ANC will do anything to cling on to power! Ramaphosa’s ANC intent on burning the country to the ground as they lose the support of SA

We have gathered evidence of the ANC’s coordinated campaign to literally burn parts of South Africa, particularly where the DA governs. This is indicative of an organisation that is becoming desperate as the writing is on the wall.

South Africans are increasingly rejecting the ANC’s 25 years of empty promises and corruption that has stolen from our people. South Africans want change.

The ANC is running scared of the DA and the inroads the Party has been making across ANC governed areas, as well as the significant change and development we are bringing to the 33 areas we govern on behalf of and for 15 million South Africans in Gauteng, Western Cape, Limpopo and the Eastern Cape.

These attacks are intended to undermine the progress being made in DA governments. Rolling protests are being planned in order to incite violence and shut down communities, in pursuit of the ANC’s narrow political objectives. It is now clearer than ever that the ANC would rather create chaos, instability and disrupt peoples’ daily lives than accept that they are losing support.

Over the past number of months ANC-sponsored destabilisation and anarchy campaigns have emerged across the country:

In February 2019, ANC MPLs disrupted Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille’s State of the Province Address in order to prevent the DA’s record of good delivery from being presented. This has formed part of the ANC in the Western Cape’s ongoing ‘ungovernability campaign’;

The recent acts of anarchy in Alexandra, Johannesburg which the DA exposed to have been orchestrated by ANC Campaign Head, Fikile Mbalula and his Bell Pottinger Bot Army. This has been reported to the SAPS and IEC for urgent investigation;

On Tuesday, in Ha-Mudimeli outside Louis Trichardt in Limpopo, DA Chief Whip John Steenhuisen and DA party members were attacked at a meeting by ANC supporters who threw a brick at DA supporters;

The ANC is planning acts of anarchy in DA-governed municipalities of Midvaal and Tshwane, noting that the ANC faces significant electoral loss in Gauteng on 8 May;

Just this morning, Hammanskraal is erupting in protests which will mask the real plight of the people of that area by turning it into a politically and violently charged affair;

On Tuesday evening, ANC and ANC Youth League members stormed the Gangster State book launch and destroyed copies of the book which details Ace Magashule’s reign of corruption in the Free State. We identified some of the instigators to be ANC Councillors in the Free State.

Last week, the country saw two videos of ANC Deputy Secretary-General, Jessie Duarte, verbally abuse journalists on two separate occasions. Their only crime was to seek the truth about the ANC’s habit of lying and looting; and
ANC affiliates have a long history of destroying DA billboards, which highlight the truth – the ANC has robbed the people of South Africa of opportunities.

These are but a few examples of how low the ANC is willing to go to cling onto power. Violence and chaos have become intrinsic to the ANC’s brand of politics and these events paint a vivid picture of a governing party which is willing to burn the country through fear and intimidation tactics just to stay in power.

Worse, despite the violence and chaos instigated by his party, ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa has remained mum. His silence is an endorsement of the acts committed in his name and that of the ANC.

It is clear that the massive loss of support the ANC is facing in a month, is making them desperate and dangerous.

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