Election cost taxpayers billions of rand, SA’s struggling economy has taken a step closer towards junk status

Apart from the fact that taxpayers had to foot the bill for the state’s expenses, the amount of which is unknown, but has amounted to millions. The recent election has pushed the struggling economy another step closer towards junk status with the tremendous expense of political parties.

The ANC spent more than one billion in its effort to remain the country’s ruler, while the other 47 political parties spent just over one billion rand together.

Political analysts say the waste did not show who convinced voters to vote for another party, and there were few changes, except that the FF Plus strengthened its position considerably, and so did the Malema party.

As if the struggling economy is being taxed even further, the ANC wants President Ramaphosa to boast of his inauguration at the Loftus Versveld rugby stadium where about 45 thousand of his supporters can see it.

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