captain du Plessis from the Northam SAPS along with Heritage Protection Group (HPG) in Northam followed up leads and arrested a suspect in Rustenburg with the assistance of Rustenburg SAPS. The BMW that was robbed along with various items from the victim’s home were also recovered including bloody clothes.

Read the original article on Heritage Protection Group

South Africa Today – South Africa News

This report does not necessarily reflect the opinion of SA-news

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Real farm murders statistics for 2018: 460 farm attacks and 64 farm murders – yet SA president says no farmers are being murdered

From 1 January to 31 December 2018, there were 460 farm attacks and 64 farm murders in South Africa. That equates to one farmer being murdered every 5.7 days and 1.3 farm attacks per day on average.

Whilst the South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa, and the ANC government is denying the existence of these attacks, the horrific fact is that the white minority are under siege and black leaders are openly calling for the killing of whites.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger

This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news.

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Manhunt launched after 10 terrorists invades farmnear Philippi in the Western Cape

A farm worker and a suspected farm attacker were killed after ten attackers struck on a farm on Sunday morning.

Sgt. Police spokesperson Noloyiso Rwexana said a farmer and his son were working on the farm at 08:50 when ten men arrived there under the pretext that they wanted to do business.

“One of the men threatened the farmer with a firearm and forced him to open a safe. The farmer then handed over an unconfirmed amount of cash. The owner, his son and farm workers were then forced into a store room, “said Rwexana.

She said a struggle had occurred and one of the farm workers (31) was shot. He died later on his way to the hospital.

The attackers fled with a white Toyota Avanza and a white VW Golf. According to Rwexana, the local security group has been notified and the police as well.

Police and farm guards managed to arrest two suspects, 33 and 35, respectively, while a third suspect died in the process. The Gulf also
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