R1.6 billion stolen from the Eastern Cape’s social development fund – Funds meant for roads, houses and schools ended up going towards fancy dinners, luxury cars and expensive suits

The South African National Treasury has compiled a series of reports detailing gross expenditure irregularities within the Eastern Cape. These reports have been obtained by City Press, and the information now made public.

The Treasury reports rely on information gathered from special audit services conducted between 2011 and 2017. The audits scrutinised expenses related to mobile classrooms, roads and housing in the province.

Who stole R1.6 billion from the Eastern Cape?
A string of individuals, companies and national government agencies are mentioned in the reports as being involved in the syphoning of government funds.

The Independent Development Trust (IDT), SA National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) and the Coega Development Corporation (CDC) are accused of smuggling money out from under the Eastern Cape’s government funding.

The Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA), a subsidiary of the national department of human settle
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Eskom Corruption being ‘rewarded’ with 15.63% tariff increase – SA consumers now have to suffer but those responsible for the corruption and maladministration “continue to roam free” without any consequences for the actions

Municipalities across SA will now face a 15.63% tariff increase from Eskom, approved by Nersa. Mayor Herman Mashaba on Tuesday issued a statement in which he claims the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) has rewarded corruption at Eskom with a 15.63% increase in tariffs.

“The City has noted the disappointing correspondence from Nersa, indicating that municipalities across South Africa will now face a 15.63% tariff increase from Eskom following continued tariff negotiations between Eskom and the energy regulator,” said Mashaba.

“This is after Nersa had initially granted Eskom a hike of 9.41%, 8.1% and 5.2% for the next three financial years, below Eskom’s application for a 17.1 % hike for 2019/20, 15.4% for 2020/21 and 15.5% for 2021/22.”

Mashaba said the Nersa decision means that the City of Johannesburg, like many other municipalities, “will be forced” to increase tariffs on electricity.

“Despite the City P
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SA economy is facing a big setback – Industrialists and entrepreneurs are packing up and leaving SA due to Eskom’s huge tariff increases

The ANC’s president’s dreams are shattering at this time because of the huge tariff increases Eskom is now charging the municipalities.

Big institutions say they are tired of Eskom’s reckless tariff adjustments, and some industrialists have already packed up and left the country.

Industries that is depended for electricity to the manufacture of certain goods, such as the aluminium industry, have already left the country and moved their businesses to the Far East where power supply is stable and tariffs are much cheaper.

Anglo Platinum and Sibanye-Stillwater are two high profile industries that have already started investigating how to generate their own electricity to get rid of Eskom’s unpredictability with power delivery and tariff adjustments.

Meanwhile, many smaller businesses have begun to become self-sufficient with solar and standby generators and in many cases even cut their Eskom connections.

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Unemployment in SA is currently 27.6% – but the ANC regime tells voters how the figure is going to fall, they just have to vote for the party

The South African economy started at a very bitter note this year with unemployment rising to 27.6%. This was 27.1% in the fourth quarter of 2018, but the ANC regime told voters how the figure was going to fall, they just had to vote for the party.

Extensive unemployment has risen to the highest level so far, 38%. It was previously 37%, which was already a record. By contrast, the number of unemployed increased by 3.7% to 6.3 million and the number of discouraged job seekers by 7.5% to nearly 3 million. This means that nearly 9.2 million South Africans of working age (aged 15-64) are not in school, do not study further and are not voluntarily unemployed (such as homemakers or early retired people). The number of unemployed has risen almost twice as fast as the number of working-age people, increasing by 1.6% to about 38.3 million.

The figures come from Statistics South Africa’s(SSA) quarterly employment survey (QLFS) for the first quarter of 2019
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Election cost taxpayers billions of rand, SA’s struggling economy has taken a step closer towards junk status

Apart from the fact that taxpayers had to foot the bill for the state’s expenses, the amount of which is unknown, but has amounted to millions. The recent election has pushed the struggling economy another step closer towards junk status with the tremendous expense of political parties.

The ANC spent more than one billion in its effort to remain the country’s ruler, while the other 47 political parties spent just over one billion rand together.

Political analysts say the waste did not show who convinced voters to vote for another party, and there were few changes, except that the FF Plus strengthened its position considerably, and so did the Malema party.

As if the struggling economy is being taxed even further, the ANC wants President Ramaphosa to boast of his inauguration at the Loftus Versveld rugby stadium where about 45 thousand of his supporters can see it.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger

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Unpaid Alex school subsidy could lead to Lesufi’s arrest – school alleges they were deprived of their 2016 subsidy for unexplained reasons

The High Court in Johannesburg has ruled that Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi and his department contravened a court order attained after they allegedly did not pay annual subsidies owed to the Liberty Community College in Alexandra township.

Failure to pay the subsidy could now lead to Lesufi’s arrest, IOL reports. The department will also now be fined R10,000 for each day they do not pay up.

The court order, first attained last year, was re-enforced in this latest ruling.

Liberty Community College took the department to court over the alleged unpaid subsidies last year.

This follows the school being told they didn’t qualify for subsidies for the 2016 academic year. The school’s lawyer, Dominique Lloyd, says an attempt to appeal this decision was dismissed by the department without any reasons given.

