WATCH | SA farm murders and attacks: Polygraph Analyst Identifies that it’s ‘inside jobs’!(SHARE)

Silke Kaiser, a polygraph analyst who has worked on more than 300 farm attack cases in South Africa, says that farm attacks are ‘inside jobs’ as employees provide detailed security information to the hit squads who commit the murders.

The motivation is to steal guns, money and jewelry. Kaiser says that rape, torture and murder are pre-planned and are related to witchcraft. She explains how farmers can avoid attacks as very few arrests are made and when there is an arrest, the police are paid off to lose the dockets so there is no prosecution.


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Defenceless White Elderly in SA Targeted by Malicious Terrorists – Elderly Couple Violently Attacked on Smallholding and assaulted with a hammer

An 89-year-old man and his 57-year-old partner were attacked on their smallholding near Marikana on Thursday.

Three robbers broke into the couple’s house on their smallholding in the Barnardsvlei area while they were sleeping. The robbers demanded money and firearms, says lt.kol. Northwest police spokesperson Amanda Funani.

“The husband and wife were severely assaulted and had to be taken to hospital for treatment.”

The suspects fled the man’s Toyota pickup, cellphone, motorcycle, firearm and solar panels.

The bakkie was later found about 2 km from the smallholding with some of the stolen goods on the tray.

The police are still looking for the robbers.

The original article can be read in Afrikaans on Netwerk 24

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Are the police actually protecting and serving us? – Couple attacked by panga wielding terrorist, police uninterested and hesitant to investigate incident

On 18 January 2019, at about 03:15 the home of Louis Kirton was broken into in Humansdorp, at the ‘STOP N STAY’.

Kriton’s wife was surprised by the attacker and assaulted, she screamed for help and her 55 year old husband responded quickly. The attacker chopped at Louis with a panga. The panga split his arm open and broke the bones, Louis also suffered an open gash on his forehead that caused a fracture to his skull.

The attacker then fled with cell phones, laptop and food supplies. Humansdorp SAPS were contacted and arrived half an hour later and told Louis that when he is out of hospital that he should go and make a case. The whole house was full of blood and they told the residents to clean it up. They then climbed into their bakkie and drove away without investigating matter, looking around for suspects in the area or putting a guard there at the crime scene.

The ambulance took Louis to a Humansdorp hospital where he was immediatel
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Wake up SA and the rest of the world, farm attacks are real indeed! – Elderly couple and daughter attacked during farm invasion in Paarl, they were tied down and had to live through a horrific 1.5 hour ordeal

A farm attack took place on Lustigan road, Paarl in the Western Cape on 10 December 2018. Five masked attackers with machetes and knives attacked three victims of whom two were elderly, assaulted them and tied them up. Several firearms were robbed during the attack. Drakenstein Farm watch reacted swiftly with several other security firms and the SA Police Service.

Over the last week, several attempts of housebreakings on farms  were reported in Nieuwe Drift, Perdeberg and last night, the 10th of December 2018, the alleged same group of attackers were successful in attacking a secure farm on the Lustigan Road in Paarl.

Around 21:30, the group of at least five attackers wearing balaclavas, entered the main farmhouse. Inside an elderly couple and their daughter were enjoying the evening and were suddenly confronted by the attackers, they were tied down and an 1.5 hour ordeal began.

The entire house was ransacked and the efforts were focused on the
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