Poor little Thandi Modise states that ‘Black Farmers Do Better Than White Farmers In South Africa”, but your farm failed (photo’s)

The National Council of Provinces chairperson Thandi Modise believes that AfriForum’s decision to privately prosecute her for animal cruelty is to advance the narrative of the failure of black farmers.

The lobby group and the SPCA announced on Thursday it would pursue the case.

Modise believes that AfriForum is targeting her to show that black people can’t farm and the case has emerged now when Parliament is embarking on a process related to land expropriation without compensation.

Modise said that in reality ‘black farmers do better than white farmers in South Africa”.

But AfriForum says it was the SPCA which approached them in November last year while Parliament’s process was adopted in February this year.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is eager to get back into a courtroom.

“Mr Mangwale and his team did a steely work in locating the witnesses in enhancing the case, consulting with experts.”

Nel hopes to have t
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Well, MTN ‘cuts all ties’ with Afrikaans is Groot concert due to Steve Hofmeyr association, are they scared of the truth in his songs

The company says AIG is not helping bring people together by including the controversial singer in its lineup.

MTN responded to calls on social media to pull out its sponsorship of Afrikaans music concert, Afrikaans is Groot (AIG), after its inclusion of controversial musician Steve Hofmeyr in this year’s line-up.

The show is scheduled to take place from March 14 to 17 in Cape Town at the Grand West Casino, and in Pretoria at the Sun Arena at Time Square Casino in November and December later in the year.

However, their line-up caused an uproar on social media after Hofmeyr was included, with some tagging MTN on tweets that were seen to be racist.

Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi also took to social media to call on MTN to withdraw from the concert if it was serious about dealing with racism in the country. He used Hofmeyr’s tweet in which he said black people were the architects of apartheid.

<a href="https://sa-news.com/wp
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SAHRC FAIL – Human Rights Commission sides with Malema in hate speech complaint by FW de Klerk Foundation, well FW you sold our country, now it is a little bit to late to help

The SA Human Rights Commission has found that EFF leader Julius Malema’s statement that “we are not calling for the slaughtering of white people” did not amount to hate speech.

It also found that Malema did not violate the rights of white people in making the statement.

The commission, therefore, dismissed a complaint by the FW de Klerk Foundation in this regard.

The foundation had complained to the commission that Malema’s statements incited violence against white people and constituted hate speech.

Speaking outside the Newcastle Magistrate’s Court after the postponement of a court case against him in November 2016, Malema said: “They found peaceful Africans here. They killed them. They slaughtered them like animals. We are not calling for the slaughtering of white people – at least for now. What we are calling for is the peaceful occupation of the land and we don’t owe anyone
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BREAKING NEWS: Sans Souci teacher will keep her job after hitting learner

Justice served, it’s been confirmed that the Sans Souci teacher who smacked a pupil will be allowed to return to her role at the school.

The teacher who was filmed smacking a student at Sans Souci Girls High in Cape Town has been allowed to return to the classroom, little over a month after her suspension.

Clarissa Venter, 34, has also appeared in court alongside the 16-year-old she got into an altercation with. The case has been postponed until 18 April, but the school’s governing body has decided to stand by their educator.

“The disciplinary process has now concluded and the SGB has ratified its decision that the teacher receives a fine, final warning and anger management sessions. She will now return to work at the start of the 2nd term on the 2nd April” Jessica Shelver, the spokesperson to Education MEC, Debbie Schafer, noted in a statement.

It’s understood that Venter will receive a course of anger management therapy an
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Double trouble for South African motorists, you can expect a massive petrol price increase in April, warns AA

A massive petrol price increase is expected to hit South Africa in April, says the Automobile Association (AA) of South Africa.

It’s not an April fool’s day prediction; the petrol price will be going up again next month. While consecutive fuel hikes have become the beleaguered norm in South Africa, April’s looming rise is expected to wreak havoc on motorists and consumers alike.

As explained by the AA, the country was already facing a petrol price increase, in part, due to the weakening rand and the rising cost of crude oil. While these factors are bad enough on their own, the introduction of revised fuel levies, attached to the pumps from April onwards, is set to push South Africa beyond the threshold of reasonability.

Studying mid-month data released by the Central Energy Fund (CEF), the AA issued a foreboding statement on Friday afternoon. Dulling the weekend’s glimmer, the AA stated:

“The projected basic fuel price increase
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This very popular birth control shot is out of stock for the second year running. Read why

Women who have been forced to go without their usual birth control shot are now facing the consequences of months-long shortages. For many women in Rustenburg’s Bojanala Platinum District, Kgaladi Mphahlele is the first person they see after an abortion.

And one of the things they speak about is how to avoid seeing each other again.

Mphahlele works for the international humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders’ (MSF) and manages their termination of pregnancy programme in North West. There, he counsels women who have had abortions about ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the future by using contraception.

But for most of last year, Mphahlele couldn’t give women much of anything to avoid falling pregnant again — there were no contraceptives in the five clinics he manages.

Under South African law, a person can terminate a pregnancy for whatever reason for up to 12 weeks. A woman can also request an abortion betwee
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If its not ESKOM that don’t want people to speak Afrikaans now pupils reject being taught in Afrikaans

The Western Cape Education Department has scheduled a meeting with representatives of aggrieved Diazville High School pupils who protested against being taught in Afrikaans.

