Corrupt Ace Magashule: SA economy still in white hands – we are slaves

ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule says “dark forces” in the ruling party are hellbent on distracting from the struggle for ANC secretary-generalnd the battle against white monopoly capital.

He was speaking at a memorial lecture in honour of struggle stalwart Walter Sisulu, held at the Waaihoek Methodist Church in Bloemfontein yesterday. In a prepared speech, he said it is unacceptable that the economy is still in white hands.

“The struggle for economic emancipation of our people is and must be unstoppable. We can no longer be slaves in our own nation. We can no longer be counted as the poorest of the poor, while those who hold our wealth through historic theft still enjoy it,” he said.

“It just cannot be that 25 years after our first democratic elections, the control of the resources of our country is still primarily in the hands of white people, who are the descendants of colonists who stole our wealth and land i
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Ace Magashule, ‘The Gangster’, accused of “buying votes” with R400 handshake, I just wonder how many ‘dead people’ will he resurrect with his ‘handshake’ (video)

Ace Magashule – drowning in corruption allegations already – made a rod for his own back on the campaign trail this weekend, after a sly “donation” to a voter.

The campaign trail can be a war zone sometimes. Even an act of supposed generosity can backfire badly, as Ace Magashule has found out this weekend. The ANC Secretary-General – who was desperate for a PR victory after a bruising week – did nothing to help his cause in the Western Cape.

Ace Magashule scores a PR own goal
While visiting residents in Philippi, Ace tried to turn-on the charm. Instead, he was accused of “degrading” a local resident when he handed over R400 to her, once he’d inspected her near-empty fridge (video at the bottom of the post)

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ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule: We don’t need white votes’ but on the other hand he says ‘we are a nonracial organisation’

While ANC internal polls show a greater white engagement since Cyril Ramaphosa became president, the party insists it’s the black vote that counts.

ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule has downplayed suggestions that Ramaphoria – the mood of positivity around President Cyril Ramaphosa – will see white South Africans voting for the party in big numbers in the May 8 general election.

Magashule told City Press that this “did not make sense” as the ANC’s support was not based on colour.

“There are democratic, progressive whites who will vote ANC because we are a nonracial organization in character.

“But I am saying that the majority of our people and voters are those who were oppressed – blacks in general.

“There are whites who believe in democracy and nonracialism. They have been there for many years. But to think that whites, generally, will vote for the ANC this time around, for me, does not make sense.

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