When the school was granted their 2017 subsidy without any issues, they sued the department over the 2016 subsidy.

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City of Tshwane residents, this is where your tax money is going to – Tshwane spends R60 000 daily on abandoned business park

The City of Tshwane is spending at least R60 000 daily on the abandoned R525 million Business Processing Outsourcing park (BPO) in Hammanskraal.

Launched in 2016 by the then ANC administration, the project promised to create 3000 jobs through on-site training, technical support and incubators for small and medium micro-enterprises.

It stalled under the watch of former mayor Solly Msimanga, who attributed its stoppage to a group of local business people demanding work during the construction phase.

However, MMC for Economic Development and Spatial Planning Isak Pietersen said part of the problems related to the nature of litigation between the City and the previous contractor. “We need to negotiate and make sure we settle that because the aim of the executive mayor is to unlock it and make sure the project runs so that the community can benefit out of it,” he said.

Pietersen disclosed that the City was bound to pay the main contractor
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Political violence commencing merely one week after national elections – ANC councillor’s house torched in Randfontein with petrol bomb

Gauteng police have called on the public to come forward with any information regarding the petrol bombing of a councillor’s house in Mohlakeng, Randfontein.

The incident took place during the early hours of Sunday morning.

“There were three unused petrol bombs which were found around the area, but so far we are investigating the circumstances of the incident… at the moment we have transferred the docket to the Hawks to make sure the investigation goes forward”, said police spokesperson, Kay Makhubela.

The motive of the incident has not yet been established.

This report does not necessarily reflects the opinion of SA-news.

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Teach maths, science and IT instead of masturbation, after Department of Basic Education’s new life skill curriculum caused a stir on social media

Minister Angie Motshekga and her department should hang their heads in shame for prioritising masturbation, party president Kenneth Meshoe says.

The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) said on Monday that the country’s basic education minister and her department should hang their heads in shame for prioritising the teaching of masturbation over maths, science and Information Technology.

ACDP president, reverend Kenneth Meshoe, made the statement in response to an article that appeared in the Sunday Times, which stated: “from next year textbooks from grade 4 to 12 will reflect cutting edge curricula that treats masturbation, gender nonconformity and single parent families as a mainstream.”

The article continued to state: “masturbation is normalised, and is threaded through the curricula from grade 4. It begins with self-pride, self-image, body diversity, genital differences, genital changes, and touching oneself for pleasure.”</p
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eThekwini mayor Zandile, ally of former president Jacob Zuma, in hot water over R25 million toilet scam

eThekwini mayor Zandile Gumede will be appearing in the regional commercial crimes court in Durban on Tuesday, in what is expected to become one of the most high-profile corruption cases in recent years.

Gumede is expected to be handing herself over to the Hawks, following which she will be appearing in court on a string of corruption-related charges.

City Press understands that Gumede (58) will be appearing alongside senior municipal councillor Mondli Mthembu on charges including money laundering, corruption and racketeering.

“She will then apply for bail which the state is not intending to oppose,” said a senior law enforcement official privy to the details.

Another senior law enforcement official told City Press this evening: “It is finally happening. I am told that they are bringing a big team of heavy-hitting lawyers. It had all been planned to happen quietly without the knowledge of the media.”

City Press has learnt t
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These are apparently some of the perks of holding an executive position at Transnet – The high life of a Herbert Msagala includes 6 cars, 4 properties and a very posh home even though this state owned entity is bankrupt?

Forensic report found exec bought six cars – including a Maserati – four properties and a posh home in Steyn City.

He bought a top-of-the-range Maserati Coupé, four properties for cash in just seven months and received a fat deposit for his posh house paid for by a service provider.

The details of how Herbert Msagala, the group executive for Transnet Capital Projects, amassed at least R17 million in a year are contained in a forensic report.

The report, dated October 2017 and compiled by forensic investigations company Nexus, found that he:

• Bought six cars – including a Maserati GranTurismo GT Coupé, a Ford Ranger and a Hyundai H1 – all for cash;
• Acquired four properties within seven months – none of which is bonded – for a total of R15.2 million; and
• Paid the full purchase price of R7 million for a his property in the exclusive northern Johannesburg enclave of Steyn City in just nine instalments.

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Nedbank pockets R780m from the parastatal Transnet -Nedbank is the latest in a long list of private sector companies to be implicated in state capture

The banking sector will be rocked by allegations of corruption this week, when Transnet tells the commission of inquiry into state capture about Nedbank’s involvement in a controversial deal which saw the bank pocket R780 million from the parastatal.

This week, Transnet’s acting chief executive, Mohammed Mahomedy, will appear before the state capture inquiry where he will detail how Nedbank made R780 million after changing the interest rate terms of a multibillion-rand loan three days after making the loan.

Mahomedy replaced Tau Morwe, whose six-month contract was not renewed when it expired early this month. Nedbank is the latest in a long list of private sector companies to be implicated in state capture.

Mahomedy’s statement shows that in August 2014, Transnet started negotiations for a R12 billion syndicated loan to finance the acquisition of the controversial 1 064 locomotives.

The loan is broken down as follows: Bank of China
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