Around 300 pupils protested outside the school last week about some teachers allegedly conducting lessons in Afrikaans instead of English, the language of teaching at the school. Please also read our Afrikaans posting on ESKOM here:- Eskom-bestuurder weier dat kliënt Afrikaans praat

WCED spokesperson Bronagh Hammond said the pupils had handed over a letter of their demands.

“The WCED has met with the school management. A meeting has been scheduled with representatives of the aggrieved group, the school management team as well as the SGB to discuss the matter.”

“The pupils’ grievances included allegati
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There is absolutely no pills for stupidity! Hlaudi Motsoeneng is singing like a canary on campaign trail: “I received more than R1 million, it is not a secret, I accept I am corrupt”

Hlaudi Motsoeneng, the former head of the SABC, had some fiery words for the ANC at his recent campaign trail in Soweto.

As reported by The Star, the leader of the African Content Movement (ACM), Motsoeneng, revealed that he would basically sing like a canary if he was ever summoned to Deputy Chief Justice, Raymond Zondo’s commission of inquiry into state capture.

“If I go to the commission [of inquiry into state capture], some of the ANC people are going to be in trouble because I was not captured by them — they tried to capture me, but I capture myself, unfortunately,” he said.

Motsoeneng admits he is corrupt
In an attempt to mask any accountability he may have carried from the looting that occurred at the SABC — with him at the helm — Motsoeneng said that he would even admit, on record, that he too is corrupt. Except, somehow, his corruption is ‘good’ corruption.

“Maybe I should accept that I am corrupt, and I a
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IFP renews calls to debate on death penalty – Will the death penalty be a magic solution that will make crime disappear or will it be used in our unequal legal system to punish the innocent?

Durban – THE call by the IFP for a national debate on the reinstatement of the death penalty to reduce/deter the high rate of violent crimes would be a premeditated discussion that a country needs the death penalty, said a political analyst.

Bukani Mngoma felt the country should, instead, be discussing ways to curb the high violent crime rate and then make the death penalty one of the recommendations.

“We should also be discussing why people are being murdered and why there is an escalating number of violent incidents,” he said.

Mngoma said there was no evidence to suggest that the lack of the death penalty contributed to the increase in the rate of violent crimes.

He said although there were other countries, such as China, that practise the death penalty, the dynamics of South Africa, as a third world country, were completely different from that of China with the largest population, different cultures and practices.

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MAY 8 Elections: Fly By Nights May Turn Election Into A Circus – The meat mincer has been switched on and only the fittest will survive

At the deadline yesterday a total of 34 political parties have shown their intention to contest the election on May 8. The IEC gave them time till 17:00 yesterday to pay their deposits and to submit candidate lists.

The IEC will now sift through the parties to establish whether they are compliant with the law and IEC principles and then set March 25 as the final return for queries for parties and nominated candidates.

Most of these parties will fall along the way as the election campaign picks up speed. There is no place to hide for facebook parties, opportunists and clowns – from now on it is hard politics under scrutiny.

It is doubtful whether more than 13 parties will eventually make it to Parliament; in fact, the number may for the first time since 1994 drop to less than 12. It is not so easy to draw 50 000 for a seat in Parliament as it looks from the comfort from a computer chair.

Only a day after the deadline the first shots are
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ANC has set his sight on 30 farms in Northern-Cape province to steal once the parliamentary processes have been finalised

The ANC in the Northern Cape was in the process of doing an audit of all privately-owned as well as state-owned land.

A TOTAL of 30 farms in the Northern Cape, including several large commercial farms, have been identified by the provincial ANC for possible expropriation without compensation once the parliamentary processes have been finalised.

Vineyards and mixed farming farms in the Keimoes, Kakamas and Kanoneiland area seem to be on the radar in the list published on social media earlier this week by ANC provincial secretary Deshi Ngxanga.

Ngxanga said yesterday that the ANC in the Northern Cape was in the process of doing an audit of all privately-owned as well as state-owned land.

“This is to ensure that once the process of amending Section 25 of the Constitution has been finalised, we are able to speedily ensure that the land is distributed to especially young people who are interested in working the land,” said Ngxanga.

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Bankrupt Eskom ruins cash-strapped SA – Phase 2 #rollingblackouts implemented – National power provider controlled by ANC- regime has once again been unable to generate enough electricity to supply in demand

With the latest announcement that Eskom is again unable to generate sufficient electricity to meet demand, the consumers’ patience is once again being tested out.

Eskom says phase 2 load shedding will be implemented today from 08:00 to 23:00 due to a shortage of capacity.

The power provider introduced phase 1 load shedding on Wednesday morning, and it upgraded to phase 2 power outages in the afternoon. Stock market ended at 22:45 yesterday. According to power source spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe, power outages were caused by essential repairs at stations, which led to an imbalance between electricity supply and demand.

Phase 1 makes it possible to cut 1000 MW of the national grid to protect the country’s power system from total collapse.

Since yesterday, businessmen, industrialists, and housewives have had to do their planning ahead of getting caught up in Eskom’s negligence.

The new Phase 2 load shedding that was in
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